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Newport Railway Workshops 1963-64

In the Sixties, as steam entered its final days, rows and rows of dead steam locomotives stood in the long grass behind the Newport Railway Workshops. Some, like 0-6-2 E369 were kept operational to shunt the rusting hulks around. There were also two of the earliest diesels acquired by VR, the tiny, red M class.

Several locomotives were rescued and are today preserved in the Railway Museum in Williamstown Road. You may find the site here:

And there are pix here:

I must confess that we souvenired the number plates of some of these locos, carrying them out of the yards wrapped in newspaper- not as easy as it sounds as they are cast iron and weigh some 70 lbs.

Clicking on a photo will load a larger version.

E379 M232
E379 shunting at Newport. Note the running boards with shunter on board. One of the odd little M class diesels. One of the first diesels bought by VR.
E369 12A
E369 at the water tank. Today this engine is preserved in the Railway Museum. Narrow gauge engine 12A. This was one of several Baldwyn engines bought to run on narrow - 2'6" - gauge logging railways in Victorian forests. 12A is now running on the "Puffing Billy" line at Belgrave east of Melbourne.
The boy in the cab is Keith Oderberg, now one of Australia's most respected legal authorities.
D4 A2 986
D4 286 boarded for preservation. This loco is also in the Railway Museum. The D4 class were originally tender engines (see below) but were converted to tanks for suburban use. A2 968 also boarded up. There were 200 of these handsome 4-6-0 locomotives. With their 6 foot diameter driving wheels they were used for high speed passenger work and substantially sped up timetables on VR. A2 986 (see original maker's photo) is currently being restored to working order.

Dd class
The D4 class was originally a tender engine.

A2 986 makers

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