Women's Golf Tasmania - South

Welcome to  Women's Golf Tasmania - South (WGTS) and Southern Country (WGTSC)


The Committee of WGTS - 2017

  • Marie Lown (President)

  • Di Ratcliffe (Hon Secretary)

  • Anne Windsor (Treasurer)

  • Jan Leary (Tournament Co-ordinator)

  • Ann Farrell (Pulblicity)

  • Anne Medlycott

  • Felicity Gifford

  • Vicki Knight

The Committee of WGTSC - 2016

  • Libby Doddridge (President)

  • Jan Palfreyman (Vice President)

  • Sue Richardson (Secretary/Treasurer

  • Marg Cormack

  • Judith Cooper

  • Gayle Wolfe

  • Leoni Mace

  • Linda Ritson




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Scratch Foursomes Results

2017 Fixtures





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