The Somerset Lloyds Part Four

Lloyd Descendant Charts

The Earliest Records

The earliest definite connection with the surname, in one of the spellings Loyd, Lloyd, Loyde, or Lloyde with direct descendants down to me, John Lloyd Symonds, was William Loyde who was a carpenter and parish clerk of Muchelney. No positive trace of his parentage or birthplace has been found as yet but the Muchelney Parish record of his burial on 16 March 1822 shows his age as 70 years, suggesting that he may have been born about 1751/2.

Reviewing all the first names of children down the line from him, it seems possible that his father may have been named Robert. Reference to Dr Campbell's Index shows that there was a Robert Loyde and his wife Elizabeth in Muchelney who is shown as having a daughter with the unusual name of Melior, born in 1744. My grandmother Symonds was named Amelia and was known by her family as 'Melia both in discussion and in writing. It does not take much to guess that Melior may have been the way the Muchelney parson heard the name Amelia. That name appears in a later generation, to a child baptised in 1815. A weak link but possible!

William married Grace Taylor at Muchelney Parish Church on 27 April 1772. Of Grace we have no parentage or birthplace record either but it appears likely that she came from the area around Muchelney west to Drayton, north to Curry Rivel and maybe beyond there. There are plenty of Taylors in that locality. It is possible that she was buried at Muchelney. One thing is certain; the children of William and Mary were all born in Muchelney and were baptised at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul.

My Lloyd Family Tree

In the short list below are the Lloyd (Loyde) members of my family tree from the earliest William. Each of the links will take you to the key member in the Descendants Chart below which displays the whole of that generation. The member of that generation is linked to the next member of the tree below so that you can run down the Descendants Charts. You can also return to the top of the tree from each Chart.

William Loyde (c.1751-1822) m. Grace TAYLOR (c.1752- ?)
William Loyde (c.1777- ?) m. Ann BAULCH (1778- ?)
Joel Lloyd (1804-1870) m. Sarah GILLARD (c.1813- ?)
William Lloyd (c.1836-8/04/1902) m. Sarah Ann VERRAN (1840-1910)

The next generations have yet to have the Descendants Charts constructed. They were all born in South Australia.
Mary LLOYD (1866-1949) m. Joseph Hills WHITE (1869-1937)
Daphne Jean WHITE (1898-1968) m. Wybert Milton Caust SYMONDS (1897-1984)
John Lloyd SYMONDS (b.1923) m. Marian Mary PEARCE (b.1925)

Descendants Chart Number 1

The chart that follows gives information about the family of this earliest William Loyde. Rather than put the subsequent generations in with their parents, there are separate charts where descendants are known, leading to the families who emigrated to South Australia. There has been difficulty at this stage in finding the descendants of other the children of William and Grace Loyde.

LOYDE, William (c.1751-1822) - carpenter, parish clerk at Muchelney SOM ENG
|		Birth: No trace of birthplace or parentage; c.1751/2 from burial record
|		Buried: 16/03/1822, Muchelney Parish Churchyard, age recorded as 70 years
|	Married: TAYLOR, Grace (c.1752- ?) at Muchelney Parish Church 27 April 1772.
|		Buried: Probably at Muchelney.
       1. LOYDE, William (c.1773-before 1777)
	|	Born at Muchelney SOM ENG : Baptised c.1773 Muchelney Parish Church
	|	As the name William was used again, probably died before 1777.
	2. LOYDE, Mary (c. 1775-c.1777)
	|	Born at Muchelney SOM ENG : Baptised c.1775 Muchelney Parish Church
	|	Buried: 20 April 1777, Muchelney Church record shows "Buried Mary Loyd (sic)"
	3. LOYDE, William (c.1777- ?) - carpenter:
	|	marriage record shows "parish carpenter"
	|	Born at Muchelney SOM ENG: Baptised 18 May 1777 Muchelney Parish Church
	|	Believed buried at Muchelney Parish Churchyard
	| Married: BAULCH, Ann (c.1778- ?) at Muchelney Parish Church 22 April 1802
	|	Believed born at Muchelney, though date and place not yet determined
	|	Believed died and buried at Muchelney.
	|	Children given in Descendant Chart Number 2.
	4. LOYDE, Robert (c.1779- ?)
	|	Born at Muchelney : Baptised c.1779 Muchelney Parish Church
	|	No record of death or burial
	5. LOYDE, Grace (c.1781- ?)
	|	Born at Muchelney : Baptised c.1781 Muchelney Parish Church
	|	No record of death or burial
	6. LOYDE, George (c.1786- ?)
	|	Born at Muchelney : Baptised c.1786 Muchelney Parish Church
	|	No record of death or burial
	| Married: ..., Elizabeth (?-?) at Muchelney Parish Church c.1812
	|	Three Children born at Muchelney
	7. LOYDE, Joseph (c.1788- ?)
	|	Born and Baptised at Muchelney c.1788
	| Married: ..., Mary Aquilla (c.1787- ?) at Walton SOM ENG
	|	(which village of Walton not known)
	|	There were six children, to be given in a Descendant Chart,
	|	yet to be constructed.
	|	It will contain one of the sons, Samuel, who emigrated to Tasmania
	|	and then South Australia.
	8. LOYDE, Joel (c.1791- ?)
	|	Born and Baptised at Muchelney c. 1791

Descendants Chart Number 2

The next chart begins with William Loyde, No.3 in the above Chart, who married Ann Baulch at Muchelney Parish Church on 22 April 1802. William became the parish carpenter and eventually the Parish Clerk for a short while, as was his father William. From the Muchelney Tithe Apportionment of 1841, the Baulch family seems to have been well-established in the Muchelney Parish, occupying at least 120 acres of land with orchard and meadows, probably with cattle thereon. William and Ann were living in Muchelney village but they also had land elsewhere in the Parish. There are indications that they also ran a fruit and grocery store there.

LOYDE, William (c.1777- ?),carpenter and parish clerk:
|	No.3 in Descendants Chart No.1
|	Married: BAULCH, Ann (c.1778- ?) at Muchelney Parish Church 22 April 22 1802
	1. LOYDE, Joel (c./10/1804-1870):
	|	carpenter/parish clerk/storekeeper
	|	Baptised 4 November 1804 Muchelney Parish Church
	|	Died and Buried at Muchelney 1870.
	|	A monument was erected over Joel's grave in the Muchelney
	|	Churchyard as a tribute to his 45 years in the service of the Parish.
	|	It gives his age as 66 years with his surname spelt as LLOYD which
	|	is the way he signed himself in Parish records.
	|	The children of Joel and Sarah are to be set out in
	|	Descendants Chart No.4, reaching down to John Lloyd Symonds who set this out.
	| Married: GILLARD, Sarah (c.1813- ?) at Muchelney Parish Church on 17 June 1835,
	|	by Banns in the presence of Thomas and Mary Travis, and Grace Loyde.
	|	Born and Baptised at Drayton Parish Church 15 August 1813;
	|	parents Robert Gillard and Joan nee WHORROD.
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	2. LOYDE, Grace (c.1809- ?)
	|	Born and Baptised at Muchelney Parish Church c.1809
	3. LOYDE, George (c.1811-before 1818)
	4. LOYDE, Elizabeth (c.1811- ?)
	|	George and Elizabeth seem to have been twins. George would have
	|	died young as his name was used again in 1818.
	|	Both were baptised at Muchelney Parish Church in 1811.
	5. LOYDE, Robert (c.1813- ?)
	6. LOYDE, Mary (c.1816 - ?)
	7. LOYDE, George (c.1818- ?)
	|	There are two other children, Caroline (c.1827- ?) and Ann (c.1829- ?)
	|	who appear to have been born to William and Mary
	|	but this is not proven and seems unlikely.

Descendants Chart Number 3

Joel and Sarah Lloyd were my great great grandparents whose son William emigrated to Australia, probably arriving first in Victoria and then travelling by ship to South Australia and thence overland to Clare in mid-north South Australia. His great uncle Samuel was already well established there. Samuel was the son of Joseph Loyde whose brother William was Joel's father and son William's grandfather. Joel was a man of many parts - parish carpenter, parish clerk, storekeeper and orchardist/farmer. He seems to have been a fairly educated man and wrote well so it is not surprising that he had the position of parish clerk in what appears to have been a thriving community. The monument to him indicates that he served the community for 45 years.

LOYDE, Joel (c./10/1804-1870) carpenter/parish clerk/storekeeper
	Married: GILLARD, Sarah (c.1813- ?) by Banns on 17 June 1835 at Muchelney Parish Church
	1. LLOYD, William (c.1836-8/04/1902)  Farmer
	|	Born at Muchelney SOM ENG:
	|	Baptised April 10,1836 at Muchelney Parish Church
	|	Died at Armagh, near Clare, South Australia April 1902;
	|	Buried at Clare General Cemetery
	Married: VERRAN, Sarah Ann (c.1840-c./10/1910) at St Barnabas Church,
	|	Clare SAUS on 23 September 1858
	|	Born CON ENG; Died Clare SAUS;
	|	Buried Clare General Cemetery, Clare, 18 October 1910
	|	Eight children were born to William and Sarah Ann in Clare SA;
	|	Descendants Chart No.4 yet to come.
	You can use this link for information on the Verran family.
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	2. LLOYD, Frederick (c./08/1839- ?)
	|	Born and Baptised 8 September 1839 at Muchelney Parish Church.
	|	Possibly emigrated to South Australia but no trace has been found.

Those who follow William and Sarah

The details of the children of William and Sarah will have to be left to another time as the numbers are extensive. Suffice to say at this stage that among the children was Mary, my grandmother, who married Joseph Hills White of Gawler SA at St Barnabas Church in Clare. Joseph also came from a family of carpenters and he was one himself, a not-inappropriate profession for two people named Joseph and Mary. Joseph's father brought his family from Great Leighs in Essex UK to South Australia. Of all the families who make up my ancestry, this family was the only one which came from other than Cornwall (the most) and Somerset.

The presentation of background to all these families will eventually appear on these pages, together with a collection of photographs of people where these exist and the places from which they came. We hope you find them enjoyable and maybe even instructive.

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