These stories are set in The Magnificent Seven ATF Alternate Universe.

Hope you enjoy! ........Updated 1 March 2002

Macho Men - ATF A/U
  Ezra and Vin go undercover and get assistance from some Macho Men!!!
Redirection - ATF A/U
  Team 7 are in trouble with Internal Affairs.
A Healthy Measure of Insanity - ATF A/U
  Insanity is contagious when Team 7 are around.
Matches - ATF A/U
  A book of matches creates havoc for Team 7.
Sign of Gemini - ATF A/U
  A contract has been put out on the judge.
Fatal Vision - ATF A/U
  A dramatic incident may tear the team apart.
Wrong Side of the Bars - ATF A/U
  A setup causes Vin and Ezra to rely on their own resources.
Accidental Disappearance - ATF A/U
  A change in plans during an undercover operation results in Vin's disappearance.
Into the Void - ATF A/U
  Can Ezra find the rest of his teammates before it is too late!!!
Test Subject - ATF A/U
  Team 7 has to deal with an adversary who is experimenting with modern technology.
Constantly Uninformed - ATF A/U
  Vin becomes personally involved in the ATF team's latest case placing himself and the others in danger.
Connections - ATF A/U
  JD's big break may be the downfall for another team member.
Placing Blame - ATF A/U
  A day of errors leads to Vin and Ezra being trapped.
Misguided - ATF A/U
  An unrelated incident leads to a full scale assignment for Team 7.
Story of the Demented - ATF A/U
  A satire piece with Vin suffering the majority of torture.
Switchblade - ATF A/U
  Suspicion falls on one of Team 7 as bodies of criminals connected to their case keep appearing.
A Wire in the Blood - ATF A/U
  When Ezra's wire falls silent in the midst of a bust the remaining team members arrive
to find only a pool of blood on the alley floor.
Stealing the Pot - ATF A/U
  A stopover in Las Vegas leads the team into more than they expected.
Decisions - ATF A/U
  Everyone jumps to the wrong conclusion after a bust turns into disaster.
Subtle Shifting - ATF A/U
  Ezra keeps a secret to himself which could cause him to lose his life.
Traitors in the Midst - ATF A/U ............NEW!
  When the team are targetting another gunrunning operation it is left in question which member will be successful.

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