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Pairing: (V/E)

Authors' Notes: This is the second part in the 3 story 'Convergence Series' that was published in the AUS Global Gathering 2001 Zine and is focussed from Vin's POV.

Convergence Series: Revelations

By Ladysmiths

Vin stood at the Saloon doors nursing his coffee and watching the lone figure ride into town. The red coat indicated that it was probably Ezra coming back from patrol, however it was the way the body leaned to one side and how the head lolled forward occasionally that left no doubt in Vin's mind that it was in fact the gambler. The man looked as though he was falling asleep to the slow, easy gait of the horse, and everyone knew how much Ezra hated getting out of bed this early. The gambler had whinged about it enough when Chris had first told him it was his turn, Vin recalled as he stepped out to meet his friend. The tracker had to admit he'd thought Ezra might actually have talked his way out of early morning patrol, if it hadn't been Larabee he'd been up against. Chris never backed down, and Vin had quickly disappeared before their argument had ended, knowing that if the gambler had turned to him, he'd be the one riding back into town and Ezra would still be sound asleep in his room. Not that it really mattered, it seemed Ezra could sleep anywhere. A herd of buffalo could have stormed passed the gambler, heading straight for Four Corners, and Ezra wouldn't even have lifted an eyebrow.

That may not have been fair, Vin thought as he saw Ezra sit a little straighter obviously having noticed the tracker. Vin grinned, fair or not he'd still be letting the gambler know what he'd thought, besides Ezra would be expecting some sort of comment. It wasn't very often anyone got to see the gambler awake at this hour of the morning and looking so...well, scruffy. Vin noticed the crumpled shirt that didn't appear to be tucked into the pants, and even a couple of the buttons seemed to be undone. It looked as though Ezra just threw his jacket over the shirt he'd slept in. And, from the hair flopping onto his forehead under the hat, Vin didn't think Ezra had even bothered brushing his hair let alone shave. Vin liked it, if this is how Ezra looked when he woke, the tracker wished he could be there to see it every morning - preferably from the same bed.

Shit, goddamn, sonofabitch.... Vin didn't realise he was cursing out loud, but stopped when he heard the soft chuckling. This isn't funny, Vin thought as he glared at Ezra, he could have been hurt. Hell, the hot coffee seeping through his shirt was beginning to burn. As he violently pulled the stained shirt off and reached for a clean one, Vin continued to fume silently. Why had he tripped, spilling hot coffee all over himself? - because he'd let his mind wander. Why did his mind have to wander now? - because Ezra was looking so damned good this morning. Why was Ezra looking at him like that? Before Vin could formulate an answer, Ezra muttered something the tracker couldn't quite catch and led his horse to the livery.

Vin shrugged as he watched the gambler walk away, it was probably just some smart ass comment and the tracker was glad he hadn't heard it.

* * * * * *

Later that night, Vin strolled into the Saloon and sat at the table which gave him the best view of the gambler, wondering whether Ezra ever noticed how he always chose to sit where he could see the southerner. Probably not, Vin thought as he watched Ezra absently shuffle his cards. Noticing how the gambler's hands moved with such skill and grace, the tracker began imagining what those hands would feel like on his body. Great, his mind was wandering again. Well, at least there wasn't any hot coffee close by.

Vin had been aware of his attraction for the gambler for a long time now. Their easy, fun camaraderie was important to Vin, and he did want the gambler's body more than he ever remembered wanting anything. However, Vin did realise that his feelings for Ezra ran deeper than just friendship or lust. He just didn't know how to tell the man, he'd hoped that Ezra would have worked it out by now. Vin had thought it was pretty obvious, hadn't he been staring longingly at the gambler every time Ezra was in sight, and he was becoming more and more clumsy around the gambler. Maybe Ezra had noticed and just didn't want a relationship at the moment, or maybe he just didn't want Vin. That would make sense, why would Ezra want an unrefined, uneducated, tracker who was being hunted by the law? What could Vin possibly offer the gambler? Well, besides his heart, body and soul. Perhaps that would be enough, if Vin gave Ezra a chance and told the gambler how he felt...

But then Ezra had never once hinted that he may return Vin's feelings. And the tracker had been watching intently for the last few months. Just once Vin would have liked to catch the gambler looking at him with the same expression Ezra had on his face now. Vin blinked and looked over at Ezra again, but the gambler had that damn poker face in place again. Had he really seen desire in Ezra's expression? And had that been hunger in the gambler's emerald eyes this morning, when Vin had silently questioned the look he was being given? Or was it all wishful thinking on the tracker's part? Even if it was desire and hunger Vin had observed, it didn't mean Ezra wanted a relationship. It could just mean that the gambler was horny. Just as Vin decided it was time to get some answers, his view of the gambler was obstructed. Placing a smile on his face as Chris sat in the chair opposite him, Vin mumbled something in response to Larabee's question even though that the tracker had no idea what Chris had actually asked.

* * * * * *

Vin tried to force his hand into a fist so that he could knock on the door, but instead found himself pacing up and down the hall in front of Ezra's room some more. This had to be one of his more stupid ideas. What if someone came along and asked him what he was doing? What was he supposed to say? That he was there to tell the man on the other side of that door that he loved him? Hell, Ezra'd probably shoot him, or worse laugh in his face.

Seeing as Ezra had already gone to his room by the time Chris had left the Saloon, Vin had decided to leave any discussion with the gambler until tomorrow and headed for his wagon. After lying on his bedroll for what seemed like hours, Vin realised he wasn't going to get any sleep and that he needed to see Ezra now. Leaving his coat and hat behind, Vin stalked purposefully back into the Saloon and up the stairs towards Ezra's room. And now that he was here...

Now that he was here, Vin was too goddamn scared to knock on the door. Steeling himself, Vin lifted his hand to the wood one more time. Vin had meant it to sound strong and forceful, not soft and hollow. But it was a noise, and the tracker hoped Ezra had heard it. The feeling of surprise quickly turned to panic as Ezra yanked open the door, and Vin began running through a number of excuses he might be able to use for being here. Vin barely noticed Ezra stepping aside, he just walked into the centre of the room, relieved that the door had swung shut behind him, he didn't want anyone else listening in. Whirling around to face the gambler, Vin's words stuck in his throat as he took in Ezra's appearance. The gambler looked much the same as he had that morning, his shirt was crumpled and untucked, his wavy, chestnut hair tousled and falling onto his forehead, and he looked as though he were about to speak. Vin knew what Ezra wanted to say and didn't think he could take hearing that sexy southern drawl asking him to leave, so he gently placed his fingers over the gambler's lips.

Vin had just intended to stop the flow of words and then leave of his own accord. But Ezra's lips were so soft, Vin found himself tracing their outline wondering what it would be like to have the beautiful looking mouth sucking on his fingers. When nothing happened, Vin's attention moved to the whole of the gambler's face. Letting his fingers stroke Ezra's cheek, Vin savoured the rougher feel of the slight stubble, before moving over the smooth skin at the gambler's temple, and gently gliding his fingertips over the delicate eyelids behind which bright green eyes were hiding. Ezra's face was impossibly handsome and Vin couldn't believe he was finally being able to caress it. Vin's fingers encountered more of the slight stubble at the gambler's jaw until his hand lingered on Ezra's neck. With a will of their own Vin's fingers began unbuttoning the gambler shirt, and the tracker was mesmerised as he slid the material over broad shoulders. Vin stepped closer, ready to posses the gambler's luscious lips and drive his tongue deep into the delicious mouth.

Suddenly Vin hesitated, he'd been so caught up in the closeness and feel of Ezra's body, the tracker hadn't even bothered checking whether this is what Ezra wanted.

It was difficult for Vin to tell, the gambler hadn't moved since he'd walked into the room. Although Ezra hadn't exactly recoiled at Vin's touch, the gambler hadn't leaned into any of the caresses either. Ezra hadn't helped remove the shirt, in fact he hadn't even lifted his shoulders to shrug the clothing off. Even now, with their bodies and lips so close, Ezra didn't seem in any hurry to kiss Vin. Maybe kissing was too intimate for the southerner, Vin knew how much Ezra liked to keep his distance. Vin figured he should probably stop this now, but he needed to taste the smooth supple skin even if he couldn't taste the sensuous mouth, and his head lowered until his lips connected with the skin at Ezra's neck. The gambler's taste filled Vin's senses and the tracker immediately began licking and suckling where the southerner's pulse beat.

Vin heard and felt Ezra catch his breath and waited for the gambler to push him away. However, Ezra remained perfectly still and Vin decided to continue his ministrations. The tracker was sure Ezra would stop him if and when he didn't want to go any further. As his mouth roamed over Ezra's well muscled chest, Vin found a nipple and he automatically began licking at the protrusion, pleased when he felt the nub harden under his tongue. At least that was a reaction, and Vin quickly moved across the smooth chest to see if he could coax a reaction out of the other nipple.

Sinking to his knees, Vin quickly began tugging at Ezra's pants, pushing them down over the muscular legs, massaging the gambler's legs. The smile that slowly emerged when Vin saw that Ezra's penis was becoming hard, faded when the tracker realised that it was just an automatic physical reaction to his stroking. As he reached around to knead the back of Ezra's hard thighs and ass, Vin's face moved closer to the gambler's groin. Breathing deeply, Vin let Ezra's scent wash over him and wanted nothing more than to run his tongue over the gambler's erection.

Instead, Vin stood up. The tracker wouldn't be able to go any further without knowing if Ezra was still a willing participant. The gambler still hadn't backed away, but again there was no indication that Ezra even cared that it was Vin here with him. If Ezra would just reach out to him, Vin knew he'd fall straight into the gambler's arms and show the southerner all the adoration and affection he felt for the man. As it was, Vin thought he had to reign in his emotions in case they frightened Ezra off. The last thing Vin wanted was to overwhelm Ezra with his passion and cause feelings of guilt in the gambler, especially if this was only supposed to be a one night stand.

Ezra didn't even brush against the tracker as he moved to the bed, and Vin bowed his head. Obviously Ezra had noticed Vin's lingering gazes and was giving the tracker tonight.

Vin wasn't quite sure whether Ezra was just being charitable or whether this was the gambler's way of getting Vin to stop following him around like a love sick puppy. Either way it was clear to the tracker that Ezra didn't want any kind of commitment from him and that he shouldn't expect one in return. It was Ezra's care, affection and even love that the tracker craved, and Vin was struggling to decide whether having the gambler for just one night would be enough.

Without turning around or raising his head, Vin began to slowly undo the buttons on his shirt. The thought of Ezra lying naked on the bed allowing Vin the use of his body was too much for the tracker to resist. And God help him, Vin was willing to take whatever the gambler offered. It would have to be enough.

Once he was fully undressed, Vin turned and raked his eyes over the gambler's body, noticing how hard Ezra had become, and the tracker's own manhood began to stir as he watched the fluid leak from Ezra's member. At least the gambler wasn't finding all this too unpleasant, however Vin would have liked to feel those emerald eyes on his body also. When it became apparent that Ezra wasn't going to lift his gaze, Vin moved to the bedside table and began rubbing some lamp oil onto his hands.

Moving between Ezra's legs, Vin lightly ran his fingers over the soft skin inside the gambler's thighs, gently pushing them further apart. This time Vin wasn't going to deny himself and he began lapping at the moisture weeping from Ezra's cock, savouring the slightly salty taste as his tongue slid down the gambler's length. Vin sucked one of the heavy, swollen balls into his mouth as he began preparing his friend. Adding a second slick finger to the first, Vin lowered his mouth over Ezra's erection, vigorously sucking on the throbbing mass in the same rhythm as his fingers were moving in and out of the gambler. Opening his throat, Vin swallowed more of Ezra's penis, working his mouth harder until he felt the gambler's liquid heat gushing down his throat. Vin continued suckling, drinking Ezra's essence hungrily until the gambler was completely spent.

Vin crawled up Ezra's body noticing the way the gambler's skin glowed with a light sheen of sweat. When Vin's face was level with Ezra's, the tracker could see that the gambler was having trouble focussing. Vin was amazed by how incredibly turned on he was getting just knowing that he'd helped bring Ezra release, and wished he could cover that panting mouth with his own to show the gambler how good he tasted to Vin. Realising that Ezra would probably shy away if he attempted to kiss the gambler, Vin just reached for more of the oil.

Vin felt Ezra begin to stir and harden under his fingertips as he began caressing and fondling the gambler's groin, and the tracker didn't think he'd ever tire of touching this wonderful body. But he only had tonight, and Vin's aching shaft was letting him know what he needed right now. Lifting Ezra's ass and resting the lower half of the southerner's body on his thighs, Vin positioned the tip of his penis against Ezra's entrance.

Although Vin would have liked nothing more than to drive himself into Ezra, he couldn't and wouldn't take the gambler until he was sure it was okay with his friend.

Vin held his breath as questioning green eyes looked up at him, only exhaling when there was a slight nod. It wasn't exactly the enthusiastic response Vin hoped for, but it was permission, and Vin slowly entered Ezra's body. Gripping the gambler's hips, Vin used slow, languid strokes, savouring the sensations Ezra's tight channel was causing to his sensitive flesh. The heat surrounding Vin's rock, hard cock was spreading throughout his whole body, and the tracker leaned over sinking deeper into its source.

With Ezra's face just inches from his own, Vin had to control the urge to just plunge his tongue into the sweet wet mouth. If Ezra would just raise his lips to Vin's, the tracker knew he'd be able to show the southerner all that he was feeling and that he wanted to be with Ezra for more than just one night. Vin knew there was no chance of that happening, he'd noted how Ezra clutched and tore at the bedding, and was a little disappointed that the southerner chose to grab hold of anything but the tracker himself. Vin wanted to feel the fingers digging into his flesh pulling him down and deeper, and tried to imagine that the gambler was clinging to him as he nestled his face into Ezra's neck and shoulder.

Vin lost all thought as the body under him began moving with his, and their mutual thrusting became more and more urgent. The tenuous grip Vin had on his control disappeared, and he started pounding in and out of Ezra. When he felt Ezra shudder his release for a second time and the muscles clenching around his burning shaft, Vin came violently deep inside the gambler.

Reluctantly withdrawing from Ezra's body, Vin flopped down onto the bed next to the gambler trying to control his breathing. Tilting his head slightly, Vin watched the rise and fall of the southerner's sweat slicked chest and noticed that Ezra seemed fascinated by a spot on the ceiling. Well, that was it, obviously this was Vin's cue to leave. Vin should have known he wouldn't hear a declaration of love just because he'd fucked Standish. He shouldn't have even been wishing it. Shifting his weight to sit up, Vin closed is eyes and gritted his teeth, moving away from Ezra was more painful than anything the tracker had known.

Suddenly Vin's hand was taken into a vice-like grip, and the tracker quickly glanced at the clasped hands before moving his gaze to the gambler's face. Vin saw the confusion, pain, hope and desperation flash over Ezra's expression, and the tracker couldn't help but smile, Ezra felt that same way he himself did. This one move on the gambler's part meant as much to Vin as anything they had done that evening, maybe even more - Ezra was inviting Vin to stay in his bed.

As wary eyes slowly lifted to meet his, Vin's smile widened and he couldn't resist pressing his lips to Ezra's. The southerner opened himself up to the kiss, and Vin took the opportunity to snake his tongue into the warm, moist cavern, tasting every inch of the gambler's mouth.

Once the tracker's need was sated, he used his tongue to coax Ezra's into his own waiting mouth. Not that the gambler needed much persuading as he plunged his tongue deep inside the willing mouth. Vin's gentle sucking became more fervent as Ezra tried to devour him.

When their mouths finally broke apart, Vin found himself staring into sparkling emerald eyes, and saw caring, affection and even love in their depths. Pulling the blankets up and laying back down beside the gambler, Vin drew Ezra close to him. A smile played across Vin's lips as he wrapped his arms around Ezra's warm body - tomorrow it would be his turn to feel the gambler's hands on his body.


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