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Welcome to my website - an assortment of ramblings, writings, retorts, recollections and renderings.


Here you will find everything you never wanted to know about my thoughts on life the universe and everything. You may find the contents provocative, preposterous, puerile or perplexing but I hope there is something of interest here.

Who am I? I am an Australian film and television writer, actor, producer and director who has produced some of the best and worst comedy on Australian TV, won two Logie Awards and written numerous theatre and film scripts. I have also written a book on cognitive psychology (see below), and enjoy a range of unrelated interests ranging from trains to classical music, fantasy painting, poetry and FPS computer games.

If you are a  film financier or international distributor, I am available for immediate employment on a Hollywood blockbuster - or just at the local Blockbuster.

You can can contact me on imcfadyen@ozemail  - please add ".com.au" on the end.



Mind Wars cover

Published in 1999, this book explores that the idea that, although they consider themselves intelligent, human beings are almost entirely controlled by self perpetuating thought systems that program their beliefs and behaviour. These thought systems do not persist because they are truthful, or even useful, but because they employ Darwinian strategies to reproduce themselves.

The implication is that the age of physical evolution (evolution of DNA) is now at an end and the future of the world will be determined by the evolution of human ideas.

This book is available for download here in PDF
 or Word formats.

Mind_Wars/Mind Wars.pdf

Mind_Wars/Mind Wars.doc


In line with my role as a grumpy old man, here is a selection of essays and articles on a variety of topics.

Carbon and the End of Life on Earth
Read this is you are concerned about carbon pollution.

The BIG LIE of Global Warming
Don't be taken in by Pseudoscience.

Environmentalism: the Religion of the New Millennium. (Quadrant article)

The Class Struggle  Postgrad study in a Postmodern world.

Presumption of InnocenceHuman rights advocates misrepresent this principle in regard to asylum seekers.

John's DayHas there been as much change as much as we think?.

The Hope in the Cradle: A small Christmas sermon.

Situations Vacant: The cultural problem of Aussie sitcoms.

Night Thoughts on Jerusalem:  Bob Ellis's "Goodbye Jerusalem" provides an insight into one brand of left wing thinking.

Furies of the Guillotine: Is satire possible in the Age of Political Correctness?

The Road to Hell: Is anything possible in the Age of Political Correctness?

G.Y.M: The phenomenon of Global Youth Marketing.

Law and Order: A short parable

Ripping Yarns: Why kids' books were better in the old days

Many years ago I produced some television series. Click below for information on these.

Comedy Company logo
The Comedy Company

Let The Blood Logo
Let The Blood Run Free

Others series included The Great TV Game Show, Bingles and Newlyweds (the one with Annie Jones and Christopher Garbardi, not the one with Jessica Simpson.)


Plays for teachers and young people to download.

"Call It What you Like"
A theatre/drama piece for middle to upper Primary students.

"The Secret Life of Jeremy Jones"
A play for Primary students about being happy with who you are.

Some documents relating to my family history.
The Diary of John Spence on the sailing ship Arabian 1849.

The War Diary of John Spence Finney 1917

History of the McFadyens in Victoria.

David Rabbitborough
David Rabbitborough's Guide to Australia.

How To Write a Bestselling Fantasy Novel
Yes,  of course I dabble in art. It comes of not having enough to do. Here is a small gallery of my paintings. Give me a job and stop this horror.

Okay, I admit it. I'm a unredeemed train nut. Here are some photos I took back in the Sixties of the last days of Victorian Railways steam.

North Melbourne Depot 1963
Newport Workshops 1963-64
Ballarat and Ararat 1964
Fyansford 1964
South Australia 1965

One day movies will come.