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Paul Narada has been working on this book for several years now and so it was with great relief and satisfaction that he finally finished it. So far it has been well received by the public and media...

Stone Walls Don't Make a Prison...

In 1978, Paul Alister was a 22-year-old volunteer for the global organisation, Ananda Marga, devoting his life to meditation and social service. In one terrifying night, through the work of a spy and the secret police, he was named one of Australia's top terrorists and framed for conspiracy to murder and linked with the notorious Hilton Hotel bombing.

For seven years, Alister and his two co-accused, faced the tyranny of prison life while they fought to clear their names against blatant injustice. They were finally released and given a complete governmental pardon in 1985.

In this fascinating autobiography, Alister tells the inside story behind one of Australia's best-known but least understood cases. Far more than a legal thriller, this story details his relentless search for spirituality, contact with his amazing spiritual master, Baba, and the profound power of the meditation that sustained his mental peace through unimaginable hardships.

This uplifting account shows how the author transformed extreme adversity into spiritual strength. With honesty, humour and insight, Alister turns an extraordinary life into an unforgettable story.

Book feedback and publicity

February 2 ('98), ABC Coast FM listed the book as No. 2 on their list of "Five Best Books," calling the book "really extraordinary","unforgettable," and "uplifting."The week before they did a live interview with Paul about the book and his personal experiences.

Sunshine Coast's Channnel Seven & Ten, as well as National Nine News and State ABC TV interviewed Paul about his book. all interviews were very positive.

In Febrary Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper featured an very good article on Paul and his book.

The National Magazine Aussie Post featured a positive two page article.

ABC radio Lismore region did a lengthy live interview .

A local Lismore TV station interviewed him after one of his public talks. Paul gave two talks at Lismore University and at Byron Bay.

Paul spoke at the National Prison conference in Brisbane and was well received.

In Sydney Paul spoke at Sydney University, Macquarie University and gave an interview on the popular radio program , Radio Drive, 2GB. He also spoke at the Australian National University, Canberra, and was interviewed for a popular national university newspaper called "AMIDA'. It specialises in Australia-Asia issues and intend to do a book review.

In Melbourne Paul spoke at Melbourne University and TAFE College, as well as on the popular ABC radio program, 3LO.

In Adelaide Paul spoke at the Adelaide University and had very positive interviews on radio 5AD and 3D. Radio 3D also did a book review saying it was "very readable", " a page turner" and recommended it to its liseners.

The very popular ABC radio program The Tony Delroy show, which reviews books and has special guests, had a long interviewed with Paul and was aired 23rd July at 11 pm. The program starts at 10pm and is on Monday to Friday in over 50 local ABC stations around Australia.

Watch this spot for updates!

A new site on who Bombed the Hilton?

What the readers say:

"really extraordinary","unforgettable," and "uplifting."

ABC Coast FM l (Queensland, Australia) listed the book as No. 2 on their list of "Five Best Books,

"This is a book that is both personal and political. ...gripping on the level of his own struggle as a man and inspiring in his determination to struggle against injustice..."

Faye Girsh, forensic psychologist, San Diego, USA

"..It's a page turner and a very compelling story that deserves to be read by many...I really think ...(it) should be read by thousands of people; it's very very inspiring, honest, and compelling."

--Roar Bjonnes, Editor of Prout Journal, USA

"..a beautifully written book and inspirational for anyone to read who is on any spiritual path. And to those with a closed mind, it could (with its frankness and honesty) entice them to open the door."

--Fern Showell, Alcoholics Anonynous. Advocate, Adelaide, Australia

I'm thrilled at the reaction to people reading so far: "I couldn't put it down".."someone else wants to read it." My daughter got "goose bumps" all the time while reading it...

--Paul's sister

"Your book was captivating and spiritually inspiring... (it) touched me deeply and has helped me to have greater faith in my our conviction to God/Spirit and helped to confirm my belief that "God" is the essence of my own pure self, and the self of all."

Gomatii, spiritual seeker, Brisbane, Australia

"..a story of remarkable courage and unfailing faith in God..."

Michelle Groth, counsellor, Maroochydore, Australia.

"An inspiring and compelling tale. Incredible!"

Emma Childs, university student, Brisbane, Australia

"What an awesome read! I couldn't put it down from the moment I began reading it!...Interestingly; when I read the chapters about meeting with Baba, I felt some amazing physical sensations in the centre of my noggin'-similar to what I experienced on the 12 hour Kiirtan * Day at the Mela **! Amazing. All these lovely experiences that keep happening more often putting my Western conditioned skeptical mind in the closet!"

--Stefanie Obermeder, Canberra, Australia.

* Kiirtan - Chanting the Ananda Marga Mantra, **Mela - An open public festival of spirituality and progressive workshops organised by Ananda Marga in Australia each year.

"I would like to thank you for communicating your inner and outer experience so lucidly. You increased my understanding of Ananda Marga in an easy to assimilate way, and your spiritual journey through seven years of jail was an inspiration to this traveler." index.html

--Melita Luck, author , Sydney, Australia

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