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Rating: NC-17 (If you are under 18 or don't like m/m relationships turn back now!)

Pairing: (V/E)

Authors' Notes: Just a short snippet when Ez and Vin wouldn't leave me alone!


By Ladysmiths

This wasn't what he'd had in mind when he'd suggested this vacation to Vin.

A remote cabin in the mountains, cold nights, roaring fires. Ezra's head had been filled with long nights of passion, succumbing to desire and finally showing Vin exactly how he felt about the sharpshooter.

Naturally, he hadn't mentioned any of this to Vin when he'd asked the sharpshooter here after Chris had given the two of them some time off following a particularly difficult assignment. In fact, Ezra had foolishly down-played the romantic atmosphere. Vin had appeared surprised that Ezra would choose cabin in the mountains as a suitable location for their break instead of some plush hotel. But Ezra had known Vin would say no to the hotel and yes to the great outdoors.

As should have been expected, the great outdoors is exactly where Vin was right now. Hiking this late in the afternoon in the cold, damp weather was not Ezra's idea of a good time. And considering he would probably have to spend all day tomorrow out there, if he wanted to spend time with the sharpshooter at all, Ezra had opted to stay at the cabin and relax.

The glow from the fireplace filled the place, casting shadows across the room. The cabin was warm and cosy, just as Ezra had imaged, except for the fact that he was alone. Ezra wandered into the kitchen and grabbed the champagne bottle he'd put in the fridge earlier. Figuring somebody may as well enjoy it, Ezra took his glass over to the fireplace, threw a couple of soft, fluffy pillows on the floor and waited for Vin.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Ezra, a cold and damp sharpshooter blew into the cabin - and headed straight for the kitchen and a bottle of beer.

"Mr Tanner," Ezra muttered, not liking that he'd effectively been overlooked.

"Hey Ez," Vin swung around to see where the undercover agent was. "You look comfortable."

Placing the unopened bottle on the table, Vin walked towards where Ezra sprawled, "Really comfortable."

Ezra was almost certain the heat that washed over him came from Vin's piercing blue eyes and not the fire. But that was probably wishful thinking, so Ezra shuffled slightly and stared up a Vin, "I thought I'd get in as much rest as possible, since I'm sure you'll have me awake at an ungodly hour to go out and do something hideous, such as rock climbing tomorrow."

Vin grinned wolfishly and knelt down in front of Ezra, "Tomorrow I'll be waking up, tangled in your arms right here in front of this fireplace. And that's where I'll be staying all day."

Ezra couldn't even think to form a reply as Vin's luscious lips claimed his mouth. Ezra hungrily returned the kiss, and wrapped strong arms around Vin to pull the sharpshooter's body down on top of his.

Now this is what he'd had in mind when he'd suggested this vacation to Vin.


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