The Family Album

The leather is faded, wrinkled and worn,

The pages are yellow, grimy and torn;

But it holds that eternal interest of age –

The old family album – as we turn each page.


Great Grandfather stands with his hand on his hip,

There’s a perpetual pout on his broad lower lip;

He raised twenty-one children, I’ve heard people say,

But outlived them all by many a day.


Aunt Gertrude stares with deepest disgust

Through a monocle, raised to look at the dust;

She pays monthly visits to family and friends,

And quite unintentionally often offends.


With a sinister face and a crooked hunch-back,

With a dare-devil scowl, stands my Great Uncle Jack;

He married six times, but disposed of each wife

With strychnine or arsenic and sometimes the knife.


Cousin Agnes sits and looks like a stone,

The clothes are old-fashioned and quite out of tone;

She pretends to be dumb, but’s exceedingly sly,

For the last twenty years she’s been ready to die.


Grandfather stands proud, smart and erect,

Displaying his medals for all to inspect;

And, ardent collector of old, famous prints,

He never picked up the most obvious hints.

-- JILL SLADE, 2nd Year.


My mother sketched portraits from photos of many of my ancestors.  Due to the generosity and help of many interested relatives, I have been able to fill in most of the vacant spaces in this book with portraits and an outline of ancestors’ lives.

European settlement is so recent in Australia, that I think their story also reflects the last 150 years of Australian history.

I wanted to present their portraits looking out on the unfolding drama, also including some of the family stories I heard as a child.

I have only been able to put in some ancestors and pictures.  Many others can be discovered in the Brother’s Keeper Genealogy Program for Windows.






 “ What would we now give if, for the history of early Britain, a collection of all the available material had been made a hundred years after the Celtic, of the Roman, or the English, or the Danish, or even the Norman settlement. ”

                        -- Ida Leeson, 1936





“In the study of original documents the historian comes to realise the human nature behind the facts and events, he gets the ‘feel’ of characters and actions.  His imagination is stirred and he becomes capable of recreating them. 

-- Jill Fisher, 1978


Family Tree





James Slade





Born 1779




Joseph Slade

Marr 2 Apr 1804

My ancestors




Born 25 May 1811

Died 28 Aug 1851




Trowbridge, England

Sarah Elliot




Died 31 Jan 1888

Born 1787




Sydney, NSW, Australia

Died 25 Oct 1863



Joseph Slade





Born 1860


Lewis Morgan (convicted 1821)



Sydney, NSW


Born 1800



Marr 1888


Marr 1828



Armidale, NSW

Louisa Morgan

Died 1868



Died 1923

Born 1830

Ann St. John



Armidale, NSW

Died 1906

(daughter of Mary St John




Woollahra, NSW, Australia

 - Mary convicted 1819)


Keith Robert Slade



Born 1811


Born 1895



Died 27 Jan 1848


Armidale, NSW, Australia





Marr Dec 1935



Reverend John Richardson


NSW, Australia


John Richardson



Died 1937


Born 1810

Lindzelands, Lanarkshire


NSW, Australia


Freuchie Manse, Scotland

Marr 7 Feb 1804




Marr 10 Jun 1847

Grace Pratt



Charlotte Maud Richardson

Scots Church, Sydney




Born 1864

Died 22 Dec 1888




Sydney, NSW

Mavorna, Armidale

Robert Russell



Died 1898


Born c 1783



Inverell, NSW

Janet Russell

Marr 18 Feb 1812



Born circa 1829

Died 25 Dec 1840




Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland

Janet Nicol




Died 23 Feb 1897

Born c 1791

Jillian Charlotte Slade


Dangar Street, Armidale

Died 10 Dec 1860

Born 27 Oct 1936



William, Woolloomooloo

Carlingford, NSW, Australia







James Snape

James Snape




Born 1 Feb 1819

Born 1769




Chester, Cheshire, England

Marr c 1796




Marr 27 Jul 1861

Died 17 Dec 1818




'Molroy' Wariald, Australia

Sarah Davies




Died 12 Apr 1871

Born 1775



Philip James Snape

Warialda, NSW, Australia

Died 9 Feb 1853



Born 27 Jul 1863


Ormskirk, England



Warialda, NSW, Australia





Marr 20 Jun 1897


George Cuttriss



Armidale, NSW, Australia

Charlotte Cuttriss

Marr 13 Oct 1827



Died 22 Nov 1944

Born 1837

Westminster, Saint Garden



Manly/Cremorne, Australia

London, England

Mary Hodgson




Died 1928



Margaret Jean Snape


North Sydney, NSW, Australia



Born 1902




Armidale, NSW, Australia

Henry Scott Harden

Nathaniel Harden


Died 1988

Born 11 Dec 1834

Born 1792


Westmead, Sydney, Australia

Ghent Belgium

Margaret Miller




Marr 20 Jun 1866





Tumbridge Wells, Kent





Died 10 March 1879

William Colburn Mayne



Ethel Mary Scott Harden

Petrie's Bight, Queensland

Born 22 Jul 1808



Born 1875


Marr 1831



Glenlyon, Australia

Dorothea Colburn Mayne

Died 1 Sep 1902



Died 17 Nov 1957

Born 1846

Mary Ellen Turner



Armidale Hosp, Armidale


Born 1805




Died 1922

Died 31 Mar 1884

Family Origins

This map shows where the settlers came from.



NSW – Where My Ancestors Settled


The Squatters

Brief History of Armidale

Before European occupation Answan & Kamilaroi people were among the main indigenous tribes

1817-1818     John Oxley and his party were the first white men in the area

1835              George Macdonald Crown, Commissioner of Lands named the town

1851-1861     Armidale grew from a population 556 to 910.  Gold was found at this time

1856              James Snape one of the town’s earliest settlers is mentioned in the Armidale Express.  The reference indicates he was taking up a position in Warialda

1869              Declared to be diocesan seat for Anglican & Roman Catholic Churches

1883              Great Northern Railway reached the town

1927              Teacher’s College founded

1938              University founded

1954              University of New England changed Armidale from a rural market town into a city of great culture and diversity.








The Family

1808 – 1902

Captain William Colburn Mayne

52 Years in NSW

My great-great grandfather CAPTAIN WILLIAM COLBURN MAYNE arrived with his wife MARY ELLEN on the sailing ship “Hero of Malown” in Sydney in 1839.  During his long life, he helped the Aborigines on the Barwon River.  He also enlisted the help of Florence Nightingale to start a nurse’s training school at Sydney Hospital.



Drawing by M.J. Slade

An interesting career

1823      Entered Trinity College Dublin (BA 1838)

1825      Gazetted ensign in the 5th Northumberland Regiment.  Army career PRO W025/785

1826      Lieutenant

1831      Finished course at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.  Married Mary Ellen Turner.

1833      Captain

1838      Retired for reasons of ill health

1839      Arrived in Sydney

1840s     Successful in pastoral land speculation

1846      Commissioner of Crown Lands for the Wellington District

1852      Appointed Inspector General of Police

1856      Auditor General

1864      Was appointed the first Agent General for NSW

1869      Head of NSW Commission for the Paris Exhibition

1871      Granted a colonial pension


William Colburn Mayne in later years

Drawing by M.J. Slade





Waverly Honour

He and Mary Ellen had eleven children - four born in Ireland and seven born in NSW, Australia.

They lived for many years at Burwood, Sydney.  Still noted for his exceptional memory, Captain Mayne died there aged ninety-four.

1846 - 1922

Dorothea Harden (Colburn-Mayne)

Born in NSW

My great-grandmother DOROTHEA HARDEN (Colburn-Mayne), daughter of William and Mary Ellen met HENRY HARDEN in Paris when she travelled to the Paris Exhibition (1866) with her parents.  The were married in Tunbridge Wells, England in 1866.

Drawing by M.J. Slade




Glenlyon Station

In 1871, Dorothea and Henry bought Glenlyon Station in the Darling Downs, QLD and lived there until 1879 when Henry died of TB.  Dorothea moved to Armidale to provide for the education of her eight children.

Drawing by M J Slade copied from the painting by James G Sawkins 1852-3.

(Mitchell Library).

1819 - 1871

James Snape

Left Chester aged nineteen years

“…amongst the early settlers of Armidale”

JAMES SNAPE arrived in Sydney from England on the Sir John Beresford in 1838 to join his brother Philip in Australia.  James Snape is mentioned in the Armidale Express of 1856.  The reference indicates that he was taking up a position in Warialda, northern NSW, as Police Magistrate.  In 1861, he married my great-grandmother, CHARLOTTE CUTTRISS.  He died in 1871, leaving Charlotte with five small boys.








Entry in the Diary of James Snape.

Original Diary in the collection of Tony Snape


1837 - 1928

Charlotte Snape (Cuttriss)

Held up by a New England bushranger

The bushranger allowed her to keep James Snape’s gold watch saying “I do not rob widows”.

Charlotte, who had been christened in Westminster, Saint Paul Covent Garden, England came to Australia via New Zealand.  She moved to Armidale to bring up her sons.





New England Bushranger


1863 - 1944

Philip James Snape

All round sport & highly respected citizen

My grandfather, PHILIP JAMES SNAPE, was a stock and station agent.  He moved to Armidale after the death of his father, James Snape.  He married my grandmother ETHEL MARY SCOTT HARDEN in 1897 at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Armidale.  He was a good poker player and an intrepid driver at the wheel of the newly invented motor car.

Morris Oxford “Bullnose”


Drawing by M.J. Slade

1875 - 1957

Ethel Mary Snape (Scott Harden)

Kindled my interest in family history

She moved to Armidale after the death of her father in 1879.  Seventeen years later, she married my grandfather.  Gran started my interest in family history.  She said in her youth they rode horses in the moonlight to Hillgrove (a mining town nearby).  Castor oil was used to dose them and also oil the wheels of the buggy.

Though not a Roman Catholic, she was taught by the nuns at St Ursula’s.

Gran taught me to play bridge.



Drawing by M.J. Slade


Richard Cardell Blake


Through Gran I have been able to trace my ancestry in Ireland back to the Mayne’s in Northern Ireland and the Blake’s, one of the twelve tribes of Galway.

RICHARD CARDELL BLAKE was Portreve of Galway 1290 – 1312.

Manus justa decus, motto translated “A Just Hand is an Adornment”


1810 - 1888

John Richardson

Bought Armidale Store in 1872

JOHN RICHARDSON was my great grandfather, eldest son of ­­­Reverend JOHN RICHARDSON, Freuchie Manse, Fifeshire, Scotland.

He sailed into Sydney in 1837 on the Ferguson.  He was a store-keeper and politician, and moved to Armidale in 1872 having lost heavily on land deals in southern Queensland.  His energy was unflagging, commitment strong and his interests wide-ranging.


A very busy career

1810            Born at “Freuche Manse”, Fifeshire, Scotland

1837            Reached Sydney in “The Ferguson

1842            Set up as store-keeper in Brisbane

1847            Married Janet Russell

1851            Elected to NSW legislative council

1857-58       Took up three runs in the Darling Downs.  Continued land speculation until 1882

1872            Bought John Moore’s general store in Armidale “universal providers”

1888            Died at “Marvorna” in Armidale


c 1829 - 1897

Janet Richardson (Russell)

Migrated with family to Tasmania in 1832

My great-grandmother JANET RUSSELL was born in Fifeshire, Scotland.  After living in Tasmania, her family moved to Sydney in 1836.  They were successful iron founders.

She married JOHN RICHARDSON at the Scot’s Church, Sydney in 1847.  In 1872, the family came to Armidale with seven surviving children.  One of their daughters, CHARLOTTE MAUD, was my grandmother.

The Richardson Family




When I asked for her death certificate, another researcher contacted me and I discovered that the ‘lost impressionist’, John Peter Russell, was her nephew.  John Peter Russell studied in Paris with Vincent Van Gogh.

John Peter Russell Australian 1858-1930 Rough Sea, Morestil c1900

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney


St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral, Armidale

Designed by architect John Horbury Hunt, this church was built during a time of rapid growth in Armidale.  The railway opened in 1883.  The churches and schools became symbols of the city.

St. Peters Cathedral, Armidale, 1875

Architect: John Horbury Hunt


J. Richardson & Company Ltd.

A new building was opened and the business became part of family life in the town.

Drawing by Anne Williams

J. Richardson and Co. Ltd

Photo taken from a Douglass Pratt pencil sketch held by David Smith

1864 - 1898

Charlotte Maud Slade (Richardson)

My father’s mother

CHARLOTTE arrived in Armidale with her family at eight years old.  My grandmother, CHARLOTTE, married my grandfather, JOSEPH SLADE in 1888.  She died ten years later in 1898, leaving my uncle CLIVE, aged nine years, and my father KEITH, aged four years.





Drawing by M.J. Slade


 1860 - 1923

Joseph Slade

My father’s father

He was a bank manager at Inverell when he married my grandmother.  JOSEPH later came to Armidale, where he joined J. Richardson & Company as their accountant.  His sons, CLIVE and KEITH were sent to The Armidale School, which opened in 1894 and was designed by Sir.  John Sulman.


Joseph built a fine house, Redruth, now Uloola in Armidale in 1908




Drawing by M.J. Slade


 1895 - 1937

Keith Robert Slade

My father

My father died when I was six months old so I never knew him.  He grew up in Armidale and went to The Armidale School.  I have prize books which he won for history and drawing, and pewter mugs that he won for athletics.

When he was twenty (1916), he joined the Fourth Light Horse Regiment, Australian Imperial Forces.  He was discharged in 1919.

School buildings were designed by Sir John Sulman

Drawing by M.J. Slade



In the front of his diary, written in Palestine, is the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.  I think this represents this era in Armidale.


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream--and not make dreams your master,
If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son!

--Rudyard Kipling

1914 – 1919

Sitting proudly astride his horse, this trooper in full army kit exemplifies the Light Horse of the first AIF, which existed for only five years but created an undying legend.

Drawing by Anne Williams

1902 - 1988

Margaret Jean Slade (Snape)

My mother

MARGARET JEAN SLADE, mostly known as Peg, was born in Armidale, the third child of PHILIP and ETHEL SNAPE.  She grew up with her sister MOLLY and her brother JACK, in a very happy home and in a secure and beautiful town.  School days were at Hilton, just across the road from her home, where she had many friends – the closest of whom was Jo Swales.

In the 1930s, after her first husband ERIC MACLEAN died, she joined her life long friend Jo Swales.  They lived at Kings Cross, Sydney and went to the National Arts School in East Sydney.  She made most of these drawings in her later life and passed on photos of ancestors.

She was great fun.  Two of her favourite sayings were:

“Virtue is its own reward”    and

“Vanity, vanity, all is vanity”


Drawing by M.J. Slade

Only after her death in 1980 did I realise that she gave her children the feeling that they could do anything.  She always said she thought parents repressed their children and squashed their initiative.  She encouraged my half sister MOLLY ETHEL MACLEAN to study art and design for five years at the National Art School, East Sydney and myself to gain a B.A. Degree at Sydney University.

This quality of giving it a go led me into some interesting situations.  For example, selling real estate, starting “Helpful Herbs” and writing this history.

1928 – 1971

Denis Andre Fisher

A Man of Many Talents

He attended North Sydney Boys High where he studied Greek, French & Latin.

He qualified as a solicitor and started his own law practice in Hornsby.

He joined the Sydney University Regiment.  After he completed law he came to the 7th Field Regiment where he became a Captain.  Here he could demonstrate his ability at cooking and catering.  He carried this skill into his married life which gave great delight to his family and friends.

Denis and I were married on 6th April 1962.

He died very suddenly on 1st June 1971.





Denis A. Fisher (1928 – 1971)



Denis A. Fisher in school cadets, North Sydney Boys High

Denis with Phillip Fisher (1966 - ), aged 18 months

224 Bobbin Head Road – Turramurra circa 1990


1936 -

Jillian Charlotte Fisher

Author of this Book

1936                Born at Carlingford, Sydney

1941-1946      Went to school at PLC Pymble

1947-1953      Attended SCEGGS, Moss Vale

1959                B.A Sydney University

1960-1962      Worked in Mitchell Library historical library of the State Library

1962                Married Denis Fisher

We built a house in Turramurra where Denis became very good at laying bricks.  We had 3 children:  Jo, Philip, and Elizabeth.

1971                After Denis’s sudden death I stayed in Turramurra with the 2 girls.  Unfortunately Philip was disabled and could not remain at home.

1975-1976      Graduate Diploma in Education.  -KCAE.  I then worked as a Teacher-Librarian until my retirement in 1992.

After 1992.      I started this family history.  I found had so much material I have had to put into family folders which I am hoping will be stored in the Mitchell Library.

In this history, I have attempted to give a simple outline of how my ancestors came to Australia with clues to further research for interested readers.







Jillian Charlotte Slade (1936 - )

Pymble 1945








Jillian C. Fisher (1936 - ) at Admiralty House

for Liz’s presentation of Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, 1987







1964 -

Jo Fisher

Born: 7th January 1964 in Hornsby, NSW, Australia.

Married PETER CAMP on the 11th May 1991.


i.                  JONATHON DENIS CAMP

Born: 23rd September 1992

ii.               LACHLAN JOSEPH CAMP

Born: 24th November 1994


Painting by M.J. Slade

1970 -

Elizabeth Fisher

Born: 7th February 1970 in St. Leonards, NSW, Australia.

Married RODERICK MURRAY BAGSHAW on the 15th April 2000



Born: 4th May 2003

ii.               ARTHUR DENIS IAN BAGSHAW

Born: 21st April 2005


Painting by M.J. Slade


The New Generation




Walking in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Photo by Alex Buchner




Walking in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park

Photo by Alex Buchner

Corin and Arthur


Canberra, Spring 2005


The author had the assistance of many people who gave generously of their time and knowledge.  They are too many to mention them all, but some of the main contributors are:


§        Bev Garry

§        David Gore

§        Christina Jonkhoff

§        Claire Norton

§        Bob Scott

§        Sally Scott

§        Tony Snape

§        Belinda Snape

§        Vanessa Toomey

§        Anne Williams


I have left instructions in my will that my family history research is to be offered to:

1.   The Mitchell Library

2.   The Society of Australian Genealogists

3.   The University of New England and Regional Archives



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All Ancestors – Photos and Drawings

The Mayne & Blake Families from Ireland


Charlemagne – Ancestor of the Burkes in Ireland


Richard De Burgh


Home of the 12 tribes of Galway


12 tribes of Galway









The Mayne Motto

Manu justa decus (A Just Hand is an Adornment)







Entrance to “Freame Mount” near Cootehill, Ireland

Built 1772 by Charles Mayne (Captain John Mayne’s uncle)


“Beauchamp”, near Bray, Co. Dublin

The home of John & Dorothea Mayne circa 1840-43






Officer 9th Light Dragoons in review order

Mayne family history:  One-Name Study CD








Captain Edward Colburn Mayne (1801-50)


Mary Ellen Turner

Married William Colburn Mayne 1831





Captain William Colburn Mayne (1808 - 1902)



WC Mayne and family at Viewbank, Burwood






Sydney when these immigrants arrived


Conrad Martens – Sydney Cove 1836

Original from Mitchell Library, NSW


Conrad Martens – View of Second Government House 1841





Snape & Davies Family from England - Shropshire, Chester, & Wales


Sarah Davies (1775 – 1853)


Sue Macartney–Snape “Ladies after Dinner”





Marrington Hall, Shropshire. Family home of the Davies


Marrington Hall, Shropshire

Family home of the Davies

photo taken 2000 by Jill Fisher




Brompton Hall, home of William Davies, father of Sarah Davies


Brent Eleigh Church, Suffolk – 700 years old

Rev. Richard Snape was rector for many years





Harden & Glenlyon


Henry Scott Harden (1834 – 1879)

Arrived in Australia in 1852, Married Dorthea Colburn Mayne


Dorothea Colburn Mayne (1846 – 1922)






Dororthea C. Mayne (1846 – 1922) with one of her eight children

Went to live in Glenlyon Station in Queensland in 1871







Glenlyon Station, at Pike’s Creek, the home of Henry and Dorothea Harden(1871-79). Painted by James G. Hawkins 1852-3, Mitchell Library Sydney


Glendyon Station. Oil painting by MJ Slade





Richardson & Russell from Fifeshire, Scotland


John Richardson (1810 – 1888)


Brisbane – 1852


Robert Richardson wrote children’s books.

Many of his works are in the Mitchell Library.


Printed 1999






Holy Bible Given to Charlotte on her seventh birthday, 1871.




In Armidale


Joseph Slade (1860 – 1923)

Built Redruth (now Uloola) in Armidale, 1904 - Born in Sydney, Australia


Charlotte Maud Richardson

(1864 – 1898) Aged 19





Charlotte Slade with her two sons, Clive and Keith


Keith Robert Slade (1895 – 1937) - TAS First XV 1912





Solomon’s Photographer, Beardy St Armidale. 

New England from Old Photographs” by Lionel Gilbert.

Many local photographs were taken at Solomons







Philip James Snape  age 15


Philip James Snape (1863 – 1944)





Ethel Mary Harden


Ethel Mary Scott Harden (1875 – 1955)





John E. Snape and Molly E. Snape

at turn of the 19th century, Armidale NSW


Molly Ethel Snape and Margaret Jean Snape

(1902 – 1988)







John E. Snape (1898 – 1932) “Tennisfluenza”





P.J. Snape driving Ford – 1920s









Obituary of Philip James Snape

(1863 – 1944)







Major C. R. Richardson


Molly Richardson (1899 - ?)





John & Beau Richardson 1921







Robert Russell Richardson (1920 – 1990)


Robert Russell Richardson (1920 – 1990)





John Richardson & Edith Snape 1939


Christmas Card from J. Richardson to E. MacKenzie – 1939

On the eve of World War Two





John, Leonie, two sons, and Edith Snape at Maclean


Grandchildren of Tony and Ruth Snape





Donald Eric Maclean - First husband of Peggy Snape







Margaret Jean Snape (1902 – 1988) - Circa 1920


Margaret Jean Snape (1902 – 1988) - Circa 1920





Margaret Jean (M J) Slade 1937


Margaret Jean Slade (1902 – 1988)

On her way to farm in Carlingford, 1950s





Fall’s Creek Talarook, Glenn Innes 1977 - Oil painting by MJ Slade








Robert R Slade Aged 15


Helen Slade (nee Daniel) at Bathurst







Alan Scott (1909 – 1996) M.B.E.




Jill Charlotte Fisher (Slade)


J.C. Slade (1936 - ) Aged 15 taking off for Jubilee Athletic Championships, Hobart 1951. (Centre of stairs)


J.C. Slade (1936 - ) Aged 15 at Jubilee Athletic Championships, Hobart 1951. Betty Cuthbert on far right.





Jillian C. Fisher (1936 - ) Early 1950s


Jillian C Fisher (1936-) Age 20





Denis A. Fisher (1928 – 1971)


Denis A. Fisher – Swimming at Thredbo late 1960s





Philip Fisher at Bobbin Head Road – 2002




Joanne J. Fisher (1964 - )


Joanne J. Fisher (1964 - )

Taken in Western Australia – Circa 1988






Jonathon born 1992




Jonathon D. Camp (1992 - ) – Circa 1994


Lachlan J. Camp (1994 - ) - Circa 1999





Elizabeth Fisher – Bobbin Head Rd Turramurra


M.J. Slade and Liz Fisher at Inverell – 1982







Christmas Card from Liz – late 1990s





Elizabeth C. Fisher (1970 - )

Receiving DPhil 6th March 1999


Elizabeth and Roderick Bagshaw in Dorset 2003





Victor Vaughan Jenkins

( 1925 - 2003)


Mollie Ethel Maclean

(1927 – 2000)







Jenkins Family Christmas (1990’s)





Phil and Lindy Smith with Erica and Penny





Jessica and Nikki Bennett

Daughters of Kate and Jon Bennett


Steven, Robert with Sam, Andrew, Lita with Amy Harrison, Kate with Ella, Max, Claire - Celebrating Andrew’s 40th birthday








The home in Sydney