Jim Robertson

My friends all know that I come from Dundee
- the City in Scotland once labelled the home of
"jute, jam, and journalism", and still today the
home of "the Tay, the Tay, it runs past Dundee
every day" - thanks to William McGonagall, that
Victorian Scots Poet and Tragedian, whose awful
doggerel verse is quoted endlessly.
Dundee is also the home of that great little Mag -
"The Scots Magazine", read avidly all over the
world every month.

Having retired, and passed my sell by date with
ease, I live with my wife Maire, on an acreage block
up in the hills behind Noosa, a much favoured
holiday spot for families from Sydney, and
Melbourne. Our family fled the nest yonks ago, and
are well established now in Sydney, and in Munich.
I have been dabbling in genealogy, and latterly
concentrating on the wider issues of family
history research, ever since I retired in 1984,
in London, and on the doorstep of St Cath's House.
My nitty gritty family tree reconstruction work
plateaued around five years ago, and since then
I have spent a lot of time on family life issues,
and on helping others with their research, drawing
on a good library brought from Scotland, and some
more recent sources.
I am a long time member of the Tay Valley FHS
and am an ardent supporter of GENUKI-Scotland
I am active in an informal network of Probus Club
members located around the world, The IPN

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