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Pairing: (V/E)

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Accident of Fortune

By Ladysmiths

"Something's tipped them off. They're grabbing the stuff and running."

Ezra winced at the excited tone in the young agent's voice and took a deep breath before he spoke into the transmitter, "Fall back, we'll abort this operation."

"We can catch 'em," the eager voice came through clearly over the wire.

"No," Ezra stated firmly. "We know their destination. We can arrest them in possession of the goods later."

Through his earpiece, Ezra could hear the muffled sounds of the agents outside as they spoke with one another.

"Why wait. We can catch them now."

"No!" Ezra snapped, didn't these people know how to take orders. "It's mid-afternoon and there's too many people on the streets for you to go chasing after these felons. Especially when we are perfectly capable of taking them in once..."

Ezra's voice was drowned out by slamming doors, revving engines, sirens and squealing tyres. "Goddammit," Ezra cursed turning to the agent next to him.

Agent Fitzpatrick just shook his head, "Leading this bust means being ignored, they normally have selective hearing with my orders as well. I guess it's difficult following orders when everything's happening around you."

"Oh please," Ezra rolled his eyes, "I always follow Mr Larabee's orders precisely."

Agent Fitzpatrick gave Standish a sidelong glance, the southerner's voice hadn't wavered once when he'd said that. Fitzpatrick shrugged, maybe Ezra was telling the truth, he'd never had to order Ezra Standish or any of Team 7 before, but from what he'd heard about Larabee's team had always assumed that it would be a challenging task.

Ezra took up the transmitter and was just about to call the wayward agents back once more, when he heard a curse and the sound of screeching tyres through the earpiece.

"Holy shit. They hit someone."

"What?" Ezra almost shouted, turning to check Fitzpatrick's expression. Shock registered over the other agent's face, and Ezra knew he'd heard correctly.

"Call an ambulance." Ezra heard the order and cursed, obviously the victim had been injured badly enough to warrant the paramedics. The southerner's heart sank further when the agent at the scene whispered, "There's so much blood, but he's still alive."

"Is there any ID?" Ezra listened to the question he'd been about to ask himself, noticing the wail of sirens in the background.

"Jesus," the young agent's voice wavered slightly. "The guy's an agent."

Ezra took a deep breath, there was only one agent he knew of that lived in this less than desirable area. It was the middle of the afternoon, they should all be at work, so it couldn't be. Surely...

"Agent Tanner."

Those words knocked the breath out of Ezra's lungs and his mind began to swim. Pulling the earpiece out, Ezra lowered his head into his hands and whispered, "No."

"Did you know him?" Fitzpatrick asked after witnessing Standish's reaction.

"Vin's our sharpshooter," Ezra answered numbly, feeling a tumble of emotions inside him but not willing to acknowledge any one of them.

"I'm sorry," Fitzpatrick watched Ezra sympathetically. "You were obviously friends. Do you want to go to the hospital."

Realising his feelings were showing, Ezra shook his head trying to shake off the shock, pain and guilt. If he wasn't planning on acknowledging them, he sure as hell wasn't going to display them. "We need to clean up here, then I have a few well chosen words for our young, impulsive fellow agents." Ezra saw the curt nod Fitzpatrick directed at him and knew he'd sounded uncaring. But he did care. Vin was hurt, and Ezra had no idea how badly. The thought of Vin in any kind of pain cut Ezra deeper than he'd like to admit, and the thought that he'd been instrumental causing that pain... Ezra stopped his mind from wandering any further. This is why he needed to focus on work for the moment, because Ezra knew without doubt that he'd find himself at the hospital very shortly and that his friends would already be there.

A small sigh escaped his lips as he reached for his cell phone punching just one button, "Chris, it's Ezra..."

* * * * * * *

As expected, five worried looking men were occupying the waiting room when Ezra rushed through the doors two hours after the accident. Seeing his friends, Ezra let his facade slip and his voice wavered slightly when he asked, "How's Vin?"

"Still in surgery," Josiah stated quietly.

Ezra turned questioning eyes on Nathan, knowing that he'd have more information.

"The doctors are trying to stop the internal bleeding," Nathan answered. "He has a broken collar bone, and a nasty gash in his leg, plus all the usual cuts, scrapes and bruises."

Ezra sank into the nearest chair, "Dear Lord."

"He looked really banged up," JD said sadly.

Ezra just nodded, Nathan's diagnosis had made that fact obvious.

"We caught sight of him as he was being taken to surgery," Buck explained in case Ezra was wondering when they'd have had the opportunity to see Vin.

Ezra hadn't thought about it, but noted the information anyway. What the undercover agent had been wondering was how these men could keep such a tight rein on their control. Ezra knew for a fact that Chris, who had most likely informed the others, knew that Vin's injuries occurred as a consequence of an assignment Ezra was supposed to be in charge of. At the very least they should be asking Ezra how he could have let this happen, hell they should be cursing him and kicking him out of the hospital. Instead all five silently accepted Ezra's place amongst them and continued their vigil.

After watching Chris pace back and forth for 30 minutes, and not hearing a word from the doctors or nurses, Ezra began to get fidgety. Sitting there doing nothing but think about Vin was driving him insane. Standing abruptly, Ezra mumbled his excuse, "I still have some paperwork to complete. I will return, if you gentlemen could..."

"We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything," Chris interrupted. He had noticed how edgy Ezra had become, especially when he thought one of the team was going to speak to him. Chris guessed what Ezra was thinking and told himself to go check on the undercover agent if Ezra didn't come back within an hour or so.

"Thank you," Ezra whispered gratefully, glad that his teammates wouldn't leave him uninformed and, slipping the facade back in place, he headed out of the hospital.

* * * * * * *

"It's getting late. Have you got much more to do?"

Ezra looked away from the one line on this computer screen that had been taunting him for the last few hours to find Chris standing in the doorway, "Is there any word on Vin?"

Chris shook his head, "Nothing yet, he's still in surgery. So what happened this afternoon?"

There it was, the first question. One of many Ezra was sure he would have to answer. Of course Chris was aware that Team 4 had borrowed his undercover agent for a bust. They had been a man down and, since Ezra already had experience in dealing with this group of gunrunners through an earlier bust, Agent Fitzpatrick had readily decided to put Ezra in charge of his newly formed team. Ezra knew how seriously Larabee took that kind of responsibility and wasn't surprised that Chris expected an explanation, hell the man deserved one considering his best friend ended up in the hospital. "When the bust went sour and the felons ran, the two agents I'd placed in the field gave chase," Ezra mumbled.

"Through a busy street, in the middle of the afternoon?" Chris gave Ezra a hard stare.

"They weren't following orders," Ezra almost whispered as he met Chris' glare.

"They weren't?" Chris continued the questioning, "Then why did you allow it?"

"I didn't," Ezra seemed to have found his voice as he stated firmly, "I gave them direct orders to halt any pursuit - more than once."

Chris stood firm, "You did?"

"Of course I did," Ezra snapped. "Do you honestly believe I'd allow such irresponsible behaviour?"

"No," Chris conceded.

"If I could have stopped them physically, I would have," Ezra continued as if he hadn't heard Chris. "For God's sake, I would have stood in front of the damn cars if I'd known Vin would get hurt."

Chris softened his gaze. He didn't doubt that Ezra would put himself in danger, particularly for Vin, although he hadn't really expected the undercover agent to admit it. Ezra must be pretty shook up. "I know Ezra. I listened to the surveillance tape before I came up here. You did everything you could."

Ezra looked at Chris in disbelief, "If you already knew... If you heard what... Why did you attack me?"

"I wouldn't call it an attack exactly," Chris answered evenly. "I wanted you to defend yourself. Make sure you weren't carrying any extra guilt."

"Point taken," Ezra gave Chris a strained smile, he should have known Chris was checking on him. Team 7's leader never seemed to stop looking out for his agents and friends. "You don't need to worry about me. We should concentrate on Vin."

"Agreed," Chris nodded. "I'm supposed to be picking up food for everyone before heading back to the hospital. You coming?"

Ezra switched off the computer and followed Chris to the elevators.

"The chances of Vin being the victim of a hit and run due to a car chase in the bust you were running have to be astronomical," Chris mused as both men waited. "It's a huge coincidence."

"Welcome to my world, Mr Larabee," Ezra drawled as they stepped into an elevator.

* * * * * * *

Finally, after struggling for what seemed like an age, Vin managed to open his eyes. The blurred images were making his head spin so he let his heavy eyelids fall back into place to shut out the glare.

Suddenly Vin felt something cold and wet press against his lips, however opening his eyes once more seemed like too much effort, and instead Vin just let the cool liquid slide down his throat realising just how parched he was.

Someone was asking him if he knew where he was, but Vin wasn't able to identify the speaker. Moving so that he could listen to the voice properly, Vin was assaulted by a wave of pain. Every part of his body seemed to tear and the agony ripped through him. Damn, if he was hurting this much, Vin had better be in the hospital or at least on his way. Vin mumbled something he hoped conveyed that message before allowing the darkness to numb the pain once more.

* * * * * * *

The next time Vin woke he was able to make out the room and the equipment, yep he was definitely in hospital. Tilting his head slightly Vin saw Chris sitting in the chair by his bed flicking through a book but not really reading it.

"Cowboy," Vin whispered quietly, hoping it was enough to alert Chris because he didn't think he could manage anything louder.

Of course it was more than enough and Chris practically leapt out of the chair to get to Vin's side, "Hey Vin, you had us worried."

Vin nodded and winced when the pain shot through him, this was worse than he remembered from the last time.

"Don't move," Chris smiled gently. "Do you remember what happened?"

"Hit by a train?" Vin hazarded a guess according to how bad he felt.

"I'm sure it feels that way, but it's more like a car," Nathan approached the patient. "Here drink something."

Vin hadn't even realised anyone else was there and as he allowed Nathan to help him with the water he took a proper look around the room.

Buck was the only other person there, standing at the end of Vin's bed and chuckling, "Geez Nathan, you sure slide into doctor mode fast."

"Where're the others?" Vin asked when he'd had his fill.

"Josiah and JD are at the office," Nathan answered.

"And Ezra's arresting the guys that hit you," Chris continued.

"Only this time, Ezra's doing away with the high speed chases," Buck added.

"Okay," Vin mumbled, not quite following the conversation but too tired to ask them to explain.

"Well now, this is the first time in two days you've been awake long enough to have a conversation."

Vin winced as he lifted his head to watch the doctor move from the doorway towards him.

"If you'll excuse me gentlemen, I'd like to examine my patient, maybe we can do something about the pain and then let him get some rest."

"We'll be back later Vin," Chris said as he headed towards the door, Buck and Nathan nodded and followed their leader out.

* * * * * * *

Vin felt as though he'd been tossing and turning for the last two hours, although the very injuries that were keeping him awake also prevented any such movement. It had been a couple of days since he'd struggled out of unconsciousness, and now Vin wished he could get back to that blissful unawareness. It seemed strange that during the day Vin seemed able to fall asleep easily, probably a combination of his friends' visiting and the medication. However, now when he was supposed to be sleeping, Vin found that the stillness in the night air, the quietness of the dark hospital room and the fact the medication seemed to have stopped working were conspiring against him. Sleep seemed impossible.

Deciding that a different position might be more comfortable, Vin attempted to move as gently and slowly as possible. The pain that lanced though his leg and shoulder quickly changed his mind. Lying completely still, Vin blinked at the ceiling and waited for the sharp pangs now coursing through his whole body to turn into the throbbing ache he was getting used to. He considered buzzing for a nurse or doctor, but Vin really didn't feel like being poked and prodded at this time of night, and besides he was already doped up and doubted they'd give him anything stronger.

Maybe thinking about his friends' visits would help, their constant concern and pandering was tiresome and JD's boundless energy could be damn near exhausting. Instead of thinking about the visitors that had come to the hospital, Vin's mind focussed on the one person who hadn't shown up.

Ezra's absence had been noticed immediately and felt acutely by the patient who eventually had to ask where the undercover agent was. Chris had explained that the assignment with Team 4 was still continuing and, realising that this usually wouldn't keep Ezra from an injured friend's side, Chris also haltingly related the cause of Vin's accident. Vin now understood Ezra's reluctance to leave the case and throw himself into the work and he hoped Chris was right when he'd said Ezra wasn't taking on too much guilt, but the sharpshooter couldn't stop some disappointment creeping through. Vin missed Ezra.

Vin heard the soft click of the door handle and lowered his eyelids. He'd prefer to have the hospital staff think he was asleep rather than try to explain why he wasn't. However something was different, the movements seemed more hesitant than a nurse's or doctor's would be.

Vin shifted slightly as the footsteps approached the bed. The smell of the familiar cologne and the sound of the soft southern accent murmuring an apology left the sharpshooter in no doubt as to whom this was. Just as Vin was about to open his eyes and greet his most welcome visitor he felt the faint whisper of Ezra's warm hand across his cheek and jaw. Fighting the urge to nestle into that touch, Vin stayed completely still and continued allowing Ezra to think he was sleeping. Knowing the undercover agent as he did, Vin knew that Ezra would never have tried initiating any physical contact if he'd been awake. The last thing Vin wanted now was for Ezra to get spooked and remove his hand that was now resting over Vin's. Although it didn't take the pain away completely, Ezra's touch was spreading a warmth through Vin that dulled the ache to a more bearable level. Ezra's presence had brought with it the soothing comfort that the patient needed, and after a few moments Vin was drifting off into a healing slumber.

* * * * * * *

Closing the hospital room door behind him, Ezra winced at the slight noise he'd tried to avoid making. Glancing furtively at the bed and noticing that nothing so far had disturbed the sleeping form, Ezra sighed and made his way over to Vin as quietly as possible.

Vin was in almost exactly the same position as the night before, but then the bandages and his injuries were probably preventing him from moving around too much.

Hovering over his friend, Ezra reached out to stroke Vin's face as he'd done previously. However this time Ezra hesitated, he really shouldn't risk waking the sharpshooter, the last thing he needed was the awkwardness of explaining what he was doing touching this man. Of course, the urge was too strong to resist and Ezra lowered his hand and brushed his fingers across the slight stubble at Vin's jaw gently running his thumb across the slightly parted lips. A soft exhale of breath startled Ezra and, before he removed his hand, the undercover agent was almost certain Vin's head had tilted towards his touch. Watching Vin intently Ezra made sure that the sharpshooter hadn't woken before pulling up a chair and allowing himself to rest his hand over Vin's.

What he'd told Chris had been true enough, he was aware that his orders had been purposely disobeyed and that technically he wasn't to blame for the accident. However the guilt still had a way of wriggling into his subconscious and Ezra loathed the fact that Vin had been hurt due to something he'd not only been involved in but in charge of. That guilt had enhanced slightly when Buck had mentioned that Vin had asked after him. Eventually Ezra realised he'd have to visit the sharpshooter during normal visiting hours and stop hiding behind work. And when he did, at least the rest of Team 7 would also be there - to hide behind.

Deep in his heart Ezra knew Vin would never blame him for the accident. And if he dug deeper, Ezra also knew that his feelings for Vin went far beyond just friendship. That particular fact had been resting dormant inside the undercover agent for a long while now, but when he'd heard the young agent say the person they'd hit had been Vin Tanner it had thundered to the surface and now it wouldn't let Ezra squash it back into place.

Ezra wished he had the courage to tell Vin how he felt, and even if the sharpshooter didn't reciprocate at least Ezra might be able to finally let it go. Instead he was skulking around hospitals in the middle of night and wasn't even able to bring himself to offer comfort to a friend.

When the time came for Ezra to sneak back out or else be caught by one of the nurses on night shift, the undercover agent stood and stared down at Vin letting all the love and adoration pour freely from his eyes. Considering the risk for only a moment, Ezra leaned over Vin and pressed his lips to the other man's temple before leaving him until tomorrow night.

* * * * * * *

"I'd like to keep you in here for another week," the doctor stated. "Then you should be fine to go home."

"Whatever you say doc," Vin shuffled into a more comfortable position. Now that most of the bandages had been removed, the stitches gone and the scars healing, Vin was more mobile.

Chris took his usual chair at the head of Vin's bed, "No arguments?"

"Nope," Vin answered.

"What's with you?" Nathan wanted to know. "There's been no whingeing about the length of your hospital stay, no sneaking out or stalking the hallways. You've been a model patient."

"Perhaps he's maturing," Josiah suggested.

"Or has a head injury that the doctor's missed," Chris added.

"Nah," Buck smiled. "There's probably some pretty little nurse he's hiding around here. He doesn't want to miss out on any sponge baths."

"He didn't turn into you," JD smirked at Buck.

"Well somethin's keeping him here and quiet," Buck noted.

"There is," Vin confirmed. "The nights here are really relaxin'."

Vin glanced over at Ezra, but the undercover agent had his eyes averted and didn't seem to be listening to the conversation. Oh well, Vin was just happy that Ezra had begun joining the rest of his friends through the day, as well as the continued visits in the middle of the night which, thankfully, had become a regularity. Of course, Vin never outrightly mentioned Ezra's midnight excursions, not even to the undercover agent himself. Vin always feigned sleep and simply enjoyed Ezra's lilting voice, soft caresses and sometimes, when Vin was lucky, gentle kisses. He knew he probably should let Ezra know that he'd been awake, but the undercover agent never showed any affection at any other time and Vin had begun craving the physical contact.

"It seems as though an evacuation of this room is imminent," Ezra stated as he stared out the door and watched the nurse's determined approach.

"Huh?" JD looked confusedly around the room.

"We're going to be kicked out," Josiah translated.

"Oh," JD started heading for the door, there was no way he was staying for the tongue lashing the nurse was sure to give them for staying past the normal visiting hours. "See ya tomorrow Vin."

"I think the kid's got the right idea," Buck waved at Vin. "That nurse really should learn some bedside manner."

"Why don't you teach her?" Nathan asked as he followed Buck out.

"He tried," Josiah tagged along behind. "But even his animal magnetism wouldn't work on her."

Ezra grinned slightly at the retreating backs, and before disappearing through the door he gave Vin his standard salute.

Chris squeezed Vin's hand, "I suppose she'll boot me out as well."

"You mean the famous Larabee glare didn't win you any favours," Vin smiled.

Chris shook his head, "No, so I'll see you tomorrow."

"Hey cowboy," Vin called before Chris reached the door. "Bring some decent food will ya."

"You will eat what you're given," the nurse strode into the room to check Vin's chart, giving Chris a warning glance as she passed him. "And you won't complain about it either."

Chris heard the groan and smiled as he left.

* * * * * * *

Ezra hesitated in the dark hallway. He really shouldn't be here, in fact he'd promised himself he wouldn't come tonight. Actually that promise had been made and broken continuously for the last few weeks, this night, however, Ezra had been the closest to keeping it. Usually he would have been on his way out of the hospital by now, thankful that Vin hadn't been disturbed. Ezra was surprised that he hadn't been caught yet, but figured that the sharpshooter was receiving medication, especially to help him sleep. Of course, the healthier Vin was becoming, the riskier midnight visits were becoming. However, this week was Ezra's last chance to demonstrate his deep feelings for Vin without being discovered.

Ezra pushed open the hospital door and saw the man he loved lying in the bed with his head turned away from the undercover agent. Dear Lord, Ezra didn't know how he was going to cope without being able to simply place his hand over Vin's ever again.

The soft Texas drawl reached Ezra as he crept towards the bed one last time. "You're late."

Ezra froze as the room began to spin, "What?"

Vin turned his head to gaze at the startled undercover agent, his eyes shone with relief and his voice was full of emotion as he spoke, "Ezra, I was hoping you'd come, if you hadn't..."

Ezra didn't hear the words or the tender tone Vin used over the roaring in his ears, nor did he notice the adoration in the deep blue eyes as the room continued to swim and blur his vision. Although Ezra's stomach lurched and his legs felt weak, he somehow managed to draw the strength to turn and run from the room.

"...I would've missed you," Vin quietly finished the sentence he'd started.

* * * * * * *

"Are you sure you wouldn't prefer to stay at the ranch for the week?"

Vin rolled his eyes at his friend, "I'll be fine at home." Vin had been cleared to go back to work in a week's time, which really wasn't very long, and besides that Team 7's offices were closer to the sharpshooter's apartment than Chris' ranch, so why did their leader have to fuss like this. They should be out of here by now, instead of discussing where Vin should stay, and Vin edged towards the door hoping that Chris would take the hint.

He didn't. "If you're sure." Chris liked having any member of his team recuperate from an injury at the ranch, that way he could keep a watchful eye on them.

"Knowin' you guys, I'll probably have one of you drop by every hour or so anyway." All except Ezra that is, Vin added mentally as he grinned reassuringly at Chris.

Chris nodded, but noticed that Vin's grin didn't quite reach his eyes, "Is something else wrong?"

Just the fact that he'd blown it with Ezra early this morning. Instead of gently telling Ezra how he felt about him, Vin had blurted out that he'd known about the undercover agent's visits all along and had lied to him about being asleep. Ezra had probably thought that Vin was going to make fun of him. Vin hadn't even run after the man, he'd wanted to and had even got up and dressed, but the undercover agent had sped out of the room so fast Vin knew that he'd never be able to catch up. Especially without a car, and he knew the nurse on night duty wouldn't call him a cab. Although those, and any other logical reasons he could think of, might seem like enough, the truth was that Vin was scared of having Ezra slam the door in his face. Fear that Ezra would reject his open advances had Vin stay where he was, hell it had kept him quiet through the months of recuperation.

Vin noticed Chris was still waiting for an answer, "Nah, just gonna miss this place."

Chris smiled, "You have been behaving, I'll admit."

"Always do," Vin drawled.

* * * * * * *

Vin had been right, his apartment had been full of friends practically all week. So there was no surprise when, during one of his more solitary moments, the sharpshooter heard the tentative knock on his door. However, surprise did hit Vin when the last person he'd expected to see stepped through the doorway.

Ezra wasn't used to being embarrassed and tongue tied, and usually avoided any situation that would make him feel that way. He wished he could avoid this confrontation as well, but he'd had to come. All week Ezra had been brooding over the incident at the hospital and now he knew that he had to straighten everything out with the sharpshooter. Vin was due back at work on Monday and the last thing the undercover agent needed was an awkward working environment. Ezra needed to find out how much of his hospital visits Vin consciously remembered, and then try to explain the rest of it away.

"I'm glad you dropped by Ez," Vin stated, not sure exactly what to say. He wanted to rush towards the undercover agent and hug him, tell him how much he meant. But, with memory of Ezra fleeing the hospital room still fresh in his memory Vin stayed where he was and kept silent, waiting for Ezra to respond.

"I came to... I just wanted..." Ezra took a keep breath and lowered his eyes away from Vin's curious, almost hopeful expression. "I realise that you are aware of my presence in your hospital room after visiting hours, however I thought you were asleep and..."

"Actually, I used to fall asleep because you were there," Vin interrupted.

Good, Ezra thought, at least most of what he'd said and done would stay secret.

"Most of the time anyway," Vin added.

"Great," Ezra muttered under his breath.

Vin wasn't sure how Ezra was taking what he was saying, the undercover agent refused to look at him. Vin thought Ezra would be mad at him for lying all those nights, but instead the undercover agent seemed to be fishing for something. Well, if Ezra wanted to know how Vin felt, "I mean, it was kinda comforting having a friend there, especially when I couldn't sleep. Soothing you know?"

Ezra shuffled his feet, "I'm sure having any friend visit would be a comfort." The undercover agent wished he was better at reading Vin, of course it might help if he could bring himself to look the man in the eye. The fact that Vin wasn't telling him if he remembered Ezra stroking his hair or pressing his lips gently to the sharpshooters was beginning to frustrate him. He needed to know how much he should downplay.

"It's not the same," Vin said softly.

What exactly did Vin mean by that? "Be that as it may, I don't think we should be jumping to any conclusions. I was visiting a friend in hospital who had been injured during an operation I was conducting."

"It wasn't your fault," Vin stated vehemently.

"I realise this," Ezra continued, realising that Vin wasn't going to divulge whether he suspected how the undercover agent felt. "However, it may have heightened any concern and made it appear...well...more."

"It wasn't?"

Vin asked the question in a whisper which made Ezra look up, right into pain filled blue eyes. Pain? Why would Vin be hurt by that statement? Unless he wanted...more. When in doubt, lie, "I'd prefer if we forget the whole incident, up to and including this conversation."

Ezra didn't think it was possible, but Vin's expression showed even more hurt. "If that's what you want," Vin mumbled. "I just want you to know that I liked your visits, looked forward to them every night. You made me feel - loved."

Confusion washed over Ezra. Was Vin asking for a relationship? Or was he just testing whether Ezra would stand firm on his decision to erase the matter from memory? The doubt still remained, "You were and..." Lying hadn't made made anything less confusing for Ezra, or made the turmoil inside him disappear - perhaps he should change tactics. "And you still are."

Suddenly a wave of heat washed over Ezra as Vin closed the gap between them. Ezra hungrily opened his mouth under Vin's fervent kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into the sweet mouth and thoroughly examining what he'd only gleaned a small taste of at the hospital.

Vin sucked on the probing tongue as strong arms encircled him, pulling him closer. With their bodies pressed together and lips still locked, Vin felt Ezra manoeuvre his thigh between the sharpshooter's legs. When Ezra brushed against Vin's arousal, the sharpshooter gasped and pulled away.

Reluctant to let go, but unable to stop the sharpshooter from stepping away, Ezra barely managed a soft grunt in protest. However, when he realised Vin was leading the way to his bedroom, pulling his t-shirt off as he walked, Ezra followed without any reservations, discarding his own shirt at the same time.

Lust heated Vin's skin so that it glistened as he gazed at Ezra's bare chest. Reaching out Vin brushed his fingers over a nipple and the undercover agent shuddered in response. Placing the palm of his hand firmly against Ezra's chest, Vin pushed the undercover agent down onto the bed, falling onto the soft mattress beside his friend. Lying on his side, Vin began mapping Ezra's body, his fingers tracing every line and muscle, until he had the undercover agent writhing and moaning. When his hand reached the waistband of Ezra's pants, Vin didn't pause at the distraction, just quickly undid the buttons and reached inside to cup and fondle Ezra's manhood.

Ezra automatically raised his hips into Vin's touch and tried to wriggle out of the encumbersome material. Vin's hand moved away from Ezra's groin, but before the undercover agent could complain he felt the same torturous hand help him push down his pants, kneading and rubbing the taut flesh of Ezra's thighs and legs. As Vin's talented fingers massaged his feet after hurriedly discarding the shoes and socks, Ezra moaned and his own hands roamed over his sweating skin of their own accord, heading towards his aching erection. Before they could reach their destination, Vin brushed them aside and quickly straddled the undercover agent. This time Ezra reached straight for Vin's jeans, deftly undoing the buttons and tenderly drawing out Vin's penis, stroking its length.

Even with Ezra's distracting fingers, Vin managed to struggle out of the jeans, kicking them off his bare feet, before leaning forward and placing his weight on his arms. Noticing Vin trying to shift his weight more comfortably as he favoured his obviously still sore shoulder, Ezra took the opportunity to turn the tables. With a naked Vin under him, Ezra had the opportunity to do his own exploring, using his fingers and tongue to commit the feel and taste of Vin to memory.

Vin couldn't think, his mind and body giving in to the sensations Ezra's hands and mouth were doing to him. Vin's breath caught in his chest and he closed his eyes as his throbbing flesh was engulfed by the moist warmth of Ezra's mouth. When the gentle sucking stopped and the heat left him, Vin opened his eyes and found himself staring directly into emerald eyes misted over with desire. Softly exhaling the breath he'd still be holding, Vin parted his lips to accept Ezra's kiss.

As Vin's mouth responded to his own, Ezra deepened the kiss to convey all the passion he felt for this man. Vin's body arched under Ezra, desperately seeking contact with any part of the undercover agent. That was exactly what Ezra needed as well, so he ground his hips against the sharpshooter's, their hard, weeping cocks rubbing against one another's. Vin growled and Ezra groaned as he moved his mouth to the sharpshooter's neck. When Vin began to clutch at the undercover agent's shoulders and back, digging his fingers into the sweat soaked flesh, Ezra's gentle rocking quickly turned into urgent thrusting.

Vin spread his legs a little further apart and hooked a leg over Ezra's. The sharpshooter's fingers tickled a path down Ezra's spine before grabbing the firm ass and pushing the undercover agent's groin harder against his own. Vin felt Ezra shuddering under his hands, and knew he was shaking also as his orgasm erupted from within him.

Ezra came violently, his liquid heat mixing with Vin's over both their bodies. When he felt Vin relax underneath him, Ezra allowed himself to collapse onto the bed beside the sharpshooter. Knowing he was probably panting the way Vin was, Ezra waited for their breathing to return to normal by watching the rise and fall of the sharpshooters cum-stained chest and stomach. After a while, Ezra made his way to the bathroom to retrieve a wash cloth. Once he'd gently cleaned both Vin and himself, Ezra lay his body against Vin's and gazed adoringly down at his lover as he ran his fingers through the still moist brown curls.

Vin would never get tired of those fingers running through his hair, and lazily smiling up at Ezra whispered huskily, "So are you."

Ezra couldn't help but smile back at Vin, though he didn't quite understand what the younger man was talking about, "What?"



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