Deep Sparkle Pupa

Gary Lafontaine's ingenious pattern. Inspired from years of actual under water observation. The fly pictured here is tyed by the original recipe found in his masterpiece book, "Caddisflies".
Hook:Mustad 94840
Weight:Lead wire
Underbody:1/2 gold Sparkle Yarn and 1/2 brown fur
Overbody:Gold Sparkle Yarn
Hackle:Lemon wood duck fibres
Head:Brown Marabou Strands

Colors of the underbody and overbody materials should be changed to match your local caddis species. Gary Lafontaine writes in his book that "There are four primary clor variations and eleven secondary color variations for the pupal imitations.... The primary patterns cover approximately seventy percent of the situation as angler will encounter involving emerging caddisflies" The above color variation is one of the primary patterns.