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Download as PNG uses this Github project.

Download as SVG uses this one by Eli Grey.

The random generator seed was exposed using this further project by David Bau.

World maps are generated using the Traveller5 5.09 Core Rules.

To-do list

Please feel free to e-mail requests through to my g-mail account (jonathan dot a dot sherlock). I have implemented requests from Facebook and CoTI. The following are requests from Marc Miller:

  • Make the World Name and the UWP bigger: in some sort of headline bold across the name section. DONE
  • Upgrade the graphic quality of the hex filling terrain (this will be done by letting the user scale the SVG to PNG conversion).DONE (for now)
  • Provide an option of ONLY the hand-drawn terrain symbols [in black-and-white], for simple photocopying.
  • Create a default or standardized random seed that everyone expects. For example, the seed is "XXYYSECT" the four digit hex humber and the four-letter sector abbreviation. Serves as an expected or standardized data interchange between players at various different locations.
  • Like TravellerMap, make your APIs available so people can access the information within their own sites (like the Wiki) - will be done using GET data and documenting how it is used, similar to

The following are my plans for future development:

  • Complete system generation with options to download maps of other worlds in system
  • Complete generation with ability to edit more world-building details based on the MegaTraveller World Builders Handbook and other publications.
  • Generate World, Terrain and Local Hexes randomly - generally by clicking on individual hexes on the world map.

Change Log

18 September 2017

In this partial release, precipices and the two precipice lines for chasms are now traced onto World Hex Maps. I am not completely satisfied with the results.

The generator picks a random hex edge for the start, a random non-adjacent hex edge for the end, and picks a start and end hex from those edges. Then it traces a random path from one to the other.

The script does lock up occasionally because of a do..while loop that becomes infinite somehow when generating a World Hex Map with a chasm. But it happens so rarely I thought it worth a release.

The two precipice lines of a chasm are in different colours so you can see what the generator has attempted to do even if the line turns out to be a funny shape.

10 September 2017

This is a partial new release. World Names with UWPs are now bigger and at the top of the world map. The Download as PNG button now renders the SVG graphics at a higher resolution.

In future I plan to implement leeting the user choose the resolution of the PNG button. At present a typical size 5 world is about 300kb - 400kb with the new resolution. The trade-off will be better resolution for a larger file size.

But most exciting for me, click on the background (not the terrain symbol!) of any hex on the world map and you get a map of that world hex. I acknowledge this may cause issues with touch-screen devices.

World Hex Maps are only in draft form. I am still to implement Chasms and Precipice lines; the rules simply state "draw a precipice line through the hex" and I need to decide how this will work to be suitable squiggly and work in with shorelines and other terrain.

At present, World Hex Maps do not take into account half-hexes in Twilight Zones. I also want Frozen Lands and Ice Fields in Twlight Zone and Frozen worlds to have "shorelines" that are squiggly in a similar way to normal oceans and lands operate now.

So check out a favourite world map, then generate a variety of World Hex maps. You can download them in SVG or PNG format.

26 August 2017

Instead of over-writing the world map when the "Generate Map" button is pressed, a new map is added. The map download buttons are now produced for each individual map. This allows users to generate multiple world maps for different worlds without starting again and still having access to previous maps generated in a particular session. It also allows for using different random seeds until a satisfactory result is produced.

Marc Miller has e-mailed in some great suggestions. I will be working on them next, but for now I want to implement World Hex maps. I will work on Marc's suggestions after that, before getting back to Terrain Hexes and Local Hexes.

I also had a request to implement a 'Seed Me!' button. This quickly creates a new random seed. This means you can load or enter a world, generate a map, and if you don't like it, press the "Seed Me!" button and generate another map. You can compare all the maps you have generated before downloading your preferred one.

16 July 2017

The seed for random numbers is now exposed. Enter any string upto 256 characters in length, or leave blank for a random seed. If you wish to save a seed, copy and paste the seed for yourself. I may add a "saved seed" library for individual users using cookies or an equivalent.

This now uses a custom script that modifies the javascript random function. The penalty is a cost in speed. I have found when generating larger worlds (e.g. Size 18+) the script now takes 10-12 seconds.