The Australian House by David Rabbitborough

The Bedroom

Across the Hall from Lounge is the biologically rich environment of the
Bedroom. It was often thought that no life could occur in the Australian bedroom but in fact there is a rich ecology. Hundreds of wild-flowers can be found on curtains and pillowcases and underneath the bed roll the long majestic mountains of Fluff, populated with teeming colonies of Tissues.

Tissues multiply rapidly in the the bedroom environment, and great clusters of them can be found under pillows and behind the chest of drawers. These creatures would cover the entire bedroom were it not for their natural enemy, a relative of the anteater called the Long Snouted Vacuum Cleaner.

(Right: A Long Snouted Vacuum Cleaner feasts on its favourite food.)

On one side of the room is the Wardrobe, which has three levels like a rain forest.

  1. High above the clothes on the top shelf live the hats. Amongst them, a wide variety of photographs and old letters can be found nesting in shoeboxes.
  2. In the middle, amongst a jungle of multi-coloured coats and jackets, wire coat hangers twine round each other and multiply in the darkness.
  3. Far below on the jungle floor, standing side by side, are the shoes, which unlike cufflinks, gloves, socks, earrings and suburbanites, mate for life.

    Left: The bedroom has the power to take items which were originally in pairs and separate them. It has this effect on earrings, socks and even the human inhabitants.

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