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Ian McFadyen is an Australian writer, actor, director, producer, teacher, essayist and painter.

You can see examples of Ian and Jo McFadyen's artwork HERE.

Ian created and produced "THE COMEDY COMPANY" - one of Australia's highest ever rating comedy series - and produced the cult sitcom classic "LET THE BLOOD RUN FREE".

As a scriptwriter he wrote The Bit Part, one of Nicole Kidman's first films, The Feds starring Robert Taylor and the US cinema release thriller The Vector File starring Caspar Van Diem and Katherine Oxenberg.

He has written many works for the stage, including six full length musical productions and several major cabaret show. He also wrote the libretto for the children's opera Space Encounters and worked on many children's drama and animation series.
Published books include Mind Wars, Going Out Backwards (A Grafton Everest Adventure) and The Dizzying Heights (another Grafton Everest adventure)

Ian won two LOGIE AWARDS for the Comedy Company.




My great grandfather John Spence kept a diary of his voyage to Australia on a sailing ship in the year 1859.

The Diary of John Spence aboard the sailing ship "Arabian" 1859


My great uncle John Spence Finney served in the army in World War 1. He kept a diary of  his time in the trenches of France and Belgium from January to November 1918.

The Diary of John Spence Finney in France 1917.


My great great grandfather David McFadyen and his family emigrated from the isle of Mull in Scotland to Victoria in 1852.

The History of the McFadyens

Television Productions

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As a uncorrigible railway enthusiast, I spent much of my youth chasing trains
and capturing them in photos and film. Here are some old photos from the
Sixties, featuring locomotives from Victorian and South Australian Railways.

   North Melbourne 1963    Newport Workshops  Fyansford Quarry Railway 1964

                      Ballarat 1964    South Australian Railways 1965



     MIND WARS - The Battle For Your Brain

by Ian McFadyen

Why are human beings so self-destructive? Why have they killed, persecuted, imprisoned and tortured each other throughout history? How do they become swept up in political and religious movements which lead to misery and mass destruction?

The theory of Memetics proposes an explanation which is that humans do not control their own destinies but are merely the instruments of self-replicating thought systems which are the real dominant inhabitants of this planet.

This theory, first proposed by Richard Dawkins of Oxford University is extended and developed by Ian McFadyen in this provocative book.

Mind Wars is published by Allen & Unwin.


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A Grafton Everest Adventure

by Ian McFadyen & Ross Fitgerald

In this, the fifth book in the series based on fictitious Queensland academic, Prof Grafton Everest, the bumbling historian finds himself elected to the Australian Senate through means he himself doesn't understand. When it emerges that he holds the balance of power Grafton is wooed by both sides of politics and offered prestigious positions at the head of committees.

His success is muted however by the fact that he has been rendered impotent through a prostatectomy and is convinced he is about to die of cancer.

Going Out Backwards is published by Hybrid Press and is available as an ebook.

Going Out Backwards