St Christopher's Hospital. Pathology Dept. Patient Record

Name:       Brian Nankervis
Character:    Doctor Ray Good


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Brian Nankervis

History: A former primary school teacher, Brian spent 10 years as an announcer on Radio RRR FM. He is widely known to Australian audiences as his alter-ego, the intense, suffering street poet, Raymond J. Bartholemeuz whose impassioned verse has been immortalised in printed volumes such as "Too Many Crayfish not Enough Brains" and the album, "Crayfish Frenzy".

Raymond was based on actual street poets that Ray interviewed on radio. "I was staggered by how seriously they took their work and how incomprehensible they were." says Brian.

A man of many talents, Brian is also acknowledged as the inventor of the game, Nag Pong, which can be played "for up to six hours using a nurf ball and kitchen table in the style of ping pong". Brian maintains that the game, which "requires incredible levels of coordination", is now played regularly in Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco and some regions of Kenya.



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Dr. Good is the whiter-than-white idealist of St. Christopher's.

He believes that that people are good at heart, that honesty always triumphs in the end and Air Supply are  a grossly   under-rated band

He works tirelessly to build a world free of disease and suffering and would be a perfect human being except for two things: his fashion sense; and the fact he nurses a DEEP DARK SECRET. 

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