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12 October 2006 Removed a sentence from the Kessey page. Some details of living people removed from the Fleming page.
12 January 2006 Tweaked the Fleming page and the Fleming DNA page to include information about William Robert Fleming's paternal line. The Contents page updated to include a link to the Fleming DNA page.
9 January 2006 Changes were made to the Front page and the Kessey page to include an obituary and a eulogy following the death of Halvene Therese Fleming (nee Kessey).
8 January 2006 A significant amount of new information was added to the Fleming page as a result of extensive research on Angus Fleming. A new page was added in relation to Fleming DNA analysis.
29 May 2005 Biography of Angus Fleming updated.
26 May 2004 "Bricks at dead of night" updated with additional information about Bert Moxon. Thanks to John Moxon for providing this information about his late father.
20 May 2004 Whole site re-hosted to Ozemail. Contacts page updated with new email address.
20 March 2004 Five additional generations added to the Flowerdew page! Thanks to Peter Flowerday for his information and assistance.
23 February 2004 Site name simplified. Front page tidied up.
9 January 2004 Minor additional material added to the Hanrahan and Press pages. Research interests page updated accordingly. Thanks to Sue-Ann Burton (Kessey) and Mike Job (Press) for the information provided.
5 November 2003 Added some photos for Beverley Johnson. Removed January 2004.
2 November 2003 Additional material added to the Fleming, Flowerdew, Jolliffe, Kessey, and Murphy pages. Also, there were minor changes to some other pages. Thanks to Bruce and Halvene Fleming, Georgina Greening, Wendy Stacey and Richard Myers for their information and assistance.
27 October 2003 Contacts page added. Navigation improved.
6 October 2003 Photographs of John Kessey added
25 September 2003 Whole site upgraded and hosted on Bigpond.

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