A grant was provided by the Casino Community Benefit Fund for the Phoenix Project, a prevention project/program framed around building healthy relationships and looking at issues such as domestic violence, anger management and encouraging young people to make informed choices in relation to their behaviour and lifestyle.

Objectives of the project

  • To actively educate young people about the consequences of crime.
  • To actively educate young people about domestic violence.
  • To actively explore alternate ways of dealing with anger, aggression and peer pressure, increase self-image and the ability to make decisions and lower recidivism rates. The project involved youth and a cross section of community organisations (police, actors, community workers, etc.) The aim was and is to facilitate dialogue and positive relationship development between generations and organisations both during and after the workshops. It involved all groups in a creative process, channelling young people's positive energy to foster a sense of belonging and responsibility.

This was achieved using a variety of methods: drama, theatre, art and craft, videos, the internet, printed materials and speakers.
The project was developed as a program that is both relevant to Canterbury and culturally appropriate for our diverse population. The result was two intensive three-day workshops.
Horizon Theatre Co. Ltd., our local theatre for youth and children, has helped develop the project along with schools in the area, local police, members of the Domestic Violence interagency and youth representatives.
Throughout the development and implementation of the project, members of the Horizon Theatre have also made a video documentary.

This special Internet presentation was designed and created by artists from Horizon Theatre Co. Ltd.

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