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Pairing: (V/E)

Authors' Notes: This is the first part in the 3 story 'Convergence Series' that was published in the AUS Global Gathering 2001 Zine and is told from Ezra's POV.

Convergence Series: Awakening

By Ladysmiths

Ezra was practically falling asleep in the saddle as he rode back into Four Corners. Why did he have to take early patrol this morning? Everyone knew Ezra would never even consider getting out of bed at such an ungodly hour, but Larabee had still insisted it was the gambler's turn. Chris should work out a roster that's convenient for everyone, Ezra thought as he blinked his eyes open once more. Ezra became more alert when he spotted the tracker stepping out of the Saloon with a steaming mug in hand. The perfect example, why was it Ezra who had to drag himself out of his warm, comfortable bed, when Vin chose to be up and about at dawn everyday regardless. Surely there wouldn't be any harm in giving the tracker something to do.

Although Ezra knew he'd hear some sarcastic comment regarding the hour and his less than immaculate appearance, the gambler nudged his horse towards the wagon to greet Vin anyway. For some reason Vin's teasing never seemed to bother him, which was a good thing, Ezra thought as he saw the grin spread across the tracker's face. Ezra was already thinking of comebacks to whatever remark Vin chose to bestow as he dismounted. However, when all he heard was a string of curses, Ezra quickly turned around and couldn't help chuckling as he saw the coffee stain spreading across Vin's shirt while the now empty cup rolled to a stop. Ignoring the glare, Ezra continued grinning as Vin pulled his shirt off and reached into the wagon to retrieve a clean one.

The laughter and words died on Ezra's lips as he abruptly spun around to fiddle with his horse's bridle. Had he really been staring at Vin's chest? Well yes, but it was just because Ezra was concerned that the coffee may have burnt. Then why had his gaze continued to linger when it was apparent Vin wasn't hurt? Why had he noticed how lean and hard the tracker's body looked, how the early morning sun played over the light hairs on the tanned chest, and how the shadows dancing across Vin's skin seemed to define all the muscles leading down to the waistband of the tracker's pants? He had to get away from these observations, and the gambler had no idea what excuses he was mumbling as he led his horse towards the livery, not daring to glance in Vin's direction.

* * * * * * *

Later that night, Ezra watched as Vin strolled into the Saloon and sat at a table directly in the gambler's line of sight. Did the tracker really have to choose that seat, and why was he still wearing that damn heavy coat? Ezra quickly looked down at the cards he was fiddling with, wishing that he had some opponents to play poker with.

He needed the distraction, and mentally undressing the tracker wasn't exactly dispelling the lustful thoughts Ezra was having.

Ezra tried to recall exactly when his attraction for Vin had started. He'd never thought about the tracker's body in terms of desire before today, had he? The gambler had always liked Vin, pretty much from the moment they'd met, and Ezra had to admit that didn't happen very often. Ezra knew that just friendship could be painful if it wasn't returned, let alone anything more. Over the years, Ezra had become so adept at stifling any emotion that could hurt him, it had become an automatic reaction. Not only was Ezra hiding his feelings from other people, he was hiding them from himself, and it suddenly occurred to the gambler that it wasn't just Vin's body he craved, but also the tracker's care, affection and even love. Dear Lord, he wanted a relationship with Vin.

Realising he was again staring at the object of his affections and that he'd lost control of his expression, Ezra let the mask fall across his face hoping that Vin hadn't noticed. But what if the tracker had? Ezra knew the hunger had flashed across his eyes when he'd gazed upon Vin's bare chest that morning, and the emotions that had played across his expression just moments earlier must have been obvious. Did Vin feel the same way? Had Ezra been so busy denying his attraction that he'd missed the signs? Ezra really wanted to know the answers, and for some reason it seemed important that Vin also know how the gambler felt about him. Just as Ezra stood, ready to join Vin and lay his cards on the table, Chris stepped in front of the tracker blocking Ezra's view. Ezra watched as Larabee sat down opposite Vin who smiled and said something that the gambler couldn't quite make out.

* * * * * * *

Ezra shut the door behind him and leaned heavily against the wood for a moment, at least he'd made it safely to his own room. Shuffling to the mirror as he removed his jacket, guns and braces, Ezra stared at his reflection. What on earth had he thought he was doing? He'd actually contemplated telling Vin....what? That he wanted him? That he had feelings for him? That he loved him? Ezra groaned as he ran a hand through his hair and slumped down onto the bed. Thank God Chris had shown up and startled some sense into him. Ezra couldn't believe he'd actually considered setting himself up for rejection.... or getting shot. Kicking off his boots, Ezra closed his eyes as he lay back into the pillows, hoping sleep would take over quickly.

No such luck, Ezra's eyes opened and he squinted at the door when he heard the light but insistent knock.

What now, Ezra wondered as he padded towards the door and jerked it open, surely any catastrophe that occurred at this hour could be handled by the other six.

Vin stood at the door, looking as though coming to Ezra's room had been a last minute decision, but one that he was determined to see through. Ezra noted that Vin's hat and coat were missing, and vaguely wondered where the tracker had left them as he stepped back and indicated that Vin should come in. Vin let the door shut behind him, stalked passed Ezra and whirled around to face the gambler. Ezra noted the serious expression on the tracker's face and decided it would be best to ask Tanner to leave before Vin had a chance to tell him to stop acting like some love-starved puppy and that they were never going to be together. However, the words died in the gambler's throat as Vin's fingers gently pressed against his slightly parted lips.

Ezra's eyes flew to Vin's face finding an expression of wonderment as the fingers traced his lips before travelling over his face. Standing completely still so as not to break the spell, Ezra closed his eyes and let the fingers stroke his cheek moving up towards his temple and brushing over his eyelids. Every touch was soft and tender, sliding down along his jaw towards his neck. Blinking, Ezra again focussed on Vin's face seeing the same rapt look as the tracker stepped closer and began unbuttoning the gambler's shirt. Scared that any sudden movement might bring Vin back to reality, Ezra curbed his instinct to help as finally the last button was undone and he felt the material slide over his shoulders. Again, Vin stepped closer and Ezra could feel the heat of the body in front of him, watching as the handsome face drew closer to his. Ezra wanted nothing more than to feel Vin's lips against his, to taste the tracker's luscious mouth, and to snake his tongue deep into the warm moist cavern. However, Vin's head bent lower and the tracker rested his lips against Ezra's neck, gently licking and suckling where his pulse beat.

Ezra's breath caught as he tried valiantly not to feel disappointed. Vin hadn't wanted to kiss him, at least not on the mouth. Perhaps the gesture was too intimate for the tracker, and this was Vin's way of warning Ezra that he was going to keep his distance. Ezra cringed slightly, obviously Vin had noticed Ezra's desire today and was giving the gambler tonight. The tracker was incredibly free-spirited and Ezra should have known that Vin wasn't looking for a lover to tie him down, especially not someone like himself. Ezra had only just realised how much he'd been yearning for Vin. Could he handle only having the tracker in his bed once? Would one night be enough? Maybe he should stop this now, he couldn't miss what he never had in the first place.

Ezra's body rejected the idea of stopping as Vin's hot mouth covered a nipple, coaxing it into hardness, before gliding across his chest to latch onto the other nipple. Ezra would take anything Vin was willing to give, and he'd keep his own distance allowing Vin to walk away guilt free. Tonight would have to be enough.

Vin was on his knees, tugging at Ezra's pants, pushing them down over his legs. Ezra felt the strong hands rub at his legs and thighs, carefully avoiding his hardening member, before reaching around to knead the back of his legs and butt. Ezra was getting lost in the sensations as Vin's warm breath drifted over his erection, and the gambler looked down so see whether Vin would take his penis into his mouth.

However, Vin was already standing up and Ezra realised the tracker was still dressed. Ezra had to fight the urge to just rip at the clothes, if the gambler started touching Vin he knew he would be unable to hide the passion he felt for the tracker. Instead, Ezra walked to the bed and lay back down, leaving the options open to Vin - the tracker could either follow the gambler, or he could leave. Ezra held his breath as he saw the back of Vin's head bow.

Much to Ezra's relief, the shirt fell from the tracker's shoulders and his back was exposed to the gambler's hungry eyes. As the pants were lowered over narrow hips, Ezra drank in the sight of the firm ass and lean legs. Lowering his eyelids as Vin turned around, so as not to give away how much he admired Vin's naked body, realising that it was already pretty obvious as the gambler felt the fluid begin to leak from his member.

As Vin drew closer towards the bed, stopping at the bedside table to rub some of the lamp oil onto his hands, Ezra began digging his fingers into the bedding, clutching and grabbing at anything else rather than showing Vin how desperate he was to run his hands over the man.

Ezra allowed Vin to push his legs further apart, enjoying the light touch Vin used on the sensitive flesh inside his thighs. Vin began lapping at his weeping erection, and Ezra bit his lip to stifle the moan as the rough tongue slid down his length. A slick finger wriggled it's way inside Ezra's entrance as one of the gambler's swollen balls was sucked into Vin's wet mouth. Another finger joined the first just as Vin's mouth completely engulfed Ezra's throbbing cock. Ezra tossed his head from side to side, he could think of nothing but the fingers working their way in and out of his body and the mouth sucking on him so vigorously. When the tracker opened his throat taking in more of Ezra's length, the gambler was unable to stop the gasp as he came. Vin's fingers never stopped stretching Ezra's opening as he continued his sucking motion, only removing the fingers and letting Ezra slide out of his mouth when the gambler was completely spent.

As Ezra's vision cleared, he focussed on the face hovering over him noticing how the tracker's lips glistered with moisture. Ezra wondered what it would be like to taste himself on Vin, but knew he'd never find out as Vin reached for more of the oil avoiding any contact with Ezra's lips. Ezra turned his head away, if this was all the tracker wanted to give, Ezra would take it willingly without asking for more.

Ezra's body began to stir and harden as those torturous fingers began caressing and fondling his groin. The hands then moved under the gambler's ass, lifting the lower half of Ezra's body and resting it on Vin's muscular thighs. Ezra felt the tip of Vin's erection press against his hole and once again the gambler gripped the bedding. However, all movement had stopped and Ezra turned his head to see what Vin was waiting for.

The tracker's glazed blue eyes held a question, and Ezra wanted to scream, NOW! TAKE ME NOW! But all the gambler could manage was a slight nod of the head, which thankfully seemed to satisfy Vin as he slowly entered the gambler's tight channel. Ezra pushed his head back into the pillows as he felt Vin grip his hips, the trackers slow, languid strokes allowing Ezra to feel every inch of Vin's rock, hard cock as it moved inside his body. Ezra felt the friction against his own aching shaft as Vin leaned over, sinking deeper into the gambler's heat.

As Ezra looked into the face that was just inches from his own, he controlled the urge to grip Vin's back and shoulders and pull the tracker down to him, attacking the delicious looking lips and driving his tongue in and around the wet mouth. Ezra knew he'd be able to convey all he was feeling into the kiss, and be able to show Vin that he wanted to be with him for more than just one night, he just couldn't be the one to initiate the kiss. What if Vin ran anyway? It would be easier for the gambler if Vin never knew exactly how Ezra felt. Instead, all Ezra could do was hope the tracker decided he wanted the gambler with as much passion, desire and intimacy as Ezra wanted Vin.

That hope faded as Vin lowered his head, and began licking and nipping at the gambler's neck and shoulder. Ezra sighed and lost himself in their bodies' mutual thrusting, their movements becoming more and more urgent. As he climaxed a second time, Ezra could feel his muscles clenching around the hardness pounding in and out of him, and it wasn't long before he felt Vin's hot cum release deep inside him.

Ezra stared at the ceiling, catching his breath and trying not to let the emptiness he felt after Vin withdrew overwhelm him. As the ragged breathing next to him began to calm, Ezra felt the bed dip and instinctively knew Vin was leaving. What had he been thinking? That Vin would miraculously fall in love with him, just because Ezra had allowed Tanner to fuck him? Ezra had thought that having the tracker for one night would be better than never having had him at all. But the confusion and aching he'd endured earlier was nothing compared to what he was feeling now.

Of its own accord, Ezra's arm reached out and he gripped Vin's hand tightly. Ezra stared in horror at the clasped hands, the gambler strengthening his hold as if his life depended on it. Great, Ezra thought, he'd had to go and ruin one of his most memorable evenings. Everything Vin had done to his body had been wonderful and the gambler did know that it hadn't been unpleasant for Tanner either, but now the tracker would have to pry himself away from the desperate, pathetic mess Ezra had become. The gambler may as well throw himself to the floor and beg the tracker to stay.

Bracing himself against the disgusted look Vin must be giving him, Ezra slowly lifted his eyes to the tracker's face. Instead, Ezra found himself staring into shining, blue eyes and smiling lips. Those same lips descended over his own and Ezra opened himself up to the kiss as Vin's tongue began exploring. It felt as though Vin invaded every part of Ezra's mouth and once the tracker seemed satisfied, he gently began sucking, coaxing Ezra's tongue into his own mouth. Ezra didn't hesitate thrusting his tongue deep into the warm, moist cavern, delighting in how delicious Vin tasted.

When their mouths finally broke apart, Ezra again looked into Vin's eyes, seeing caring, affection and even love in their depths. Vin shifted on the bed, pulling the blankets up to cover them both and pulling Ezra close to him. A smile played across Ezra's face as he snuggled into the strong arms encircling him - tomorrow it would be his turn to lay his hands on the tracker's body.


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