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Landscapes and Still Life

Fun and Fantasy Art

Portraits by Ian McFadyen

Ross Fitzgerald Archibald Entry Mark Mitchell Wayne Birch
Professor Ross Fitzgerald - Archibald Prize Entry
900 x 1200 cm Oil on Canvas
Actor and comedian Mark Mitchell - Archibald Prize Entry
1200 x 1200 cm Oil on Canvas
Publican and PromoterWayne Birch
900 cm x 1200 cm Oil on Canvas

Portraits by  Jo McFadyen

These paintings feature three sisters from one family.  In each picture the girl is seen engaged in a favourite activity.

Girl with cello

Artist: Jo McFadyen
Oil on canvas. All pictures - 75cm x 60 cm

girl and horse 1 
Girl with horse 2

Ian McFadyen Archibald Entry
EFT:  Portrait of writer and painter Ian McFadyen.
Archibald Prize entry 2012 .

Artist:  Jo McFadyen
 "Dad's Tie"
Jessica McFadyen - Science student
and musician.  Archibald Prize Entry 2014

Artist:  Jo McFadyen
Leona Collier

This portrait of legendary Brisbane trumpet teacher Leona Collier was based on a simple snapshot taken at lunch. The colours emphasise her bright, outgoing nature and the picture seems almost to catch her in middle of a conversation.

Artist Ian McFadyen
Oil on canvas.
   60cm x 90cm

Right:  "Steve".   This is a painting of a friend who works in building supplies. The aim was to capture the essence of a classic Aussie bloke - strong, hard working, friendly and good natured.

Artist Ian McFadyen
Oil on canvas 60cm x 90cm


An affectionate,  comic portrait of friend and fellow comedian Peter Moon.

Artist Ian McFadyen
Oil on canvas  60cm x 90 cm
Lord Moon


Another musical portrait of a young violinist.
  The request was that the picture be bright and not too serious. The result is brilliantly colourful with a sense of youth and modernity but still conveys a sense of intensity and dedication.


Artist: Jo McFadyen
Oil on canvas  60cm x 90 cm


girl with violin 

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