The Australian Home By David Rabbitborough

The Dining Room.

For years the Dining Room was a complete mystery. What was it for? What was in there? For decades no Australian child was ever let into the Dining Room. All they knew was that it contained a table and it smelt of furniture polish. Certainly it was called the "Dining Room" but all meals were eaten in the kitchen and if you invited people over for a meal, that meant a barbecue in the back yard so the purpose of this room remained a mystery.

Then about ten years ago the purpose of the Dining Room was finally revealed. It was a place to put the computer.

From the moment the home-computer became a reality it was clear you couldn’t operate it in the living room because people were watching TV in there. And you couldn’t put in kids' room because then the parents would never get to use it. The answer was obvious; the Dining Room. It even had a table in it, designed for the purpose.

The only mystery remaining is: how did Australians know, fifty years ago when they were building houses with Dining Rooms that computers were going to be invented? This is one of suburbia’s most baffling puzzles.

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