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John Waples
John Waples was the father of George Waples who was born in Northamptonshire in about 1807. Nothing is yet known about the other details of his life.

George Waples, 1807 - 1884
George Waples died on 27 Feb 1884 at Mt Kembla, NSW. His Death Certificate says that his father was John Waples but does not give his mother's name. George was born in Northamptonshire circa 1807 and arrived in Tasmania as a guard aboard the convict ship Strathfieldsay on 13 Nov 1831.

He later joined the King's Own 4th Regiment as a Private and was stationed at Government House in Sydney as a servant to Captain Robert Westmacott who, in turn, was aide-de-camp to Governor Richard Bourke.

After four years in the colony he was married at Parramatta by Chaplain Samuel Marsden to Amelia Carlisle. George was 28 years old and Amelia was 22; both signed the marriage register with a mark. Amelia was the daughter of William Carlisle, a free settler who had emigrated to Australia in 1804. Amelia's mother, Mary Ann Gordon, died two weeks after Amelia's birth. Amelia was raised by her father and her step-mother, Elizabeth Blackman. At the age of four, Amelia spent two years in New Zealand when her father was employed by Rev Samuel Marsden in the Church Missionary Society's settlement at the Bay of Islands.

George and Amelia's first child was born in the year after their marriage and named for the mother that Amelia never knew, Mary Ann. In the following year, 1837, George purchased his discharge for 15 rather than accompany the regiment to Madras, India. He took up employment with Captain Westmacott at Bulli in the Illawarra district. According to family oral history, George had charge of the convicts that built the road down Bulli Pass. In any case, he settled his family on Captain Westmacott's Bulli property "Woodlands".

The couple's second child, James, was born in 1840, followed by John (1842), Charles (1844), Emma (1846), Elizabeth (1848), William and Richard (1850) and Robert (1853). By the time Susannah was born on 4 May 1855, the family had moved further south to Berkeley. She was followed by two more sons: Joseph (1858) and David (1861).

Subsequently, George and Amelia moved to their own farm at Mt Kembla.

Amelia died on 2 June 1876 and is buried in the grounds of St Luke's Church of England, Brownsville near Dapto.

Two years later, George's youngest daughter, Susannah, aged 23, wanted to marry James Jolliffe. Oral history in the Jolliffe family is that George refused to grant permission because he wanted Susannah to look after him in his old age. In any case, she was married to James Jolliffe on 30 December 1878 at Wollongong, with her brother David Waples and Susan Plucknett as witnesses. James and Susan moved to the central west of NSW where they lived for the remainder of their lives.

George Waples died 5 years later on 27 February 1884. He is buried with his wife. His 50 acre farm and the remainder of his estate was bequeathed to his youngest sons Joseph and David. A large number of descendants from George and Amelia live in the Illawarra district today.

Susannah Waples, 1855 - 1927
Susan Waples was born at Berkeley, in the Illawarra district of NSW, on 4 May 1855. She was the tenth child of George Waples and his wife Amelia (nee Carlisle). When Susan was a young child, the family moved to a small farm on Mt Kembla where she lived throughout her childhood and into her early twenties.

Susan's mother died in the winter of 1876, when Susan was 21 years old. Her 69 year old father expected her to look after him in his dotage but Susan wanted to get married. Against her father's wishes she married James Jolliffe, a widower with two daughters, on 30 December 1878. The Jolliffe family was also a well-established dynasty in the Illawarra but James and Susan moved to the central-west of NSW where they lived for the remainder of their lives.

James and Susan's first child, Herbert George, was born in 1879. He was followed by William Alexander (1881), James (1883), Emily (1885), Arthur (1887), David (1889), Mary (1890), Amelia (1892), Albert (1894), Elizabeth (1896) and Eileen (1897).

During the first years of their marriage, the couple moved around to wherever work was available. In time, however, James bought land and the family settled at Gooloogong, near Canowindra.

Susan passed away on 30 July 1927 aged 72. She is buried at Gooloogong with her husband who survived her by nine years.

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