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McFadyen Family History

The McFadyens come from the Isle of Mull, one of the islands off the west coast of Scotland called The Inner Hebrides.

The McFadyens were a sept - or allied clan - of the Clan Mclaine of Lochbuie.

According to a Scottish Internet site:

"The McFadyens are a very old tribe. They were the first sept to join the Maclaines, although under dubious circumstances. When Hector Mclaine went to claim the lands given to him by the MacDonalds, he found the lands already under the possession of the McFadyens. For mutual protection (from various raiders and neighbouring tribes), the Chief granted him permission to build a fortress at the head of Loch Buie. After the castle was completed, Hector climbed to top and shot an arrow through a bone that the McFadyen Chief was eating on the ground below. Not being foolish, the McFadyen Chief removed himself from the scene. Whether Maclaine was aiming the bone or at McFadyen, and missed, is a matter of speculation (and perspective).

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