Fly Fishing in Japan

  • History
  • Regulations in Japan
  • Streams of Japan
  • Suitable Tackle
  • Suitable Flies
  • Tenkara Traditional Japanese Fly Fishing
  • More to come soon...

    My Favorite Fly Patterns for Fishing Japanese Streams

    Recipes are available, click on any of the picture and jump to the relevant fly tying page!
    Elk Hair Caddis
    Elk Hair Parachute
    Hopper Parachute
    Ant Parachute
    Quill Body
    Black Humpy
    Hare's Ear Nymph
    Deep Sparkle Pupa

    Traditional Tenkara "Kebari"

    If you have any specific questions regarding fly fishing in Japan, drop me a line, I'll try and answer them to my best of my knowledge. (Although my goal is to improve this page so that it may cover all your intellectual needs. But in the meantime your questions will be valuable in knowing what I have left out)
    Ken Kamoshida,