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Ballarat and Ararat 1964

While diesels had taken over all passenger services and interstate freight, steam engines were still operating on many country lines. These photos are from day trip to Ballarat and Ararat in western Victoria, in January 1964.

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D3 638 d3 659
K 169 (2-8-0 goods) shunting on a siding at Ballarat - 7th January 1964 D3 638 inactive by the coal stage at Ballarat. Coal trucks were shunted to the upper level of the coal stage and the coal shovelled out into piles on the middle level. It was then shovelled into the tenders of the locomotives at ground leve.
J546 J 546
J546 shunting in Ballarat yards. The 2-8-0 J class were the last steam locomotives commissioned by VR arriving the mid Fifties. J546 steams past. The efficient and versatile J class had a high set boiler to allow axle adjustment if Victorian Railways decided to convert to Standard Gauge. It never did.
K169 R730
K169 shunting at Ballarat. The 2-8-0 K class was the general goods engine the J class was designed to replace. A powerful 4-8-4  R class, R730 at the Ballarat loco depot.
N402 R700
N402 at the Ararat coaling tower. The N was a longer, more powerful version of the K class. The coaling tower used a conveyor system to carry coal into the tower where it was poured directly into locomotive tenders from a hopper. R700, the class leader, at Ararat coaling tower.
R700 R732
R700, now fully coaled takes a wheat train out of Ararat. We discover R732 derelict and almost completely out of sight on an overgrown siding at the rear of the Ballarat railway yards.

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