Welcome to the worldview or understandings of Life's Natural Solutions (LNS). The shift in paradigms has been developed from the work of Chilean Biologists Prof Humberto Maturana & Dr Francisco Varela, the theories of living systems. It is a systems view of how we are as biological living systems, what we do and how we co-exist in human and non-human interactions, as a vast network of interreleated systems that is the web of life.

This shift in worldviews is not just a theory of life. It is a perceptual behavioral awareness of what is going on, our mutual co-existence with the web of life, a biological , relational view that shows the circular systemic reality we live and participate in.

This perceptual behavioral awareness however is obscured by the present paradigm of linearity, dualism and separation which is why we need a shift in paradigms. Our present paradigm, the source of our social and environmental problems is clearly not working and solutions do not really address the core, i.e. human perception - how we perceive and relate with each other, the environment and the web of life as a whole.

The core understandings of the theories of living systems, the constitution of a new paradigm for human evolution are shown in six sections for easy reading.