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You will find some family and social history here.
In Cornwall, the paternal Symonds and Caust homes.
In Essex, the White and Hills families were also carpenters.
Apart from the personal interest, there will be contact with Cornish Associations and Family History Groups around the world.
Enjoy your stay with us!

You can go direct to the various pages developed by John Symonds if you wish, from the links just below:

[The paternal Symonds Family Story and its family tree - In Cornwall and Australia]
[The maternal Lloyd and Verran Story and the family tree - In Somerset, Cornwall and South Australia]

Or you might still like to look at the links to other places, images of a book and places in New South Wales,
before you move on to the many other pages on this site!

You can move down the page to:
[Symonds Family History Book - Cornwall & South Australia]
[Lloyd and Verran Family History - Muchelney SOM, Armagh SA AUS & Cornwall]

[Cornish Association of NSW]

[Clare Regional History Group, South Australia]
[Armagh near Clare SA and Muchelney SOM ENG]

My favourite sayings are ...

Find a hole in the ground; there be a Cornishman at bottom.
Find a Somerset man and he's making zoyder, so he says.

Some of my favourite places on the Web ....

[Cornwall On-Line]

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About Me

Originally a full-time physicist, now nominally retired - but not completely.

We live in Cronulla, NSW Australia.

From our front patio, we look out over Gunnamatta Bay.

The view on the Opening Day of the yachting season is like this.

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About My Interests

Personal Family and Social History

See my paternal Family History of 256pp, published 1993.

"Which Francis Symonds? Cornish Oak or Australian Eucalypt?"
A History of the Symonds Families in Cornwall and Australia 1675 to 1992

The earliest Symonds story can be read next, with more to come.

The Indian Queen Inn story is the story of my Symonds ancestors who built a posting house which became an Inn,
then gave its name to a village which became a town in mid-Cornwall.

My Symonds Family Tree has found roots in a Web Page so that you can explore those who appear elsewhere in the Symonds story.

Cornish Association of NSW Involvements

The CANSW logo with its waratah bloom

Waratah Flowers in the Blue Mountains

CANSW Stories Projects

The CANSW Secretary and the Webmaster have worked together to transfer of the Stories of the Byng, Cadia and Cobar regions onto a new set of CANSW pages at the
Celtic Council of Australia's Web site.

We have completed this process of transfer.
The Stories shown in links on this page will go to this new CCA set of updated pages.

The Link to the CCA Site is listed here.

CANSW Stories Pages

Please try it out.
Make a Bookmark entry
on your computer for future use.

The removal of these pages
from the John Symonds' Web site,
has begun as of June 2012.


Committee member and assisting with their history projects.
The CRHG Web Page can be accessed at
History Group.
Meanwhile, if you need advice, contact the Curator, Helen Perry, by email
or write to Clare Regional History Group, PO Box 6, Clare SA 5453, Australia.

South Australia

The origin of the CRHG membership began
with a search for
the Lloyd family property
at Armagh near Clare in South Australia.
You can explore how this happened in
the first Lloyd history page

Somerset, England

That search led on to Muchelney in Somerset
where you would see scenes such as these.
If you wish, you can go directly to
the Muchelney page.

View the connection between the Verran Family of Cornwall
and the Lloyds of Somerset in the Clare Valley at Armagh in South Australia.

If you wish to visit Clare to investigate history - and of course the wines of the district - you could stay at what was the site of the old Chaff Mill,
dating to the 1860s. It was originally part of Inchiquin, the estate of Clare's founder E.B. Gleeson and was threatened with demolition in 1987.
With a determined effort, it has become the Chaff Mill Village, with accommodation, gardens and shops.
Look at its Web pages to see what its history was and what it now is.
Visit it or stay there.

Member of: Cornish Association of Victoria, Society of Australian Genealogists,
South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society, Cornwall Family History Society,
Somerset and Dorset Family History Society.

We regret that we have closed the Somerset and Dorset Surnames pages and our S&D page.

Many of the entries had incorrect email and postal addresses and some of the researchers have changed their surnames or are deceased.

If you have a link to these pages on your broswer, please delete it.
This Home page will remain as our main link for all the other pages on this site.

We regret that the S&D pages were closed as of 17 December 2010.

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This page is maintained by John L. Symonds. Updated 1 June 2012. (j l symonds))

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