Metaphysical counselling assists the client to be aware that everyone on this earthly plane is sent by the Soul (higher self) to learn lessons or acquire experiences in order to grow at all levels of its being. The true nature of a person is that he/she is a spirit (soul) living in a physical body and not the other way around. Many conditions that present before people are the results of past actions or decisions-in the present life or before this life. This is the metaphysical Law of Karma (action) -' what you sow you reap'. Every action or decision must result in a reaction or an effect. This can be a negative condition or a positive condition; but they are life's issues a person must resolve this lifetime.

The therapist tries to make individuals aware of these issues and helps them to see how the they can work out the situation without a struggle, using less energy in the process. These life issues with self, family and with other people are like a drama that was created in the past. There was never an ending to the drama and now all the players have come together to finish the drama so every person can be set free to make choices and to exercise their free will, and to create a new drama that is needed to grow spiritually to a higher life. Individuals are shown how to take control of their life by reclaiming the Inner Divine Power that is their heritage; by not letting others trigger their emotions but that their self should trigger these emotions so they avoid creating another sabotage program and future health problems.

The client is made to understand that God's Laws are perfect and that they do not change and no one escapes the Law of Retribution and the Law of Compensation. One must first be able to forgive before one can be Healed at soul level-Law of Forgiveness.

All dis-ease have a soul disharmony because of the transgression of God's Laws. If one breaks the physical law then he/she suffers, or feels pain, like in breaking a bone. The soul essence has separated from the whole and has to be brought back into balance and integrated again so harmony can be reestablished and flow down to the other subtle bodies . The person then regains perfect health and all physical symptoms disappear. One is made aware too that individuals are made in the image of God so they are a co-creator and can create the life situations they desire through their mind.

Mind energy is second in intensity to that of the life force that maintains life. So what humans think so they are, and when emotions are involved, this results in one's reality. Clients are made aware that they can control their destiny; and knowing that they are God then they can control the stars, planets all astrological influences and the environment around them. It is the belief systems (mind) that will imprison individuals and prevent them from being able to move forward in life.

The average person goes through life on automatic pilot using their subconscious mind without the conscious mind being involved. The subconscious mind is a feeling mind but cannot reason out so it can create fears, worries and all negative scenarios. This means that the person is not connected to their soul, and so the soul cannot guide this person through the necessary experiences to grow spiritually. This type of people are so engrossed with the materialistic life that they ahve forgotten that they are spirit which is Eternal and never dies.

Dying is just leaving the physical body behind as one does not need it anymore and the soul goes back or reborn to a higher life in another dimension to a better life. There should be no fear of dying because we die every night when we go to sleep, we go to a higher level of consciousness where we came from. Our body cells die and are replaced so is a form of death. Nature shows us that death and birth are just natural cycles that follow God's Law. When one does not belief that there is a higher life where one returns to then a fear of dying results-a spiritual pain , because the lower conscious mind is afraid to let go of the connection to the physical plane.

Metaphysical counselling involves allows grieving for lost love ones who have passed over, or for lost relationships and other personal problems. Many life situations can only be answered through the meataphysical laws and there is always a soul factor involved (soul psychology).

Present day psychologist and psychiatrist only deal with the conscious mind, mainly taking into account a person's entire physical being, rather than both the spirit (energy) in a physical body. Once the soul is touched, this results in a being that is harmonious with other subtle bodies. This is True Healing and the health problems disappear and never return again, and what we call in the present terminology a "MIRACLE".

A miracle is not a supernatural thing but is only the non-transgression of God's Laws. If it complies with these Laws then True Healing can take place (Soul Healing). This is why Spiritual Healing works in many instances because the soul has been touched and in the medical field there was nothing they could do for the patient. Remissions, cure or temporary removal of symptoms are not true healing . One must aim at true healing and the person must make a commitment to change at all levels of his/her being and work at it. "God helps those who help themselves". God has given humanity the gift of his Grace by sending doctors, healers, therapists, drugs, food, water, and natural products from his garden and pharmacy so it is all up to us to accept His Grace by using these things to honor the temple of the soul, by keeping it free from dis-ease. God did not put us on this earth plane to suffer because God is Love. A person must tune into his/her intuition or inner knowing to find out which healing modality or modalities is best to achieve the health results he/she desires. Human beings always try to make things complicated and so in the process makes their own suffering. So know that each and every one of us is God, a Co-Creator, and God has always a perfect health, immortal and does not have any suffering. It is only our minds that imprisons us and we misuse this energy to create disharmony or separation with our Soul. We are the prodigal sons and the Father is waiting for us to return to his house. True Healing is available to all of us if we take the first step to reconnect to our Divine Self (Eternal Self).

To my website friends, it is all up to you to find your way home to God our Father and you will get the MIRACLE you have been praying for. Life is a duality, negative and positive; yang and yin; masculine and feminine; So 'sin' is only the mistakes we make and when we do not learn our lessons then we are bound to suffer until we do things right.This earth school is a very difficult one- a game of life, it is how we play our drama of life, whether we move forward or delay our growth but it is God's Law that everything must advance forward and find our way home to God.

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