Traveller Worlds: API Documentation


Science Fiction Adventure

in the Far Future

You can encode a link for a particular world map or star system - yet by using a URL. The following are examples: (for a star system) (for a world map)

This example will put the world name 'Junidy' in the World Name field, the UWP 'B434ABD-B' in the UWP field, and then randomly generate all remaining details before generating a world map or system.

Note that when a system is generated, each world that can have a map generated has a map link next to it that simply uses exactly this protocol.

All world variables relevant to a world map can be used. Note that the URI needs to be encoded to ensure it works correctly. The following is a comprehensive list of variables used and how they are handled.

hex - the four-digit sector co-ordinate of the system (e.g. hex=3202 - Junidy is 3202 in the Spinward Marches). Default value: empty string.

sector - the name of the sector (e.g. sector=Spinward Marches). Default value: empty string.

name - the name of the world (e.g. name=Junidy). Default value: empty string.

system - the name of the system; Default value: the name of the world followed by the hex location and sector in parentheses, e.g. "Junidy (3202 Spinward Marches)". This is used by the map to make the location of the world meaningful when it is a non-main world.

uwp - the uwp in the format SSAHPGL-T where S is the port (letters A-H, X, Y) and the remaining digits are extended hexademical. Default value: randomly generated Hospitable UWP.

tc - relevant two-letter trade classification, Can be specified as many times as there are relevant Trade Classifications, e.g. "tc=In&tc=Hi". Default Value: generated TCs from UWP, whether the UWP is randomly generated or provided. Use this to specify TCs that cannot be derived from the UWP (e.g. Twilight Zone).

iX - the Importance rating of the world, e.g. iX=4. Default value: generated by UWP, bases and TC values using T5 rules..

eX - the Economic extension for the world including the parenthesis, e.g. eX=(D9E+4). Default value: randomly generated using T5 rules.

cX - the Cultural extension for the world including the brackets, e.g. cX=[5E86]. Default value: randomly generated using T5 rules.

pbg - the PBG 3-digits (Population Multiplier, Belts, Gas Giants). If no pbg parameter is specified, the script looks for the belts, gas_giants, and popMulti parameters and uses their defaults if they are not found.

popMulti - the Population Multiplier (first digit of the PBG), e.g. popMulti=2. Default value: randomly generated even chance 1 to 9.

belts - the number of Planetoid Belts (second digit of the PBG), e.g. belts=1. Default value: randomly generated using T5 rules.

gas_giants - the number of Gas Giants (third digit of the PBG), e.g. gas_giants=0. Default value: randomly generated using T5 rules.

worlds - the number of other worlds in the system that are not Gas Giants and not Belts, e.g. worlds=7. Default value: randomly generated using T5 rules.

bases - a string containing all bases present, e.g. bases=NS or bases=W. Possible bases read are N, S, W, and D. Default value: test for bases randomly using Starport and T5 rules. Specify bases= to force bases to be nothing.

travelZone - either A, R or blank, e.g. travelZone=A. Default value: blank.

nobz - a string specifying all Nobles for this world, e.g. nobz=BcC. Default value: generated from TCs.

allegiance - a string specifying the allegiance of the system, e.g. allegiance=Im. Default value: blank.

stellar - all stars in Traveller notation separated by a space, e.g. stellar=F7%20V%20M2%20V. Default value: randomly generated using T5 rules.

seed - the seed used to randomly generate the map. Default value: the hex of the system concatenated to itself. If the hex is not specified, 'undefined' is used.

b_and_w - b_and_w=1 will produce a black-and-white map; b_and_w=0 will produce a colour map. A colour map is produced if this parameter is unspecified. Default value: b_and_w=0.

place_nobz - place_nobz=1 will place a noble estate or several; place_nobz=0 prevents placement of a noble estate. Default value: place_nobz=0. No noble estate is placed if this value is not specified.

several_nobz - several_nobz=1 will mean one Noble Estate is placed for every noble in the nobz parameter. Each estate has a letter to distinguish which noble it belongs to. A single noble estate is placed by default so long as place_nobz=1. Default value: several_nobz=0

blank_map - blank_map=1 will produce a blank map based on the UWP specified - only size is used for this. By default a detailed map is produced.

mw_hz_only - mw_hz_only=1 will force the system generator to place the main world in the habitable zone orbit, not HZ-1 or HZ+1. Default value: mw_hz_only=0 (the T5 rules are used to place the main world).

mw_is_sat - mw_is_sat=1 will force placement of the main world as a satellite of a gas giant or of a big world if there are no gas giants. Default value: mw_hz_is_sat=0 (the T5 rules are used to determine if the mainworld is a satellite).

mw_is_not_sat - mw_is_not_sat=1 will force the placement of the main world as a planet. Default value: mw_hz_is_not_sat=0 (the T5 rules are used to determine if the mainworld is a satellite). If both mw_is_sat=1 and mw_is_not_sat=1 the main world will be placed as a satellite.

allow_ocean_nobs - allow_ocean_nobs=1 will allow noble estates to be placed on ocean or other surface fluid hexes. Default value: allow_ocean_nobs=0 which prevents noble estates being placed on ocean or surface fluid hexes.