Cornish Association of New South Wales

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Established in 1974, the Cornish Association of New South Wales (CANSW), formerly the Cornish Association of Sydney, is the equal second oldest Cornish Association in Australia, and the second largest. Membership by household is 172, covering over 300 people. There is plenty of room for growth as 2% (or over 100,000 people) in the State of NSW have Cornish ancestry!

The CANSW follows an earlier association which was established in the late 1880s and lasted well past the 1920s. The modern CANSW was formed by post-WWII Cornish immigrants for social and cultural activities but soon gained many members of Cornish descent (up to the 6th generation). Now members have a wide range of interests and reasons for belonging.

Today, the CANSW has activities over a broad scope: Old and modern Cornish culture, history, language, music, dance, food, Celtic connections, family history, Cornish heritage (in Cornwall and Australia), Cornwall today, social contact, an Annual Cornish Day in June and a Biennial Cornish Heritage Weekend, and more.