The workshop outline covers a wide range of subjects including:

1) How we bring forth a world - the observer, languaging and emotioning, the construction of experiences, worlds, realities.

2) Emotioning - what happens in language - perception and human relations. How we perceive each other and the environment. How the shift in worldviews takes place, from the linear to the circular.

3) The construction of the circular worldview - systemic interconnectedness and mutual interdependency socially and environmentally. What we live, but don't see.

4) Why we need the awareness of the circular worldview. How living and non-living systems are. The circular planetary and biological reality that we live in. Impacts on the planet and web of life.

5) Radical Sustainability: Sustaining the web of life. Constructing new systems and methodologies based on perceptual shift to the circular worldview. New systems sustain both the web of life and human life as systemically interconnected and mutually interdependent systems.

6) Conserving the shift in paradigms, the natural circular systemic worldview. Conserving the construction of worldviews, realities and experiences as a new social reality that sustains humanity and the web of life.