1. Would you like to learn or teach your children Indonesian?

  2. This course consists of a CD and a reader.
  3. The course is bilingual ie. English and Indonesian
  4. The text of the reader is identical to the CD. This means that
    the student can read, listen and has the opportunity to pronounce the words
    because there is a pause on the CD.
  5. There are six lessons on the CD. Each lesson is divided into four
    parts ie. reading, stories of uncle Karmenu, word of the day and Things to
  6. Cost to Australian students is $16.50 plus $5.50 for postage and packing
  7. Cost to overseas students: 9 American dollars plus 5 American dollars for economy air postage and packing; 5 English pounds plus 3 English pounds for economy air postage and packing, 14 Canadian dollars plus 8 Canadian dollars for economy air postage and packing.
  8. I prefer to be paid in advance. You can send me a personal cheque or postal order in your local currency
  9. Post your cheque to:

    DICKSON, ACT 2602

  10. You can also contact me at karatt@ozemail.com.au or you can ring me on (02) 6249 6939
  11. I also offer my students a free backup service. This means that if you have any problems you can contact me and I'll help you for free.

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