Traveller Worlds: Legal


Science Fiction Adventure

in the Far Future


Best contact is e-mail. I have a g-mail account (jonathan dot a dot sherlock) for suggestions and feedback.

I can also be contacted at Citizens of the Imperium. My username is OjnoTheRed.

Please report bugs! I test the code myself but there are always combinations I could not foresee.

I also love suggestions for future development. If it's not on my to-do list, you can put it on my to-do list.

Lastly, do you have your own application and wish you could take data from here? E-mail me and I will probably be able to get the data supplied in a format you want.

To-do list

World Builder - Grand Census details for individual worlds (Grand Survey done). Involves some interpreting of T5 rules.

System maps have jump points added for each bodyEach world has jump point listed - system map to come.

Local save into a library of saved systems. The user can keep working on a saved system using the builder.DONE!

Planetoid / Asteroid Belt details

Weather and seismic events listed next to every Terrain Hex based on Grand Survey.

Cargo calculator - including saving calculated cargoes to a list for recall to sell cargoes on a particular world.

Generate Sophonts for relevant NIL values

BeastMaker - either a bunch of tables for the world, or generate an encounter table for particular terrain hexes

Plant maker for colour and description