World Mapping


Science Fiction Adventure

in the Far Future

1. Select a World

Select a sector:

Select a world:

Data imported directly from

2. Enter, Review and Change World Details

Hex and Sector:

e.g. '3005 Spinward Marches'. Used in the map title.

World Name:

e.g. 'Aramanx'. Used in the map title.

UWP (in the format XNNNNNN-N):

e.g. 'C657874-6'. Used for many aspects of the map.

Trade Codes and Remarks:

Calculated by the engine, not entered by the user.


T5 World Importance from -4 to +5. Ignored in map creation.


T5 Economic Extension; e.g. 'A73-1'. Used for placing Resource hexes.


e.g. T5 Cultural Extension; e.g. '9717'. Ignored in map creation.


T5 Nobles present; e.g. 'ecB'. Ignored; a Noble Estate is always placed.


Bases in T5 format; e.g. 'S' or 'NS'. Ignored in map creation.


A=Amber Zone
R=Red Zone
B=Balkanized (TNE indicator)
F/U=Forbidden/Unabsorbed (non-Imperial)
Used to calculate some Trade Classifications.

Population Multiplier

Total world population = Population Multiplier × 10Population Digit. Ignored in map creation.

Planetoid Belts

Number of system planetoid belts. Used in calculating resource hexes.

Gas Giants

Number of gas giants in system. Used in calculating resource hexes.


Number of planets other than the main world and gas giants. Ignored in map creation.


Interstellar government code. Ignored in map creation.

Stellar Data

System stars. At present ignored in map creation but in future will impose temperature related TCs and Remarks.

Additional Trade codes:

Planet is further out than the Habitable Zone plus 2 orbits. All lands and oceans are frozen.

Planet is somewhat earth-like but in the next orbit out from the Habitable Zone. Land and ocean near the ice caps is frozen.

Planet is tidally locked to its star with one face always pointing towards it and another facing away.

Planet is not a main world but is in the HZ and meets other criteria.

Planet is not a main world and the main world is Industrial.

3. Map Options

Random number seed

Seed is an integer between 0 and 4294967295. Leave blank for a random seed.

Black & White Map