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The numbers to the left of the names represent the generations.
A "4" is the child of the "3" above it.
A "3" is the child of the "2" above it. Etc.

3  ? Hostovsky (Male)
 4  ? Hostovsky (Male)
  5  Adolph Hostovsky
  5  Irene Hostovsky
  5  Else Hostovsky (married Stern)
  5  Oskar Hostovsky
3  ? Hostovsky (Male)
 4  ? Hostovsky (Male)
  5  Egon Hostovsky
3  Jakub (Jacob)(Jewish name: Jehuda) Hostovsky 1812-1880 (or 1887)
                                          (married Barbora Popper (or Poper) 1822-1909)
 4  Adolph Hostovsky 16Jan1850(married Eva ? 1943?)
  5  Else Hostovsky 1891-1927 (married Rein)
   6  Peter 1925-1942?
 4  Josef Hostovsky 05Mar1853-02Mar1927(married Terezia "Resi" Rosalia 02Feb1855-09Dec1942)
  5  Rudolf Hostovsky 13May1881-22Sep1942 (married Maria Soudek 1890-1939)
   6  Georg "Jiri" Hostovsky 23Jun1910-12Jan1938 (died of Leukemia)
   6  Zdenek Hostovsky 19Jun1914-10Mar1943 (died in Auschwitz)
   6  Jan Valdemar Hostovsky 16Oct1920-1980 (married Hana Sustova 1922)
    7  Hana Hostovsky 28Nov1944 (married Prykril)
     8  Martin Prykril 1974 (or 1975)
    7  Zuzana Hostovsky 29Aug1948
  5  Karel Hostovsky 29Apr1892-26Apr1942 (died Auschwitz - never married)
  5  Anna Hostovsky (married Petr Gottlieb)
   6  Petr Gottlieb (married Gerta {or Greta} Lederer) no children
 4  Moritz Hostovsky 05May1857-10Jun1939 (married Therese Beyer 17Sep1860-1941)
  5  Anna Hostovsky 27Jan1882-1948 (married Arthur Baumgarten 20Dec1883-1957)
   6  Hans Baumgarten [John Gardener *2] 03Feb1908 (married Gretl Storozum 23Oct1911-197?)
   6  Dorothea Baumgarten [Dorothy Gardener *2] 19Apr1911
  5  Ida Hostovsky 28Feb1883-1943 (married Rudolf Grunfeld 1877-1945)
   6  Ruth Grunfeld 29Oct1912-1970 (Married Ernst Fried)
    7  Peter Fried (now lawyer, not married)
    7  Eva Fried 1948 (married 1.Bennet, 2.Eugene Young – deceased)
 8 Andrew Bennet (married – lives in Taiwan)
 8 Hal Bennet
   6  Hanny (Joan) Grunfeld 04Jan1920 (married Eugene Reed 12Oct1919)
7         Evelyn Reed 1949 (married 1.Mark Klaas – divorced, 2. Alan Nichol – divorced)
 8 Polly Klaas 1981-1993 (died tragically)
 8  Anny Nichol Feb1987
  5  Kaethe Hostovsky 08Oct1885-1959 (married Richard Mautner 12Mar1881-1950)
   6  Dorothea "Dorli" Mautner 16Sep1924-1987 (married Benno Weiser)
    7  David Weiser [adopted] 12Apr
  5  Paula Hostovsky 02Sep1891-10Sep1965 (married Sigmund Sandig 26Mar1876-Dec1950)
   6  Lily Sandig 10Nov1917 (married Hans Goldschmidt 20Jan1912-20Jan1988)
    7  Robert Alan Goldschmidt 21Nov1943 (married Brenda Bryan 16Aug1942)
     8  Nathan Joachim Goldschmidt 13Dec1970
     8  Simon Michael Goldschmidt 15May1972
     8  Nicole Paula Goldschmidt 23Mar1975
    7  Ruth Margaret Goldschmidt 16Jul1946 (married Henry Wirth…)
   6  Herta Sandig 17Jul1921 (marr 1.Richard Lawson 05Nov1913 2.Herbert Chanan Sadubin 16Sep-20May1994)
    7  Ronald Michael Laufer 26Jun1947 (married Diahanne "Suzie" Suzanne Linden 29Sep1956) Divorced.
     8  Tahlia Stephanie Laufer 23May1982
     8  Richard Michael Laufer 24Dec1983
  5  Richard "Riko" Hostovsky 02Nov1892-19Nov1953 (married Pauline "Paula" Jahoda 19Jul1902)
    6  Georg Marie Hostovsky [George Marie Host *1] 09Jun1928 (married Jennifer Jean Tyler 24Sep1937)
     7  Richard Athol Hostovsky [Richard Athol Host *1] 30May1960 (married Stacy Hanford 06Nov1966)
      8  Jacqueline Sarah Host 01Jan1990
      8  Katherine Elizabeth Host 18-Jul-1993
      8  Christine Michelle Host 03-Nov-1995
     7  Andrew George Hostovsky [Andrew George Host *1] 30Jul1963
                                    (married Julie Esther Lines [Julie Esther Dein *4] 12Apr1965)
      8  Daniel Andrew Host 24Jun1993
     7  Anne Marie Margaret Host 23Jan1968 (married Andrew Grant Martin 15Aug1968)
      8  Chloe Lynda Rachel Host [Chloe Rachel Martin *3] 14Jul1990
      8  Kenneth Grant Martin 17Apr1993
      8  Nicholas Grant Martin 09Sep1995
    6  Anneliese "Lisette" Marie Francoise Hostovsky 04May1933
                     (married 1.George Pollak 16Sep1921 2.Gert "Gerald" Engel 03Jul1924-03Sep1997)
     7  Frederic Richard Pollak 02Aug1955 (married Miriam Wolfers 01Jan1952)
     7  Brian Pollak 23Jun1959
 4  Theresie Hostovsky "Resi" 24Sep1859(married Munk)
  5  Ande (married Rudolf ?)
   6  Male
   6  Male
   6  Male
   6  Male
  5  Reoli
  5  Pepi (married Gretl?)
   6  Walter
   6  ?
3  Ignatz (Ignac) Hostovsky 1828-1917 (married Mina Doctorova 1826-10Dec1907)
 4  Josef Hostovsky 1860-1942 (married Frederika Fraenkl 21Jan1870-03Jan1932) c
  5  Ida Hostovsky 1896-1943 (married Karel Tille)
   6  Karel Otto Tille 18Apr1929 (Ada Cervickova) escaped from Czech in 1949.
   6  Jan Josef Tille 15Mar1934
  5  Ruzena Hostovsky 1898-1942 (married Josef Bauer)
  5  Irma Hostovsky 1899-1942 (married Ludvik Bauer)
   6  Zdenek Bauer 1925-1942
   6  Petr 1930-1942
  5  Marta Hostovsky (born about 1901, died between 1914-1918 aged 17.
  5  Max Hostovsky (born about 1904, died between 1914-1918 aged 10.
  5  ? Hostovsky - died as baby.
  5  ? Hostovsky - died as baby.
  5  Egon Hostovsky 23Apr1908-May1973 (marr 1.Kveta ?-1990, 2.Jindra Brumlik, 3.Regina 31Mar1929-27Jan1993)
   6  Olga Hostovsky 1936 (From Kveta) (married Gennaro Castiello)
    7  Marina Castiello 1971
   6  Jarmilla "Jane" Hostovsky (From Jindra) 1945-1973 married Mr Richard Roselli
    7  Richard Patrick Roselli
    7  Robert Roselli
   6  Diane Harris (From Jindra) married Mr Harris
   6  Paul Hostovsky 1958 (From Regina) (Married Susan ?)
    7  Marc Hostovsky 1990
    7  Lauren Hostovsky
 4  Simon Hostovsky (married) [known as one of the "Feuding Brothers"]
  5  Egon Hostovsky (killed in WW1 - maybe 1914)
  5  Else Hostovsky (married Mr Kaufmann)
   6  Male
   6  Male
  5  Otto Hostovsky (killed in WW1)
*1 Hostovsky changed to Host in 1964
*2 Baumgarten changed Gardener. Hans changed to John.
*3 Originally Chloe Lynda Rachel Host (Changed 1995)
*4 Born Lines, later changed to Dein.

A related Hostovsky not yet linked to the main tree:

  5  Heinrich Hostovsky 1900-1967
  5  Otto Hostovsky (Married Else Novakova (Novak))
   6  Otokar "Otto" or "Oskar" Hostovsky 1930-1975 (Married Aukje Petersma)
    7  Charles Hostovsky 1955 *1 (Married Michelle Vanderploeg)
     8  Stephen Host 1977
     8  Richard Host 1980
     8  Nicholas Hostovsky 1993
     8  Jonathon Hostovsky 1995
    7  Robert Hostovsky 1957-1972
    7  Belinda Host 1960 (Married Michael Annable)
     8  Michael Annable
     8  Jessica Annable
    7  Thomas Host 1965
*1 Hostovsky changed to Host around 1960. Changed back to Hostovsky in 1979.

Another related Hostovsky not yet linked to the main tree:

 4  Zigmond Hostovsky 18Dec1866-18Oct1944 (died in camp Terezin)(married Bertha Bloch 1869-1941
  5  Arnost Hostovsky 06Jul1894-13Jun1942 (died in camp Auscwitz)
  5  Jossepha Hostovsky 08Mar1896-22Oct1942 (died in camp Treblinka)(married Hugo Brummel) 
  5  Hugo Hostovsky 23Jul1897-01Oct1944 (died in camp Auscwitz)
  5  Rudolph Hostovsky 1907-1970 (married Gitel Shapiro 1904-1992)
   6  Raphael Hostovsky 1941-1970
   6  Michael Hostovsky 1945 (married Tova)
    7  Tamar Hostovsky 1976
    7  Avner Hostovsky 1978
    7  Ruthie Hostovsky 1982
Zigmond Hostovsky was a first cousin of Jossef Hostovsky (father of Egon,the writer).
Zigmond had another 10-12 brothers.

Yet another related Hostovsky not yet linked to the main tree:

3  Hersmann Hostovsky (married Barborka Winterova)
 4  Adolf Hostovosky 20Jan1839 (married Marie Raudnitz)
  5  Oskar Hostovsky 19Dec1879-1927? (married Friederika Lamerova 31Oct1877-01Feb1939)
   6  Mitzi Hostovsky 23Aug1903-19Dec1929
   6  Herma Hostovsky 24Feb190?
   6  Friederike Hostovsky 07Mar1905-18Dec1987 (married Frantisek Novotny 19Oct1891-1942/3?
    7  Oskar Hostovsky 12Jan1925

Other Hostovsky's from the town of Pardubic in Czech Republic not yet linked:

Frantiska Hostovska 1830-1914
Josef Hostovsky ?-1942 (might be same as Josef above) (married Bedriska Franklova 1870-1932
Elias Hostovsky ?-13Apr1888
Bedrich Hostovsky ?-1920
Valentin Hostovsky 1832-1899 (married Julie 1826-1894)


Other Hostovsky's from Prague not yet linked:

Adolf Hostovsky ?-1941
Albin Hostovsky ?-1913
Fritz Hostovsky ?-1920
Isidor Hostovsky ?-1921
Julius Hostovsky ?-1941
Kamilla Hostovsky ?-1925
Oswald Hostovsky ?-1942
Richard Hostovsky ?-1928
Ruzena Hostovsky ?-1940


Yet more Hostovsky's not yet linked (as told by Ruth Hostovsky of Germany):

4  Girl Hostovksy approx 1850
4  Julius Hostovsky 31Jul1870 (married Ida 12Aug1875) Divorced approx 1911.
 3  Alfred Hostovksy 1898-approx 1945 (married Grete ?-1965)
 3  Wilhelm (Vilem) Hostovsky 23Feb1900-30Jan1987 (married Ruth ? 27Jun1906)
 3  Lotte 1902/3-1970/72 (married ?)

Julius Hostovsky, born 31st July 1870 and was married to Ida. Born in Radnitz on 12th August 1875. Divorced about 1911. Their 3 small children were brought up by their mother with the two sons making first contact with their father in Prague when they were already adults. They never knew if their father had relatives or other siblings. He was a late child and had a sister who was about 18 to 20 years older than he was and he hardly knew her. When very young, she married a man from Vienna named Kreisky. She became the grandmother of the Austrian Prime Minister, Bruno Kreisky. It appears that there was no relationship with the family at this point in time.

The children of Julius and Ida:

Alfred, born 1898, was murdered in Dachau or Buchenwald in the last days of the war!!! His wife Grete, from Vienna, died in Libere about 1965. She had no children!

My husband, Wilhelm (Vilem) Hostovsky, born 23rd February 1900, died 30th January 1987. We met in Terezin (Theresienstadt Concentration Camp). He was deported to Ausschwitz, and freed himself in January 1945 and went immediately after the end of the war back to Prague to find me alive, living in Terezin and we were married there in June. We were also childless!

Lotte MR. born 1902/03, married, separated, died also in Liberec (Reichenberg) about 1970/72 also childless. So, I am the only one remaining with this name. I (Ruth Hostovsky) was born on 27th June 1906 in Berlin, therefore I was born German.

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