David Rabbitborough's A to Z of Australian Species



Every so often it seems that nature makes a mistake... or so it seems with the musician.

To begin with, studies have shown that musicians bodies contain chemical substances unlike anything known in the outside world, which may help explain their behaviour. They do not communicate with others but constantly make humming, or tapping noises. Their feet tap the floor in an odd compulsive rhythm and their shoulder sway to and fro.

While there are several common species including the Classical Longhair, the Bearded Folkie and Country or Western Redneck, the most spectacular is the Rock Musician - so called because it looks like it crawled out from under a rock. Simply place this creature in a room with a microphone and it begins to perform the most incredible actions. It will pounce on the microphone and start snarling, howling and growling into it. It will pretend to chew it, swallow it or even suck it. And what it will do to a guitar simply cannot be described at all.

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