Elk Hair Caddis Paracute

I do not know who the originator of this fly pattern is, but whoever it is he sure is smart! My personal opinion for this fly is that it is superior to the original Elk Hair Caddis pattern in two aspects. First of all because the hackle is wound in a parachute form the fly has more "grip" of the water and thus enhances natural drift. Secondly the replacement of the palmered hackle by a parachute hackle makes the fly sit lower on the water surface, more similar to that of the actual insect. The only disadvantage may be that it is difficult tie in smaller hook sizes, to imitate micro caddis.
Hook:TMC 102Y
Body:Preferably condor (legal) primary quill, if not turkey or goose biot
Wing:Natural Gold Elk Hair, trude style
Wing post:Clipped ends of the hair posted upright
Hackle:Grizzly, parachute style
Head:Tying thread