Find out more about this horrible illness click look at the Depression FAQ site


At the above site you will find a comprehensive description of the various forms of depression
as well as other mood disorders

If you are having suicidal thoughts because of this illness
please visit the
SA\VE site
Do it NOW - PLEASE !!

To find out about the drugs that they use to treat depression
click here

It will take you to your own personal medical/drug reference site.
You have to remember, everyone's makeup is different, so don't be discouraged
if one drug works miracles for a friend and does nothing for you.
That's the lesson I had to learn.
There will be something to help you- just hang in there

Don't be frightened - you can get help
I was helped enourmously by the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team
(a division of the Mental Health Department(NSW, Australia))
look up you white pages and give them a ring

Depression could be affecting you and your doctor is calling it stress. They did that to me for 5 years before I broke down completely and I was finally diagnosed as suffering severe depression. Finally there was light at the end of the tunnel. I wasn't a hypochondriac after all !! There was a medical explanation for why I was so lethargic, why nothing seemed to matter anymore, why I looked at everything so negatively. Does that sound like you? Then maybe you had better check out the links on this page.

I've added a page where I tell my own story. If you read it, you might find
some similarities to your own - I can only hope it helps

Please remember that you have the best wishes of millions
of other people who are suffering too

If you need to talk at all,
you can e-mail me at