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Download as PNG uses this Github project.

Download as SVG uses this one by Eli Grey.

The random generator seed was exposed using this further project by David Bau.

World maps are generated using the Traveller5 5.09 Core Rules.

Change Log

16 July 2017

The seed for random numbers is now exposed. Enter any string upto 256 characters in length, or leave blank for a random seed. If you wish to save a seed, copy and paste the seed for yourself. I may add a "saved seed" library for individual users using cookies or an equivalent.

This now uses a custom script that modifies the javascript random function. The penalty is a cost in speed. I have found when generating larger worlds (e.g. Size 18+) the script now takes 10-12 seconds.

15 July 2017

Ocean placement is now randomised, not just world triangles marked off as oceans. Maps are now looking heaps better.

This meant I had to change the definition of a 'continent' for the purpose of placing features that the rules require placement of 'one per continent'. A continent is simply all the land hexes in a particular world triangle, regardless of whether they are separated by ocean or not.

To get around world of lower size (less than 5) and higher oceans (more than 7 for hydrographics), the program now simply selects a certain percentage of hexes overall as ocean hexes instead of trying to place separate oceans in neater shapes. The randomly placed hexes on these kinds of worlds generally work out to a reasonably pleasing shape given there are few land hexes left.

To simplify placement of settled areas, all settled areas must now be placed on land or islands.

I will be working on exposing the random seed generator next.

11 July 2017

Twilight Zone now works except for Size 1 worlds. For now, all settled areas (cities, towns, arcologies, starports, cropland and rural areas) are still placed randomly, ignoring the Twilight Zone.

Users will have the option, in future, to control where settled areas are placed. But I need to change the way that oceans are placed which will change assumptions about what constitutes an 'ocean' and what a 'continent' is.

UPDATE: Size 1 was easier to implement than I anticipated. Now also done.

9 July 2017

Map key added.

Rendering of world details with neat black outline added. Open to feedback on design.

Map can now be downloaded in either PNG or SVG formats.

7 July 2017

Option added to select a world from OTU sectors using data.

Users now enter comprehensive T5 data, or modify what was loaded before generating and / or downloading a map.

BUG FIX: to enable worlds to load in Chrome.

5 July 2017

Map generator first published. User input a name and UWP and number of resources, and the generator calculated Trade Codes and generated the map.

To-do list

Please feel free to e-mail requests through to my g-mail account (jonathan dot a dot sherlock). The following requests I have picked up from Facebook and CoTI:

  • Add a map key - DONE
  • Randomise ocean placement so that oceans and continents are not just world triangles - DONE
  • Expose the random generator seed for deterministic generation DONE
  • Provide an option to download a bitmap in addition to SVG option - DONE

The following are my plans for future development:

  • Get Twilight Zone working - DONE
  • Add neat Traveller style borders to the map with world details in a neat table format modelled in IS Map Form 8 - DONE
  • Add random generation of a world either completely or generate only missing details
  • Complete system generation with options to download maps of other worlds in system
  • Complete generation with ability to edit more world-building details based on the MegaTraveller World Builders Handbook and other publications.
  • Generate World, Terrain and Local Hexes randomly - generally by clicking on individual hexes on the world map.