Closure: The Boundary of Living Systems. How we operate as closed systems. How living systems, including ourselves, interact and change and adapt in recurrent interactions.

Structural (physical interactions) and relational (unseen activity that also occurs in human and non-human interactions) coupling. How the boundary, the closure of living systems changes and adapts in recurrent interactions with another surface, can be living systems, the environment, physical objects etc, or unseen wave front activity such as sound waves, light and heat waves. Changes in air presssure and air temperature are also examples.

The understandings of structural and relational coupling provide the basis for how we are interconnected both physically and relationally with living and non-living systems and how our actions have a circular systemic consequence both socially and environmentally, an awareness of our mutual co-existence in a vast interconnected web that is circularly closed upon itself. This includes the planet as a whole. This is the awareness of mutual interdependency.