Ant Parachute

An indispensable fly in the summer. Fly fishing in mid summer is a challenge. The trouts are generally inactive due to the lack of oxygen in the water caused by high water temperatures. The food the trouts eat often change as well at this time of the year, from aquatic insects to terrestrial insects. This particular short transitional period when trouts seem to change their preference from aquatic to terrestrial insects seems to be most difficult to fish. To me in those periods ant patterns seems to produce most stable results. Best tyed under size #16, the trouts tends to sip onto them. I've hardly experienced a vicious strike on an ant pattern.
Hook:TMC 102Y
Body:Black Synthetic Dubbing
Wing Post:Yellow Poly Yarn
Hackle:Brown, parachute style

Dub sparingly and carefully form abdomen and thorax in a distinctive ant form. A pattern which cannot be made any more simple yet requires a little more skill in achieving satisfactory results than other patterns. How productive this fly can be seems to depend on how well you can shape the abdomen and thorax.