Life's Natural Solutions is an educational consultancy offering a paradigm shift - a perceptual shift from our linear, causal and objective worldview that is based on separation, to a biological and circular understanding of ourselves, nature and the cosmos as we co-exist as mutually interdependent and systemically interconnected systems in circular processes of motion.

This circular view not only reflects what is going on socially and environmentally, but also shows how we, nature and the cosmos are all interrelated as a vast interconnected whole that is the web of life. It is as much an understanding of ourselves - how we are part of something that is much larger than ourselves and how every action has a circular systemic consequence as we live in a global interdependent world, the natural circularity of life.

The natural circularity of life is what needs to be understood so that we can understand the circular social and environmental consequences of our perceptions and actions. These consequences can be seen in the social and environmental problems that we have created: poverty, starvation, violence, wars, the economic and environmental exploitation of third world countries, environmental degradation, the destruction and depletion of the various eco systems that constitute the web of life. These are just a few of course, there are many more.

These problems however, exist as a result of our perceptions and actions. We, and our worldview, are the problem. The solution therefore lies with us, with a shift in perception, the construction and living of another kind of world, another view of ourselves and nature that is humanistic and planetary, that reflects circularity, the mutual interdependency and systemic interconnectedness of all living things, systems. It is a shift from the 'I' to the 'we'; from the local to the global; from individualism to humanism; from separation to mutual co-existence with the environment and the cosmos; from the one to the whole. To think and act with hindsight and foresight, from awareness as observers with wisdom and intuitive intelligence, rather than blind linear and dualistic ways of thinking.

This shift in worldviews is radical, but it is clearly, as I see it, a necessary step that we need to make if we are to live sustainably with the web of life. For it is the web of life that sustains us and everything else. Without it, we would not exist.

Sustaining the web of life through a circular worldview is the next cyclical phase of human evolution, where our living and relating changes in a manner that is socially and environmentally sustainable through the design and implementation of new kinds of systems using different kinds of methods and technologies that do not harm or impinge upon the web of life, but are instead congruent with it. This can only be done through an understanding of circularity, how systems are mutually interdependent and systemically interconnected.

The range and depth of expertise that LNS offers has been developed over a 12 year period of extensive research both experientially and conceptually from the theories of living systems, the work of Prof Humberto Maturana and Dr Francisco Varela. Jane Cull, the founder and leading consultant of Life's Natural Solutions, has embodied and expanded on this work to provide an experiential and conceptual understanding of how we make the shift in paradigms.

Further enquiries, please contact Jane Cull directly at jcull@ozemail.com.au. or call 61401 479 315 or 612 9979 9147.