The Sanctuary currently has two meditation groups. One group has sitters who regularly sit weekly in a close development circle (each sitter is an attuned spiritual healer practitioner) for the purpose of:

  • keeping close attunement with the Source of the healing energy;
  • for self healing;
  • relaxation;
  • stress management;
  • to work on our Initiation and Ascension Paths;
  • to top up our energy quotient by giving each other healing after the meditation session;
  • to work on our personal spiritual growth; and
  • to try to become as clear as possible a perfect channel or instrument of God.

  • The other group is for the community members who are seeking their spiritual direction. Activities include,
  • self-healing;
  • relaxation;
  • stress management;
  • a search for alternative healing modalities for health problems and answers to life issues; and
  • for those who want to learn on how to meditate.

  • Meditation group at the Holistic Health Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary also trains people in the form of a workshop on how to be attuned to the Source of the Healing Energy, to become a spiritual healer as they feel that this is their mission in this present life to help humanity and in the Plan of Creation. Free spiritual healing is given to those who want it after the meditation session. This also serves as the venue for the spiritual healers to practice on people with a wide range of ill health conditions.

    Both meditation groups also pray for absent/distant healing for people or pets listed in our book. These names are sent in by the community, our own family members, and friends. All the names sent in to the Sanctuary via this website are added to the names in the absent healing book.

    Request form for Absent or Distant Healing for Animals or Humans

    We also pray for World Healing and in our own small way pray that we are anchoring the Christ Consciousness. This is God's unconditional love to,

  • spiritualize humanity and bring harmony to all sentient beings;
  • to see God in everything and our deep connection to Him; and
  • above all to spiritualize Mother Earth and bring peace to the whole Universe, which is God's plan of Creation.

  • God painted a large picture of our Universe, our world is a small part of it, but he left it unfinished so each of us can co-create and put our own individual paint stroke. As each of us become self-realized, God-realized, and Universe God-realized, then his Plan of Creation shall be complete.

    So do not waste your time being stuck in the material world for you can not take your wealth with you, like Jesus said,

    "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what is of God. What is it worth if you gain the whole world and have lost your soul".

    Strive to find the Kingdom of Heaven within and in Prayer. We ask but in Meditation, to the inner voice as we go into the silence of the mind and connect with our higher self and with other dimensions of realities and thus experience God. It is a very personal journey and a private spiritual experience which one can not share with anyone.

    So who needs drugs or antidepressant pills when in meditation we experience spiritual elation which stays with the person a whole lifetime. Above all, meditation strengthens your immune system. So heal thyself, you are your own physician so why spend large amount of money surrendering your God Inner Power to another person when you can do it yourself. Know that your are God, act like God and co-create with your mind the perfect radiant health you wish to have.

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