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South Australian Railways 1965

On a trip to South Australia in 1965 we captured the last days of SAR steam on 8mm. I also shot a few B&W photos. At some stage, I'll post the movies.

Most of these engines were on sidings at Mile End depot, destined for a future railway museum.

Clicking on a photo will load a larger version.

Class 504 Class 700
A very American style 500 class 504 at the museum to be at Mile End.  SAR 702 at Mile End 
600 class 600 class
SAR 620 class in scrap condition behind the loco depot at Mile End.  SAR 752 ( a former Victorian K class) and 621 at Mile End. 
710 class Rx class
Another, very American looking, 700 class, 713.   A pre-Webb era Rx loco 227 
Rx class ASG
An old 2-4-0 E class at Mile End. Australian Standard Garrett 401 at Peterborough in South AUstralia. 

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