Spiritual Healing is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health at all levels of Man's Being irrespective of where the ill-health has manifested. Distinctions of race, class, or religion are irrelevant. No affirmation of religious faith is required of the patient. By the laying ľon of hands, by attunement through meditation and prayer whether or not in the presence of the patient, a healer seeks to induce a beneficial effect upon the patient's life force at all levels of existence. Spiritual Healing maybe given for any illness, stress or injury as a therapy which has no side effects and is complimentary to any other therapy. The medically diagnosed nature or severity of the illness is unimportant with regard to the outcome. Case histories range from trivial to the diagnosis of terminal illness in which recovery has taken place, but no one can say in advance whether spiritual healing will be beneficial in any particular case but it happens too often to be coincidental every time. Apart from its therapeutic effect in relieving pain and in the restoration of function. Spiritual healing is notable for marked improvements in patient's attitudes and their quality of life.

There has always been and always will be spiritual healing. It is the true link between God and man. As there is but one God and healing has been in existence for thousand of years it cannot claim to be the monopoly of any one religion or faith.

The true spiritual healer is a person working irrespective of colour, class or creed. He is a spiritual person in tune with the Source of all creation. This linking of the patient to God, forms, with the healer, a triangle of attunement that enables the healing energies from a divine Source to flow.

When the patient's spirit(soul) rejects this healing energy then the healing has failed and the patient has missed the opportunity to receive God's grace. The soul still has further lessons to learn.

Healing helps a person return to the wholeness of Being. A wholeness which is his right in the plan of creation. When we are ill we have lost our way, lost our balance, and we are not at ease with ourselves. We have dis-ease and it manifests in many ways.

The first factor we must draw to ourselves is that the riches of life are not Material; the true riches of life are Life itself. A life that we must understand and face. We must not think that we are hard done by. Instead we should thank God for the lessons we are being taught by our exposure to what ever is troubling us. How can we know what true happiness is if we have not experienced misery? How can we fully comprehend peace if we have not had depression?

When we are afraid of something the fear shows in outward physical symptoms. When the cause of the fear is removed, or we understand and are no longer afraid, then the physical symptoms disappear. It is a fact that we do not understand the reasons for our life that causes so much disease. For greater understanding we must turn to nature and study how it can help us to see how we should live our lives. Nature has symmetry, balance and harmony. All factors that are so often missing from our lives. Each aspect of nature is part of the whole and we must realise that we too are not individuals but also part of this vast wholeness of being.

We cannot take from life what we do not put into it. If we have given no happiness then we shall receive none. To be loved we have to be lovable. We seek so much but do we miss that which is at our feet?

The healer is striving to help the person find a balance again, an understanding. To do this he is used as a channel for the divine healing energies. The healer has sought an attunement with the Source and offers himself/herself as a medium through which the energies flow to the patient. The patient may feel the energy from the hands of the healer as a warm glow or,sometimes, as coldness or even as a slight vibration. For the healing to take place the patient must feel a need to be healed or a request must be made on his behalf by another. It is rather like turning on the light switch and the current can flow.

Absent or distant healing works just as effectively as contact healing and distance makes no difference.

Healing cannot interfere with Divine Law nor Free Will that we have been granted by God. The choice is ours whether we want to be healed or not.

Our physical body is only the house we live in. It is affected and influenced by the ever changing forces of the Universe. We do not live in our bodies but through them from our spiritual selves within. This is why normal treatment is so often of no avail and yet spiritual healing works. The real reason for the blockage must be found ( it may be at a conscious, subconscious or superconscious level or at one or more levels). And when put right can clear the physical symptoms outside. This is why more cases of instant healing results take place in animal patients is because animals have no emotional or psychological blocks unlike humans. And animals live the present moments and do not think of the past or the future. Since spiritual healing works for animals then it is proof that they are spirits and have souls too.

Healing is not just a body free of pain; it is a state of being where the whole person is in harmony. Spiritual healing is not always instantaneous miracle of throwing away crutches and walking. Nor is it a crutch or protection against troubles of life as so many think. The patients must play their part in the desire to be healed, a desire to be whole, a desire to join again the wholeness of being.

Humans are complex beings of body, mind and spirit. He can , so easily, get out of balance and become disoriented with himself and with life. The healer always asks that the patient be helped in whatever way is best for him at this moment of time in his life. It may be that he is having to face the illness or problem so that he may learn a lesson. Once this lesson is learned then he can again go forward in fullness of life. A simple example would be a person who has been hurt by another's carelessness. A hate builds up of that person for causing the pain and suffering and until this hate can be removed and replaced with love then the pain would remain. Today we seem to have a common expression: 'They should do something about it'. When will we realise that 'they' are us? That we are responsible for all our thoughts, actions and deeds. As we give so we shall receive in life. It is by what we do rather than what we say that our lives can be of use to God.

Like Sai Baba said

"Hands that help are better than hands that pray".

Why must we seek to improve ourselves? Think of the piano which is finely strung and has been tuned by an expert. On this piano the most beautiful music can be played but if the strings are slack and are not tuned then no harmony is to be found, only disharmony. It is the same with us. Our strings of life must be well strung and tuned. When they are then God can use the instrument and on it produce the harmony of life itself. God gives every bird its food but He doesn't throw it in the nest. We must seek the harmony of life ourselves and place it into the lives we live. We must get away from the Materialistic world where money seems to mean so much. Can it buy the sky, the warmth of the land, the sparkle of the water or the smell of pine needles? When we see that the Divine energy flowing through nature around us then we realise that this is what the spiritual healer is trying to achieve with his patient. To clear blockages( soul, emotional and psychological) that are within so once again the person will be in harmony within the total wholeness of being in which he lives. In spiritual healing, when the soul has been touched then this is true healing; when only the conscious , subconscious and physical levels have been addressed then the original condition will reappear at a later date and at a much severe degree-this is only a cure or remission. When the soul is healed then the harmony will flow downward to all levels of man's existence.


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