Dolly, Mickey and Bear      

By Jacqueline Host


Bear, Mickey and Dolly

Once upon a time there were three dolls called Dolly, Mickey and Bear. They lived happily together in the bed but, one day, Mickey got too bored with playing just in Jacqui’s room. He wanted to get out in the open. He thought about going to climb trees, playing on swings or picking flowers. Bear thought it was a good idea too but he had different plans in mind like lying on grass, playing in sand or hiding in buckets. Dolly wasn’t quite sure about this, but since Bear and Mickey were pretty brave and sensible, she thought she’d be okay.


The dolls made a path...

Mickey talked to the dolls about this and said; “Now I need everybody’s help to get Dolly, Bear and I out of the house on our adventure.” So they all helped. Even the dolls out of Katherine and Christine’s room helped. They all stood on each other’s shoulders and soon Mickey [who was on the top] could reach the handle of the front door. He put his little hands on it and tugged. Soon the door was open and all the dolls fell on the ground [but they didn’t get hurt because one smart doll put a pillow on the ground for them to land on.] Some dolls had to help Mickey with the door because it was too heavy for him to hold open any longer.


Even Topsy was there

The dolls made a path for Mickey, Dolly and Bear so they walked through with every toy in the house cheering for them. Even Topsy, Ahmed and the first Mickey ever made was there!



Mickey, Dolly and Bear walked on to the lawn. ”Look at that tree! “, Mickey shouted.

”Yeah, it’s tall.“ Bear answered.

”I know what you’re thinking and please don’t make me climb that tree”, Dolly begged.

“Oh Dolly!” Mickey and Bear said in unison.

”Well I guess so, if you can look after me,“ Dolly said. They all climbed up the tree, had a look at the view and went down again except for Dolly.

“Ohhh...” Pussy yawned.

”Oh Dolly, can’t you get down?” Mickey asked when he found Dolly was left behind.

“No I can’t.” Then Dolly shouted: ”HELP ME MICKEY AND BEAR!!!“

“We will try to, Dolly” Mickey shouted back at Dolly.

“ Yeah, we’ll try,” Bear said.


Just then Mickey had an idea. He would try and find a piece of string or rope to tie around her hand, that is, if he could find some rope. He wondered if his friend Pussy would help him. Mickey found Pussy lying in the cool shade. “Pussy, would you help my friends and I please?” Mickey asked.

“Ohhh...” pussy yawned, “OK, now why do you need help again?”

Mickey was surprised at

all the string everywhere!

“Because Dolly is stuck in a tree and we need to get her down with some string or something”, Mickey exclaimed.

“Well“, Pussy said with a chuckle, ”you’ve come to the right place”.

“I’m glad”, Mickey said.

“Follow me”, purred pussy, ”and I’ll show you the way to my string, purr”.


When they got there, Mickey was surprised to see string, not just string in tiny bundles but I mean everywhere.


Meanwhile, Dolly was still up in the tree with Bear because Bear felt so sorry that he went up with her. They spent the time talking about the times when they could go out with Jacqui. Before long Mickey and Pussy came back. “ Why are you up there Bear?” Mickey asked Bear.

“I was just comforting her“, Bear answered.

Bear carefully wound the string

around Dolly’s hand.

“Good work, Bear. Stay up there for my plan. I’ll tell you now, what my plan is”. Mickey told the dolls his plan and they liked it very much. “Now here is the string, Bear. Tie it around Dolly’s hand and when I say go, lower her down. Watch this, Puss!” Mickey said excitedly. Mickey held on to the other end of the string and said, ”Go”.

Bear lowered Dolly down and Dolly was down on land again. She ran to thank Puss, Mickey and Bear.


After that Mickey said, “I think we’d better go down the back”. So they went down the back and saw the swings set.

“Well, what are you waiting for?!!” Bear shouted.

Swinging can be fun.

”Well I suppose swinging is not too dangerous” Dolly told Bear.

”There’s nothing to worry about Dolly”, Bear quietly said. Bear lifted Mickey and Dolly up, then [because Bear was tall] he climbed up and they all swung.


After that they thought that they should do something else like picking flowers. Dolly loved the idea very much but Mickey thought it was a bit boring. Bear told Mickey: ”Now it might be a little bit boring for you and me but we did what we wanted climbing trees, remember? And if she wanted to do something else afterwards wouldn’t you be willing to help?. “ Ah, I guess so”.

“ Good.”

“ Well let’s go and pick flowers.”



So they all went and picked flowers. Mickey actually liked it!. When they had quite a few flowers, Bear asked ”Do you think we have enough flowers yet Dolly?”

“Well, I guess so”, Dolly sighed.

“Are we allowed to do something that I like this time Dolly and  Mickey?” Bear asked.

“OK. What, Bear?”, Mickey said .

“ Lying on grass.”

“ Oh, OK.”, Mickey said with his hand on his forehead.

They all had a rest on the


“Well that will give us a rest, won’t it Mickey?” Dolly wondered.

Mickey replied, “I’ll do it any way because it’s my turn next to choose what we do, isn’t it Bear?”

“Why yes it is Mickey. Well, you’ve got something to look forward to don’t you?

“ Yes I do, so let’s have a rest !”

So they all had a rest for a while and then it was Mickey’s turn to choose.


“OK” Mickey said “Now I think I’ll play on.... “ then he paused for a bit and then he said ”...on the slippery dip!”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY MICKEY?” cried Dolly in a high voice.

“I said I wanted to play on the slippery dip, Dolly”. Then Dolly fainted.

”Dolly are you OK?“ Mickey asked.

“Ohhhhhhhhh do we have to play on the slippery dip Mickey, do we really have to? “ Dolly asked.

They discussed who

would go first.

“Well, I thought it was my turn to choose, Dolly.” Mickey answered. “I know how you might feel a bit safer. Every time a doll is going down the slippery dip there always has to be another doll down the bottom to catch it, “ Mickey proudly said.

“Now that’s a better idea. Mickey, how did you think of it?” Dolly asked as she got off the ground.

”Well”, cheeky Mickey said ”Mickeys know these things!!!”.

“ Oh Mickey”, Dolly laughed.

“Alright, I’ll go first to show you how to do it. Bear could you please catch me?” said Mickey.

“ OK, I will Mickey.“

“Now this is how you do it dolly, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! “

 Just then the dolls heard someone coming down the path, but they didn’t worry because it was only Pete and Jenni, Jacqui’s friends. But then they started to worry because they heard a WOOF and another WOOF. “Oh no, it’s Bob the dog!” Dolly shouted, whilst holding onto Mickey and Bear.

”Everybody, come up onto the slippery dip, then Bob the dog can’t eat us”, Mickey told the dolls. Dolly shivered at that idea.


Pete and Jenni came down the back but the Dolls stayed in their place. “ Oh, hi Mickey, Dolly and Bear”, Pete and Jenni said.

“Oh, yeah hi”, the dolls said. “ Umm, we are a bit scared of your dog. Do you mind if you put your dog on the side of the house, please?” the dolls asked.

“Oh yeah, OK. Is there anything we could help you with today?” asked Pete.

“ No thanks”, said the dolls as politely as they could.

“OK, are you sure?“

“Well not exactly, we might need a bit of help sliding down the slippery dip”.

“ OK, well get ready...”, Jenni warned, “...get set...., go!”

Jenni assured Dolly she would

be alright.

Mickey went first to show the other dolls how to do it , then Bear, and last of all Dolly.

“Are you sure you’re going to be careful with me ?“


“Are you sure I’ll be alright?”


“Can I trust you?”


“Then I’ll be alright ?”

“For the last time, YES! Why wouldn’t you be alright, Dolly?”

“I was just checking”, said Dolly, pretending that she wasn’t scared.

Dolly slid down very well, not even one complaint while she was going down, so Mickey whispered to Bear, “Dolly went down the slippery dip with no trouble whatsoever. That’s unusual!”.

”Yeah, I know”, Bear replied.


“Oh, I’m sorry Dolly. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. We were only talking about how well you coped going down the slippery dip”, said surprised Bear.

Pete helped them go inside.

Just then the dolls, as well as Pete and Jenni, saw that it was getting late and that they should go home because Jacqui would be coming home soon. So they all went inside. Pete helped them open the door. When they got onto the bed (with a lot of hard work) they heard someone coming through the door. It was Jacqui. She came and sat on the bed and asked the dolls: ”How was your day and what did you do?” “Well,” said Mickey

“We,” Dolly thought, “ummm, we did nothing much”, said naughty Bear.

So Dolly, Mickey and Bear laid in bed that night to think about their lovely day. They even whispered amongst themselves how fantastic it had been. All of the dolls dreamed that night about other adventures they would have, but if you want to know what they were, you will just have to wait!








Copyright 1999  Jacqueline Host

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