Science Fiction Adventure

in the Far Future


Download as PNG uses this Github project.

Download as SVG uses this one by Eli Grey.

The random generator used is taken from this project.

Parsing the URL using javascript taken from here.

World maps are generated using the Traveller5 5.09 Core Rules.

Optima font is the free version.

Data parsing from uses some code taken from here.

To-do list

Please feel free to e-mail requests through to my g-mail account (jonathan dot a dot sherlock). I have implemented requests from Facebook and CoTI and from e-mails.

The following are my plans for future development:

Generate World Hexes, Terrain and Local Hexes randomly. (DONE)

Complete system generation with options to download maps of other worlds in system

World Builing details generated with ability to edit them based on the MegaTraveller World Builders Handbook and other publications.

Newly generated maps will appear in the centre of the screen with an option to 'add to the bottom of the page' or download immediately.