The Australian House by David Rabbitborough

The Bathroom

Near the Bedroom lies the Bathroom, a hot steaming region which encourages the growth of exotic flora. In its tropical climate shower recesses are rapidly covered with fungus and even toilet seats sprout mats of brightly coloured hair.(left)
The most diverse and populous section of the region is the bathroom cabinet. (right).
Bottles (right) are shy little creatures that protect themselves by huddling together, gluing themselves to the shelf and dribbling on their labels so they can't be identified. Tubes glue up their mouths but when squeezed they spurt viciously at their assailant. (left: rare film of a tube attacking.)
Packets are quiet passive creatures that multiply by spreading silver seed pods which later burst, scattering the tiny white seeds. (left) The Grizzly toothbrush protects itself from attackers by its fearsome appearance. (right)

All species seem to breed prolifically - there are never less than 15 bottles of cough medicine and 42 different sorts of headache pill, and yet all can disappear at will. Although species such as Bandaids fall out in their hundreds every time you open the door, when someone is bleeding prolifically, you can never find one of them.

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