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Breaking Habits

By Ladysmiths

There was just something about him. He seemed to be completely happy, riding as one with his horse, tilting his head back slightly letting the cooling breeze wash over him and rustle through his soft brown hair. Of course, he was in his element, Vin always took every opportunity to be outside, and hadn't complained at all when Chris had sent them to escort a prisoner. Now, coming back to Four Corners, with Vin up ahead, being able to watch the line of his back as he rose and fell with the horse's gait, imaging the contours of the body underneath the light coat he wore, well having to be away from the gaming tables might not be so bad.

Ezra was shaken out of his reverie when his horse stumbled over a branch, which Ezra hadn't noticed or even tried to avoid. His horse reared slightly, catching Ezra off guard as he toppled out of the saddle, landing heavily on one leg before rolling down the slight incline.

Vin turned his head in time to see Ezra's ungraceful dismount. He followed Ezra down the hill, catching up to the gambler as he staggered to his feet, dusting off his red coat. "Dammit," Ezra snapped, falling off his horse was embarrassing enough, but in front of Vin of all people. Ezra always prided himself on being able to keep his cool, sophisticated exterior in tact. Even if this facade did slip occasionally, Ezra was usually able to hide it behind some witticism until he had the emotion under control.

"Are you okay?" Vin asked as he picked up Ezra's hat and handed it to him. "What happened?"

"Something spooked my horse," Ezra replied, like he was really going to tell Vin that he'd been distracted, or by whom. "And I'm fine Mr Tanner."

Vin began to circle Ezra slowly, his gaze drifting up and down over the gambler. Ezra stood completely still figuring it was better to just let Vin laugh at him and have it over with.

"Yeah, you look fine," Vin drawled.

Ezra knew it, there was a touch of amusement in Vin's voice, but when the tracker stood directly in front of him again, Ezra almost took an involuntary step backwards. Ezra had expected to see Vin's blue eyes lit up with laughter, instead they'd darkened giving Vin a predatory look, as if he was about to pounce any minute.

Ezra cleared his throat, "It is still two more days before I receive the luxury of a comfortable bed."

"There's a small town a little further up, maybe we could stay in a hotel tonight," Vin suggested.

Ezra blinked, "I'd appreciate that, I am sick of camping out."

Vin nodded, "After you."

"Seeing as how you know the way, it would be preferable for you to stay in the lead."

Vin just shrugged and started strolling back up the hill towards the horses. Ezra winced as he stepped down on his sore ankle to follow Vin. However, he did manage to control his limping every time the tracker turned around to check on him.

* * * * * * *

Finally, Ezra was following Vin up the stairs of the hotel towards a soft bed, and the opportunity to get off his feet. Ezra's leg had been giving him trouble throughout their journey. Vin pointed to a door, "You can have this room, I'll be right next door."

As Vin turned to face him, Ezra stopped limping and stood still. "Thank you," Ezra said waiting for Vin to enter his own room. Vin shrugged slightly and disappeared behind the door.

Ezra sighed opening his own door, letting it shut behind him as he collapsed onto the bed. He grimaced as he pulled off his boot, gingerly checking his wounded ankle. It had become swollen as soon as the boot had been removed, but Ezra didn't think it was broken, just sprained and bruised. He went towards the wash bowl to get cleaned up a little. Finding some material that could be used as a bandaged, he wrapped his ankle wondering whether he should find the doctor in town.

Actually, he would have loved to have Vin tend to his injury, but he'd told Vin that he was fine, admitting he'd lied was something he wasn't prepared to do now. Besides, Ezra had always been taught that to get what you want you have to lay on the charm while concealing any true emotion that could be misconstrued as weakness. Always keeping the pretence of control in place, and keeping any unwanted feelings at bay. Ezra thought about the quiet tracker, his calm nonchalant exterior hadn't exactly caused Vin to fall at his feet, and whingeing about a sore leg probably wouldn't do the trick either. Ezra shook his head trying to dissipate Vin's image from his mind. "I need a drink," Ezra muttered to himself, as he hobbled towards the door.

Ezra winced and stood straighter on the stairs when he noticed Vin sitting at a table, a plate of food in front of him. Damn, did that man have to be everywhere. Ezra should have stayed in his room and he thought about turning around, but Vin had seen him and waved him over. Ezra walked as steadily as he could, and suppressed a sigh of relief when he sat down and took the weight off his leg. Vin slid over a glass of whisky, and Ezra took it gratefully, and as Ezra watched the food pass through the younger man's lips, the gambler decided having dinner with Vin wasn't such a bad thing.

After the meal, Vin left for the livery to check on the horses and maybe go for a walk. Ezra wondered how Vin could act like he'd been cooped up all day, when they'd actually spent the day riding. It usually only took a few hours of Vin being indoors before a restless, wistful look would cross his face. Even though Vin might still not move from his chair, and his posture might not change, anyone who watched him would know he was dreaming about being someplace else. That look is what had attracted Ezra, the gambler couldn't remember the last time he'd allowed that particular expression to fall across his face. In a moment of clarity, Ezra realised that Vin would be one of the few people that could actually unleash Ezra's passions, and that scared the hell out him. Instead of dwelling on these thoughts, Ezra pulled out a deck of cards, searching the room for a gullible mark.

* * * * * * *

Vin returned in time to see the last of Ezra's disgruntled opponents leave the gambler's table, leaving their money behind. Vin walked to bar and ordered a drink, turning slightly to watch the gambler count his winnings, and although he looked pleased Vin could tell Ezra was getting tired. Ezra was glancing furtively over at Vin, obviously hoping the tracker would retire to his room first. Vin lowered his gaze to his glass, did Ezra honestly think Vin hadn't noticed his injury. Vin had seen the flash of pain cross Ezra's face as he'd stood at the bottom of the incline. Vin wished that Ezra would have told him the truth and let him help, hell he'd given the southerner every opportunity to admit to the injury. However, as usual, Ezra chose to hide behind his charm and fancy words.

Vin understood, although he usually hid behind his silence, but Vin had felt comfortable around the seven from the start, even with the sophisticated gambler. Vin didn't know what he was doing wrong that caused Ezra to continue keeping himself at a distance. Vin drained his glass, Ezra was still waiting as patiently as he could practically falling asleep where he sat. Goddamn, but he was a stubborn son of a bitch, Vin thought as he headed for the stairs, giving Ezra a reprieve.

* * * * * * *

The next morning Vin lightly knocked on Ezra's door, when he heard no response, he quietly let himself in. Vin took in the form laying on the bed, noting the tousled hair and the hypnotic rise and fall of the chest where the shirt hung half open. Vin inched closer and leaning over whispered huskily, "Ezra." Then clearing his throat continued in a stronger tone, "Ezra, wake up."

Ezra eyes began to flutter open, so Vin continued, "I thought we'd leave straight after breakfast. We'll probably still take a couple of days to get to Four Corners, so we'll have to camp out for one more night. Unless, you don't want to for any reason?"

Ezra didn't hear the question, he knew Vin was talking, hell he was staring at the other man's mouth while it moved, observing the way the Vin's lips curled to form the words and the way he worked his jaw.

Vin looked down waiting for an answer and saw the desire emanating from the emerald eyes gazing at him. This was it, this was how he'd always wanted Ezra to look at him, before that damn poker face took over. Vin moved closer to Ezra, gently pressing his lips to the gambler's. Slowly working his tongue into the moist mouth underneath his, Vin began licking at the inside of Ezra's lips. Once he felt Ezra yielding under him, Vin opened his mouth coaxing Ezra's tongue to play with his own, feeling light headed when the gambler began sucking fervently on Vin's tongue.

Vin broke away from the delicious mouth, trailing wet kisses down Ezra's jaw line, resting his face in Ezra's neck. Vin could feel Ezra's pulse beating faster under his lips and began licking and sucking at the sensitive area. Ezra groaned and reached an arm around Vin's neck, curling his fingers through the long soft hair. Vin raised his head ready to take Ezra's mouth again, but when Ezra tried to move closer, he brushed his ankle against the bed. Ezra winced and quickly let go of Vin, pushing him back, "Mr Tanner, I believe we should recommence our journey, if we are ever to reach our destination. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to recompense the hotelier while I clean up."

Vin blinked, amazed and a little disappointed at how quickly Ezra regained is composure, "I'll meet you downstairs."

* * * * * * *

As Ezra came down the stairs, an adversary from last night's game stood before him. "You cheated me last night."

"It seems a little late to be accusing me of that now," Ezra drawled.

"I've had time to think about it," came the response.

Ezra really didn't need this now, he'd blown it with Vin earlier, his leg hurt and he knew he wouldn't be able to fight this guy. Just as he was getting ready to release his derringer, Vin stood in front of him, "What's goin' on?"

"None of your business," the guy answered, before Ezra could.

"Unless your plannin' on letting my friend leave without any trouble, then I reckon it is," Vin remarked.

Getting exasperated the guy took a swing at Vin, the tracker ducked out of the way easily and pushed his opponent back towards the bar. Reaching for anything, the other guy found a bottle and smashed it down onto the side of Vin's head. Vin staggered and the hotelier rushed forward to stop the fight. Before he reached the two men, the other guy grabbed hold of Vin's arm and pressed the sharpened edge of the bottle into Vin's side. Vin felt the searing pain as the glass broke through his flesh, and he slumped forward clutching at the seeping wound.

The hotelier managed to tackle the other guy and dislodge the now bloodied bottle from his grasp. Ezra had stumbled towards Vin as fast as he his ankle allowed, turning the now unconscious tracker around and trying to stoop the flow of blood. The hotelier handed Vin's assailant over to the sherif who had just stormed in after hearing about the commotion. "I'll get the doctor after I've locked this guy up," the sherif said.

The hotelier nodded, "We can put him back in one of the rooms."

Ezra just kept staring at Vin, not caring that every emotion, from fear through to a deep sense of loss, was distorting his smooth features. All this time wasted trying to hide his feelings, and now that he couldn't help but show them, Vin couldn't see it. "I can't," Ezra mumbled, knowing he wouldn't be able to take Vin's weight as well as his own on his ankle.

The hotelier motioned one of the other patrons to help him, and they gently placed Vin on the bed in the room he'd slept in the night before.

* * * * * * *

The doctor had stitched Vin up, suggesting that he rest for a few days, even after the tracker had woken up and complained about having to stay indoors. The doctor had also checked Ezra's ankle, confirming it was just a sprain, and now Ezra was able to move around without any hindrance. Ezra had sent a telegram to Four Corners, letting them know that he and Vin would be late and not to worry.

Ezra returned to Vin's room, where he'd been sleeping in a chair while Vin recovered. Vin appeared to be asleep, his head tossed to the side showing the gash which was finally disappearing, although it had turned an array of colours over the passed few days. Ezra traced a finger along the scar, and Vin stirred turning to see who was touching him.

Ezra noted the wistful look and knew what was coming, he couldn't really blame Vin, this time the tracker had been cooped up.

"Can we leave now?" Vin asked.

"Your wound still bleeds occasionally," Ezra stated indicating the red bandage.

Vin stared down at the offending injury, "So, I'm sure we can manage changing a bandage."

Ezra knew that if he didn't agree, Vin would find a way out anyway, the tracker was getting stronger daily, "Very well. But tell me one thing, why did you come to my rescue?"

"You wouldn't have been able to take the guy on, you were hurt," Vin stated matter-of-factly.

"You knew?"

"Of course I knew. Why do you think I suggested staying at a hotel?"

"Why didn't you say anything?" Ezra wanted to know ignoring Vin's own question.

Vin's eyes dimmed a little, "I was hoping you'd let me in, and tell me the truth."

Ezra looked away, not wanting Vin to see his defences slipping. He was doing it again, Vin was answering all of Ezra's questions honestly, and Ezra didn't know what to say. Ezra wanted to tell Vin how scared he'd been when Vin was lying on this very bed, his face becoming paler as the white sheets stained red with the tracker's blood. But, if Ezra admitted this he'd be unprotected, and it had always been in his best interests to make sure that the people around him were vulnerable, never himself.

"Throw me that shirt," Vin said changing the subject when it became apparent how uncomfortable it was making Ezra.

Ezra was beginning to realise how many times Vin had let him off the hook, always allowing the gambler to keep his precious dignity. Ezra reached for the shirt Vin had pointed towards and helped the younger man get ready for the long ride home.

* * * * * * *

Vin woke with a start and sat up, noticing the fire was getting low. Vin leaned back staring at the stars above him, the fire really wasn't necessary. Both Vin and Ezra had removed their shirts to sleep, it was a balmy night and the slight breeze over their skin was soothing after the heat of the day.

Vin had been able to make it through most of the day with minimal fuss, however towards late afternoon Vin's bandage needed changing. Seeing as they would have to stop anyway, Ezra had decided it would be best to make camp early. Vin hadn't disagreed, and was looking forward to watching Ezra catching dinner. Being very resourceful, Ezra had asked the hotel staff wrap some food up for them, and all he'd had to do was pull it out of his saddle bag, although this seemed to amuse Vin as much as the thought of Ezra catching rabbits.

Vin tilted his head to stare at the gambler, again becoming hypnotised by the rise and fall of the other man's smooth well-muscled chest. Remembering the look in Ezra's eyes as he woke up, before he'd had a chance to put that damn wall of his in place. Vin crawled closer to the gambler, placing one leg between Ezra's, careful not to touch the sleeping man. Vin lowered his head, he was so close to Ezra's skin he would have been able to flick out his tongue and taste the salty flesh. Ezra stirred slightly at the light whisper of breath on his skin, but didn't wake up. Vin slowly moved up Ezra's body, drinking in every line and contour, until he face was level with Ezra's. This time Vin couldn't resist, and traced Ezra's lips with his tongue.

Ezra's eyes flew open, and Vin saw the burning passion in their depths.


Vin didn't want to hear any Mr Tanner's, or any fancy words for that matter. Opening his mouth and forcing his tongue down Ezra's throat, Vin devoured anything Ezra might have to say. All coherent thought was lost to Ezra as he opened up underneath Vin's onslaught.

Ezra growled when Vin's leg brushed against his groin, and wrapping his arms around the tracker, he rolled so that the tables were turned and Vin was now on his back. Vin was panting when Ezra broke the kiss, and when he saw the southerner's flushed features, the glazed sparkling eyes, and the pure lust that seemed to emanate from every pore of Ezra's body, Vin became even more breathless.

Ezra began to work his mouth down the lean hard body under him, licking and sucking, grazing his teeth over the nipples, savouring Vin's earthy essence. Ezra removed any obstacle that was in his way so quickly, Vin barely realised that he was already naked. Until Ezra took a firm grip of his penis and began stroking and rubbing it into hardness. Vin was writhing under Ezra's ministrations, and gasped when he felt Ezra's warm moist cavern engulf his manhood. Ezra sucked Vin's length, occasionally swirling his tongue over the tip. Using Vin's own juices that had leaked onto Ezra's hand, the gambler reached under Vin and began inserting his fingers into Vin's ass. Vin began to buck his hips in time with Ezra's sucking and probing. Ezra reached for Vin's hips with his free hand to control the movement, when his fingers fell on the bandage.

Vin groaned as Ezra lifted his head and withdrew his fingers simultaneously. Ezra moved his face close to Vin's, and the tracker stared accusingly at him, "You can stop? Just like that?"

Ezra ignored the questions, he thought he'd explode if he couldn't be inside Vin soon, but the other man was wounded. His fingers still lightly on the bandage, Ezra asked, "Does it hurt?"

Vin looked directly into Ezra's eyes, and he knew he couldn't lie, "Yes, but I'll be in worse pain if you don't take me."

Ezra still looked unsure, so Vin grabbed a handful of the chestnut coloured hair and pulled Ezra's mouth down crushing his own lips. Vin sucked the breath right out of Ezra, nipping at the sweet tasting lips, thrusting his tongue in and out of the moist cavern, simulating what he wanted Ezra to do to him. Reaching down, Vin caressed Ezra's bulge through the material of his pants until Ezra was moaning into Vin's mouth.

When Vin finally released Ezra, the gambler couldn't get his pants off fast enough. Drawing out his rock hard cock, Ezra spread Vin's thighs further apart and lifted his butt slightly off the ground. Pulling the younger man towards him, Ezra let Vin's thighs rest on his own as he slowly penetrated Vin's tight entrance. Vin felt his wound tearing as Ezra's penis slowly filled him, but even if he'd wanted to, Vin wasn't able to form words when he looked up and saw Ezra's emerald eyes flashing with heat and passion. With Vin's luscious flesh completely engulfing his engorged member, Ezra lost all control. He reached under Vin, placing his hands on the trackers back, and began thrusting hard and fast into the exquisitely tight, hot channel, grunting with the exertion, sweat dripping off both men's bodies. The burning feeling in his side was overridden by the sensations Ezra's cock was causing to Vin's whole body. And when Ezra hit his prostate gland, Vin dug his fingers into the earth, ripping out the grass, as he came violently. Feeling every one of Vin's muscles clench, Ezra drove deeply into the tracker letting the tracker milk him dry.

Ezra reluctantly withdrew from Vin's body. Wanting more of Vin, Ezra bent down to lap at the juices that had spurted over Vin's stomach. As he did so, he noticed the bandage which was now a deep red colour.

Not bothering to hide his concern, Ezra admonished the tracker while he deftly changed the bandage, "Vin, you should have told me you were bleeding."

"Vin? What happened to Mr Tanner?"

Ezra wasn't sure he liked that comment, wasn't it Vin who wanted Ezra to express familiarity not formality, "Vin, you should have stopped me."

"Well, Mr Standish. Due to your total lack of control, you ceasing midway through the proceedings didn't seem like an option."

Ezra glared at Vin who was grinning up at him, "Don't you dare pick up my habits, or I'll have to break you of them."

Vin's grin widened, "Just like I broke you?"

Ezra caught Vin's lips with his teeth, nipping and sucking at them. Moving his mouth to Vin's ear, Ezra whispered, "Exactly."


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