Merhba 3 Maltese Course
Holidays in Malta - Vaganzi f'Malta

1. The aim of this course is to introduce interested persons to conversational Maltese
. This is a sequel to the Merhba 2 course

3. The course is completely bilingual ie English/Maltese

4. The course would be ideal for
travellers to Malta.

5. The course assumes no knowledge of Maltese
6. The course consists of CDs and accompanying notes
7. There are two lessons on each CD
8. Each lesson has three streams:

9. Cost- Australian students. One can purchase the whole course for $110
10. Cost - Overseas students can purchase the whole course for AUD110 plus AUD17 for economy air postage. Overseas students should ensure that they pay by bank draft in their local currency and made payable on one of their local banks ( Example - UK student would pay by bank draft in English pounds made payable to an English bank)
11. Telephone Advisory Service- The student can ring me to discuss any queries or just practise Maltese at no extra cost other than the cost of the phone call. The service is available Monday to Saturday by prior appointment.

12 For more information please write to:

Karmenu Attard,
3 Guthrie Street,
DICKSON, ACT 2602, Australia

PHONE NUMBER: (02) 6249 6939 fax (02) 6249 7736
email address:

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