arthur1.jpg (29980 bytes) Glenn Robbins

A versatile character actor , Glenn Robbins played hundreds of roles in The Comedy Company but his most memorable is most  certainly Uncle Arthru.

Glenn created Uncle Arthur when he was working in the standup clubs. An old age pensioner, Freemason, Rotarian, keen gardener and deaf as a post, he was simply the old uncle that everyone hates having to talk to at Christmas,

On Comedy Company he became the star of "Uncle Arthur's Home Movies" a slapstick record of his weekly adventures: shopping, gardening or playing bowls.

In one episode Uncle Arthur went on a plane and flashed back to his earlier life in the R.A.A.F. (left)

Glenn as appears in Full Frontal, Jimeoin and is a regular on The Panel. He has also recently appeared as RUSSELL COIGHT

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Uncle Arthur in his younger days.

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