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Pairing: (V/E)

Authors' Notes: This is the final part in the 3 story 'Convergence Series' that was published in the AUS Global Gathering 2001 Zine.

Convergence Series: Closure

By Ladysmiths

Ezra drummed his fingers on the saloon table as he surveyed the room once more. Not wanting to appear anxious, Ezra curbed the instinct to rush up to his room to wait impatiently for his lover. Ezra hadn't seen Vin all day and was beginning to wonder where the tracker was hiding himself. Outside somewhere no doubt, Ezra knew Vin had been on patrol earlier and that, more often than not, the tracker would take the opportunity to continue riding staying out longer than necessary. Vin seemed to use nature as a tonic to clear his mind, perhaps even try to work though any regrets...

No, Ezra dispelled the thought immediately. Any doubts had been laid to rest when Ezra had woken with strong arms still wrapped tightly around him. If Vin was feeling half as excited at Ezra, then it would be nervous energy the tracker would be trying to clear. In fact, for all Ezra knew Vin might be waiting in the room for him already.

That did it, Ezra drained his glass and rushed towards the stairs. Not caring how it appeared, the Saloon was almost empty anyway, the gambler took two steps at a time. As he opened the door to his room, Ezra both congratulated himself for his restraint and willpower, and berated himself for lingering for so long.

Just a quick glance confirmed that Ezra shouldn't have let his imagination run away with him, the room was obviously empty. Ezra removed his hat and ran a hand through his hair. Great, more waiting, this anticipation was going to kill him. Before Ezra even had a chance to start pacing, there was a knock on the door.

"Where the hell have you been?" Ezra grumbled as he opened the door, the grin on his face belying any actual anger.

"Waitin' for you to get here," Vin answered, strolling into the room without needing anymore invitation from Ezra.

Ezra shut the door, trying to figure out if he'd noticed Vin anywhere at all today, let alone anywhere close enough to know whether he'd come to his room, "What?"

Vin took off his coat and grinned, it seemed every time he visited the gambler, Ezra's hair was already tousled and Vin decided he liked the look. Without bothering to answer the question, Vin strode towards Ezra and sought the gambler's mouth with his own.

Ezra certainly didn't mind as he opened his mouth and drew the probing tongue deeper into his mouth, whilst at the same time driving his own tongue into Vin's warm, moist cavern. When he felt hands fumbling at his shirt buttons and realised his jacket was already discarded, Ezra pushed Vin away. "Would you please stay still, while I do all that. It's my turn."

"Don't take too long," Vin smirked. "If I had my way you'd already be naked."

Ezra cocked an eyebrow as he slowly undid the rest of the buttons and slid the material off his smooth, well-muscled body. The look of hunger darkening Vin's blue eyes held Ezra mesmerised and his fingers shook slightly as he reached for the fastenings of his pants. However, Ezra did have tear his eyes away from Vin's raptured gaze when he almost stumbled trying to kick his boots and pants off at the same time.

Vin was having trouble keeping still, the ever growing bulge in his pants attesting to that fact, as Ezra's perfect body was revealed. Unable to resist, Vin sank to his knees as Ezra straightened his stance.

As he felt the tracker's fingers inching their way up his thighs towards his groin, Ezra groaned and ran his hand through the soft, brown hair, ready to pull Vin to his feet - it should be Ezra's turn to feast upon Vin's body. However, when he felt the hot mouth engulf his manhood, and the rough tongue swirl over the sensitive head, Ezra found his grip tightening in the tangle of hair and that he was pushing his length further down the willing throat.

Vin began fondling the swollen balls as he immediately began sucking on Ezra's hard length, relishing the salty, male taste he remembered so well from the night before. It wasn't long before Vin heard a harsh gasp issue from the gambler, and he automatically swallowed everything his friend had to offer.

The luscious mouth continued working on him until Ezra was completely spent, and he fell to his knees directly in front of Vin. Watching the glistening lips curl into a smile, Ezra wouldn't be denied, and he ran his tongue over their moistness before delving deeper. Vin returned the kiss eagerly, allowing Ezra to taste himself inside the tracker's mouth. With one hand tickling the back of Ezra's neck and the other tracing a line up and down the gambler's spine, Vin drew closer to his lover noting that the part of Ezra's body he'd been sucking on just moments ago was beginning to stir once more.

"You're still attired," Ezra murmured into Vin's mouth.

"I can fix that," Vin said as he pulled the shirt out of his pants.

Grabbing Vin's hands, Ezra stopped all movement, "No."

Vin shrugged, "Make up your mind already."

"I want to," Ezra let go of Vin's hands and reached to undo the buttons.

"It's not like anyone was stopping you," Vin drawled.

"Well, if you'd quit distracting me I'd have had you undressed by now," Ezra grumbled.

"Didn't hear you complainin' earlier," Vin's eyes sparkled as he ran his fingers along the lines of muscles in Ezra's arms.

Ezra couldn't argue, he loved the feel of Vin's hands on his skin, and finally being able to run his hands over the tracker's heating flesh, Ezra was able to say that privilege was just as pleasurable.

Pushing Vin down onto the floor, Ezra began licking his way across the tracker's lean chest, latching onto a nipple and feeling it harden under his lips.

Vin arched into every lick, nip or suck as Ezra's lips and tongue left a trail of fire over his body. Suddenly, the sensation stopped and Vin looked up in surprise.

Ezra was staring down at him, "Are you purring?"

Vin made a face, "Shut up Ez."

Ezra chuckled as he hastily removed Vin's pants and boots, continuing his ministrations on the trackers legs and thighs. Without looking up, Ezra reached for the oil on the table, and before Vin even noticed what the gambler was doing, Ezra had reached under the tracker and had begun working Vin's hole.

Vin knew he was making that annoying purring sound louder than before, but he couldn't help it as Ezra licked at his pulsating organ and sucked on his balls, all the while stretching and preparing him. His mind spinning, Vin thrust towards the mouth, before pressing himself back down onto those torturous fingers.

Ezra once again climbed over Vin's body, and Vin automatically reached for him clutching at his arms and back trying to pull the gambler on top of him. "We should move onto the bed," Ezra whispered, his accent thick with desire as Vin started rubbing against his leg.

Vin mumbled something in response and moved out from under the gambler. Ezra was once again on his knees ready to follow Vin, but the tracker got onto all fours and pushed backwards instead, his ass rubbing against Ezra's groin.

Moaning with desire and need, Ezra caught hold of Vin's hips and placed the tip of his penis against Vin's opening.

"Now," Vin groaned huskily, impaling himself on Ezra's rock hard cock.

The velvety tightness surrounding his penis was too much, and Ezra began pounding into the body under him. Bending over, the gambler ran his talented hands over Vin's back and arms, feeling the muscles strain under his fingertips as the tracker moved with each thrust.

Knowing Vin was close, Ezra reached under the tracker and gripped the throbbing cock, pumping in time with the passionate rhythm they had both set.

Forcing himself back as hard as he could, Vin felt Ezra's length slide deeper inside him, and at the same time felt Ezra's hot cum spread throughout his body as his own seed gushed into the gambler's hand.

Reluctantly, Ezra withdrew from Vin's beautiful body and let the tracker slump forward as he lay down beside the tracker.

Once his breathing had settled, Ezra managed to drawl, "We never made it to the bed."

"No problem," Vin said as he grabbed the cover and pulled it down. Turning, he placed the blanket over them both before laying on his back on the floor.

Ezra chuckled as he draped a leg over Vin's and rested his head on the tracker's chest, "Tomorrow, are you going to stay still as I requested?"

"I'll do my best," Vin answered softly, before falling into a peaceful sleep.

Ezra smiled slightly, maybe he should think about tying the tracker up next time.


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