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Mary Anne Fahey.

Undoubtedly the most controversial and most popular character on The Comedy Company was the surly schoolgirl-with-attitude Kylie Mole.

The gum-chewing, school-hating teenager with the in-your-face attitude became a cult figure to millions of teenagers and her catchcry "She goes... she goes... she just goes" rapidly became a household phrase.

Her song "So Excellent" made the top-ten charts and "My Diary by Kylie Mole" was a runaway bestseller for Christmas 1988.

By way of contrast, and as proof of her versatility, Maryanne also created "Jophesine", the impish three year old with the headless, armless and legless doll whose standard cry was "I didn't... I didn't break it. It was Dolly."

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